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The 10 Best Anatomical Skeletons of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Axis Scientific
Axis Scientific
Human Skeleton Model
Medical Anatomical Human
Life Size 70.8" Human
Human Skeleton Model
70.8 in, Including Booth Cover Poster
Life Size 70.8" Human
Disarticulated Human Skeleton
62" Model Height
Human Skeleton Model
180cm/70.8" Life Size
Life Size Flexible
3-Year Warranty
Medical Quality Human
85 cm with Metal Base
Axis Scientific Human Skeleton Model Image
Axis Scientific Human Skeleton Model Anatomy Bundle, 5' 6" Life Size Skeletal System, 206 Bones, Interactive Medical Replica 3 Year Warranty, Study Guide, Adjustable Rolling Stand, and Dust Cover
Wellden Medical Anatomical Human Image
Wellden Medical Anatomical Human Skeleton Model, 170cm, Life Size, w/Nerves, Vertebral Arteries, Stand Included
ZENY Life Size 70.8
ZENY Life Size 70.8" Human Skeleton Model Medical Anatomical with Rolling Stand, Removable and Movable Parts (6FT)
Great Deal
RONTEN Human Skeleton Model Image
RONTEN Human Skeleton Model, Anatomical Skeleton lifesize 70.8 in, Including Booth + Cover + Poster
Giantex Life Size 70.8
Giantex Life Size 70.8" Human Anatomical Anatomy Skeleton Medical Model + Stand
hBARSCI Disarticulated Human Skeleton Image
Disarticulated Human Skeleton, Full, Medical Quality, Life Sized (62" Model Height) - 23 Intervertebral Discs, 3 Part Skull with Movable Jaw, Left Hand and Foot Jointed
LYOU Human Skeleton Model Image
LYOU Human Skeleton Model, Medical Anatomical Skeleton Life Size 70.8 in with Rolling Stand for Anatomy Teaching and Studying, Free Colorful Poster Includes
F2C 180cm/70.8
F2C 180cm/70.8" Life Size Human Anatomical Anatomy Medical Skeleton Model with Rolling Stand Halloween Decor Decorations
Axis Scientific Life Size Flexible Image
Axis Scientific Life Size Flexible Skeleton Anatomy Model | Full Size Anatomical Skeleton Model | Features a Flexible Spine That Holds Its Shape | Includes Base and 3-Year Warranty
Maad Medical Quality Human Image
Medical Quality Human Skeleton Model - 1/2 Life Sized - 85 cm with Metal Base
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  • Life size human skeleton: Axis Scientific's high quality Classic Li...
  • Interact and learn: Our anatomically correct skeletal model feature...
  • Complete reference study guide: Included is the Axis Scientific Stu...
  • First class natural cast; life size 170cm high quality
  • Skull is 3-part arms and legs are flexible like human movements
  • Depicts spinal nerves and vertebral arteries and disc prolapse for ...
  • Brand New And High Quality
  • Perfect for all offices of medical professionals teachers and students
  • Arms and legs are removable for individual study
  • 70.8 In Life Size Human Skeleton】Whole adult skeleton model is set ...
  • Disarticulated Human Skeleton For Your Study】Arms and legs are remo...
  • Convenient For Moving】With an additional stand with casters and sta...
  • Humanized Detachable Parts for Your Study- This skeleton has detach...
  • Convenient for Moving- In order for you to easily moving the skelet...
  • Wide Range Of Uses- This is our life sized skeleton model which is ...
  • Life sized male skeleton model 62 tall before disarticulation 23 in...
  • Extraordinary amount of anatomical details represented including 20...
  • Left hand and foot jointed right hand and foot fully disarticulated
  • 70.8 In Full Size Skeleton】Whole anatomy skeleton model is set in a...
  • Disarticulated Human Skeleton To See Individual Parts】Articulated j...
  • Medical Quality】Our lyou life size human skeleton made in non-toxic...
  • Washable with Movable jaw and head cover;
  • Comes with a stand with wheels;
  • Arms and legs are removable for individual study;
  • Great value: Get what you pay for and avoid disappointment Axis Sci...
  • 3-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee: Every Axis Scientific a...
  • 100 anatomically correct: This human body anatomy model was develop...
  • 1/2 life size - Made out of quality pvc and measures 85cm in height...
  • Base included - The sturdy base is included and holds the anatomica...
  • Removable pieces - The arms legs and top of the skull remove for ea...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Anatomical Skeletons

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  • 0 % (0 votes) Wellden Medical Anatomical Human Skeleton Model...
  • 0 % (0 votes) ZENY Life Size 70.8" Human Skeleton Model ...
  • 0 % (0 votes) RONTEN Human Skeleton Model, Anatomical Skeleto...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Giantex Life Size 70.8" Human Anatomical A...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Disarticulated Human Skeleton, Full, Medical Qu...
  • 0 % (0 votes) LYOU Human Skeleton Model, Medical Anatomical S...
  • 0 % (0 votes) F2C 180cm/70.8" Life Size Human Anatomical...

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Anatomical Skeleton Buying Guide

Anatomical Skeleton Image
Picture: Human Skeleton Model from Axis Scientific

An anatomical skeleton is customarily found in academic classrooms and medical offices. These lifelike models of both human and animal anatomy are provided as a visual teaching tool. Students and patients can observe the anatomy to learn more about various medical conditions.

Before one chooses to purchase an anatomical skeleton for their classroom or medical practice, it is best to consider the features these models provide. There are also many styles that will need to be considered. Here is a brief buying guide for those who require a model of the anatomy.

Features of an Anatomical Skeleton

Depending on the model of anatomical skeleton you require, the features can be very basic or advanced. Most models, however, will have several things in common.

Skeletal models are generally life-sized. The average height of a skeleton is approximately 5'5". The size of these models means that they require a significant amount of space for display and use. The average weight is about 22 pounds.

The material used for construction is most often PVC. This provides durability, and it also makes cleaning the skeleton much easier. Some models will come assembled while others will require the attachment of the arms and legs. These parts are usually held in place by a screw and are easily attached and detached as needed.

Joints on a skeleton will typically be movable. This is done so that the model accurately displays the movements of the human body. The fingers may contain soft wires so that they can be bent into various positions.

Advanced anatomical skeletons will offer accurate depictions of nerves and arteries. A model may include removable parts related to the spine and discs. Skulls can also be removed for inspection.

You will likely want to purchase a skeleton that includes a stand. The stand may or may not have casters that allow the model to be moved with ease.

Finally, you should expect that the skeleton you choose is anatomically correct down to the smallest detail. It should include all of the major bones of the body, and each body part should be in perfect proportion to the others.

Uses for an Anatomical Skeleton

Anatomical skeletons are primarily used in an academic context. They are often displayed in college classrooms where students are preparing for a medical career. Students have the opportunity to observe and interact with the model as they learn.

Physicians sometimes use a model to help explain medical conditions and injuries to their patients. Models used for this purpose can easily be taken apart so that specific sections of the anatomy can be observed.

These models can also be useful for children that are home schooled. They are wonderful aids in learning about the human body. Skeletons may also be found in the offices of physical therapists and chiropractors.

Budget Anatomical Skeletons

Many anatomical skeletons can be quite expensive, but there are options for individuals who do not want to spend a lot of money. These budget skeletons are useful for teaching general anatomy.

These models are used when it is not necessary to provide an intricate analysis of the human bones. Common features include:

  • Arms and legs that can be removed
  • Limited number of removable teeth
  • Limited joint movement
  • Some models feature depiction of nerve branches

A budget anatomical skeleton will be most useful for secondary education. These models are often found in high school classrooms.

3-D Printed Anatomical Skeleton Models

The most advanced models of anatomical skeletons now include 3-D printing of bones, tissues, and body parts. These models can be very helpful for surgeons and other specialists who need to explain procedures to patients.

3-D printing of skeletons is a process that includes building layers of the anatomy. In most cases, MRI and CT data from human cadavers is used to create the models. This gives these skeletons an unparalleled level of authenticity.

With 3-D models it is possible to examine the heart and its tissues in addition to the lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines. These models offer an advantage over the traditional use of preserved specimens. Parts of the anatomy can be more closely examined, and there are no chemical compounds to contend with.

As one might expect, 3-D anatomical skeletons are generally more expensive than PVC models.

High-End Anatomical Skeletons

Those who require a high-end reproduction of the human body can find numerous examples. Often costing three to four times as much as a budget skeleton, these models provide advanced features such as sculpting from the bones of actual human cadavers.

It is most common for these models to include variations which are meant to convey the presence of various disorders and ailments. Some bones may present deformities. This is done in order to more accurately depict the anatomy.

Advanced skeletons will reference more than 200 bones of the human body. The various bones can be individually mounted in order to accurately represent the movements of the human body. These models will often be 6' tall, and most will require more space for display.

Veterinary Anatomical Skeletons

Anatomical skeletons are not limited to the human anatomy. A large number of models are also produced for veterinary use. These models depict the anatomy of animals that are commonly treated by veterinarians.

These models are generally used in schools and in veterinary offices. In the classroom, they provide students with the ability to study the bone structure of animals. In the medical office, they allow doctors to explain a pet's condition to its owner.

Some 4-D models of animals are available. These models provide the most authentic depiction of animal bones and organs. Some of these models even display cell structures.

Animal anatomical skeletons of dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, frogs, and other animals are available.

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Anatomical Skeleton Reviews & Additional Articles

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