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The 10 Best Bathroom Trash Cans of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
4.5 Liter / 1.2
6 Liter / 1.6
Treela Small Trash Can
10 Liter / 2.6
H+LUX Round Mini Trash
0.8Gal / 3L, Gray
Bathroom Trash Can
terDesign Kent Plastic
10", Bronze
Rectangular Trash Can
2 Pack - Slate Gray
Franklin Wastebasket Trash
simplehuman 4.5 Liter / 1.2 Image
simplehuman 4.5 Liter / 1.2 Gallon Compact Stainless Steel Round Bathroom Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel
simplehuman 6 Liter / 1.6 Image
simplehuman 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon Compact Plastic Round Bathroom Step Trash Can, White Plastic
Great Deal
Umbra Treela Small Trash Can Image
Umbra Treela Small Trash Can - Durable Garbage Can Waste Basket for Bathroom, Bedroom, Office and More | 4.5 Gallon Capacity with Stylish Barn Wood Exterior Finish
simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Image
simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Stainless Steel Bathroom Slim Profile Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel with Plastic Lid
HLUX H+LUX Round Mini Trash Image
H+LUX Round Mini Trash Can with Lid Soft Close, Bathroom Trash Can with Removable Inner Wastebasket and Stainless Steel Foot Pedal, Anti-Fingerprint Matt Finish, 0.8Gal/3L, Gray
JanConcept Bathroom Trash Can Image
JanConcept Bathroom Trash Can, Small White Garbage Can for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Slim Cute Plastic Waste Basket for Office, Matt White, 7L
iDesign terDesign Kent Plastic Image
InterDesign Kent Plastic Wastebasket, Small Round Plastic Trash Can for Bathroom, Bedroom, Dorm, College, Office, 8.35" x 8.35" x 10", Bronze
mDesign Rectangular Trash Can Image
mDesign Rectangular Trash Can Wastebasket, Small Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Powder Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices - Shatter-Resistant Plastic, 2 Pack - Slate Gray
Umbra Twirla Image
Umbra Twirla, 2.2 Gallon Trash Can with Swing-top Lid, Gray
iDesign Franklin Wastebasket Trash Image
iDesign Franklin Wastebasket Trash, Waste Basket Garbage Can for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Home Office, Dorm, College, Teal
according to our criteria
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95 %
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93 %
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88 %
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87 %
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87 %
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86 %
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85 %
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85 %
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  • 10-year warranty - We use the best materials and solid engineering ...
  • Enhance your trash experience - Extra-strong and durable Code a cus...
  • Perfect for small spaces - Fits well in bathrooms offices or wherev...
  • 5-year
  • Strong steel PEdAL - Strong pedal is engineered for a smooth and ea...
  • Perfect for bathrooms - Fits well in bathrooms or wherever space is...
  • Clean modern design: Made of durable polypropylene plastic Treela o...
  • Durable functional: Treela features the simplicity of a cylinder s...
  • Unique versatile waste can that goes anywhere: Use Treela to add a...
  • 5-year warranty - We use the best materials and solid engineering s...
  • Enhance your trash experience - Extra-strong and durable Code R cus...
  • Perfect for small spaces Fits well in bathrooms or under desks or w...
  • Removable Inner Bin - Removable inner liner with a stainless steel ...
  • Soft Close Lid - Lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid...
  • Mini Sized Trash Can - The trash can with lid is made out of high-q...
  • Perfect size that fits well in bathroom bedroom kitchen and office ...
  • Simple and dynamic design makes it suitable for any environment
  • Made of highly durable sturdy environmental friendly plastic
  • Versatile: Idea for your bathroom kitchen office bedroom dorm craft...
  • Durable: Plastic construction makes the waste can durable for years...
  • Stylish: Classic bronze color matches a variety of bathroom decors
  • Compact design: These rectangular cans with a curved profile are th...
  • Functional Also great for dorm rooms campers RVs and apartments
  • Easy TO clean: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Weighted swing-top lid: twirla features a hassle-free weighted swin...
  • Simple clean design: twirla Trash Can has a simple yet effective de...
  • Great for small spaces: twirla is a stylish trash can with a modern...
  • Versatile: Ideal for your bathroom kitchen office bedroom dorm craf...
  • Durable: Plastic construction makes the waste can durable for years...
  • Stylish: Fun teal color matches a variety of bathroom decors
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Bathroom Trash Cans

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Bathroom Trash Cans Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 33.33 % (12 votes) simplehuman 6 Liter/1.6 Gallon Compact Plastic ...
  • 25 % (9 votes) simplehuman Profile Step Trash Can, Stainless S...
  • 13.89 % (5 votes) InterDesign Mono Wastebasket Trash Can for Bath...
  • 13.89 % (5 votes) mDesign Round Metal Small Trash Can Wastebasket...
  • 8.33 % (3 votes) mDesign Metal Wastebasket Trash Can for Office,...
  • 5.56 % (2 votes) InterDesign Pail Wastebasket Trash Can, White
  • 0 % (0 votes) WINOMO Bathroom Trash Can 6.5 Liter 1.75 Gallon...
  • 0 % (0 votes) mDesign Rectangular Trash Can Wastebasket, Smal...

36 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best bathroom trash can, click here to view the poll.

Bathroom Trash Can Buying Guide

Bathroom Trash Can Image
Picture: 4.5 Liter / 1.2 from simplehuman

Bathroom trash cans are often overlooked because people believe that a trash can is just a trash can. The reality is much more complex as you must look into trash cans that provide a variety of functions. This article explains how you may purchase a proper trash can for the bathroom, save money, and keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

How Large Is Your Bathroom Trash Can?

The bathroom trash can often sits in a corner because it is very small. You may dropped it there because you needed a place to throw cotton swabs, but you need a trash can that provides a bit of extra space. Bathroom trash cans must be a bit taller than normal so that you may pour quite a lot of trash into them, and they must be large enough to hold something like a bottle of shampoo.

The bathroom trash can must be tall enough to fit in a nook in the bathroom that you wish to fill, and it would be wise to choose different trash cans for each bathroom. Your guest bathroom has very little space as compared to your master bathroom, and you may choose a much larger trash can for the master bath.

Bag Acceptance

Bathroom trash cans must accept a trash bag that you prefer to use in the house. There are quite a few styles of trash bag that you may use, and it is wise to use the bag you are accustomed to. Using a bag cuts down on the odor in the room because any waste stains the bag as opposed to the can.

If you are not using trash bags currently, you may need to consider a trash can that is made to use trash bags. There is another option when setting up your bathroom trash can, and a lid may be quite helpful. Bags for the can may be sold buy the firm that makes the can, or it may be made with a rim that holds the bag for you.

Closed Lid

A closed lid on your trash can keeps all doors inside the can, and you may leave the can closed even if you have dirty diapers or smelly items in the trash cans. This is an essential for families that have girls or babies. The closed lid is usually flipped up by a pedal on the base of the can, and this is an excellent choice for people who have wet or dirty hands.

The lid pedal must be made from metal or a heavy plastic so that it will not break, and you may find that the pedal helps your kids keep the bathroom clean because they enjoy pressing the pedal to deposit their trash. This is a bit like an incentive system for them to use the can, and it works most of the time.

The lid pedal is helpful to clients or customers who do not wish to use the outlets or trash can lid after washing their hands, and it is something that serves those who have a number of physical disabilities.

Scented Lining

Modern bathroom trash cans may come with scented lining that help reduce the odor inside the can. You must ensure that you have chosen a can that you believe is best for your family, and you may choose an odor-absorbing lining that has not scent at all. The lining of a trash can prevents it from smelling awful, and you have that light scent in the bathroom at all times.

The lining for the trash can may be a pellet or table that sits in the base to let out of the odor that you prefer. You may purchase these to match the trash can you have chosen, and they are quite helpful because they prevent your bathroom from smelling like the trash.

Metal Or Plastic?

Choosing between metal and plastic is quite simple because you may select something that matches the bathroom and your needs. You may choose a plastic trash can because it will sit in the corner and not do very much. You may choose metal because your children tend to break flimsy cans, and the metal can helps prevent extra odors because odors do not stick to metal like they do with plastic.

Metal trash cans have an industrial feel, and they work quite well in modern bathrooms that have contemporary styling. You may not have believed choosing a trash can could be so complicated, but you must select the can that looks as though it belongs in the room.

A hard plastic trash can may be decorated in certain colors that match the room, or you may purchase a metal can that is black or gray. You have a choice to make in each room because all the bathrooms have their own needs.

Diaper Helpers

There are diaper trash cans that are intended to trap the smell of diapers inside the unit. There is a capsule that closes completely, and you cannot smell anything that was put into that trash can. This is an excellent choice for families with small kids, and it is an even better choice for parents who have issues with foul odors.

The diaper helper may be placed in the children's bathroom for all their diapers or pull-ups, and you may put one in the master bathroom in case that child sleeps in your room or spends quite a lot of time in your room during the day. Diaper helpers are still needed when you have kids who are potty training, and you may use the same sort of can if you have someone in the house using incontencne diapers or pads.

How Much Should You Spend?

You may spend a small amount of money simply to find a trash can that works in every room, but you must invest a bit more money if you find that you need a more advanced trash can. You are hoping to avoid the foul odors that come from diapers and other smelly items in the bathroom, and it is wise to remember that you must do your research and comparison shop online.

Spend a small amount of money on a can for the guest bathroom so that you may spend more money on cans for the master bathroom. There are quite a few online that you may find, and each one must be considered carefully. You may have trouble with odors in the bathroom because you have children, and you it is wise to think on how much you would spend to make those smells stop.

Bathrooms In Your Business

The bathrooms in your business must have trash cans with closed lids, and they must accept trash bags. Your customers do not want to smell terrible things when they go into the bathroom, and you may choose something that is quite large so your customers may put as many things in there as they please.

Bathrooms in a restaurant must have the odor protection tablets or lining that help make the atmosphere a bit more pleasing, and you may put a trash can in your office bathroom that gives your guests or clients a place to safely throw their refuse. You are investing in the comfort of yourself and other people, and the odor prevention technology in these new trash cans helps prevent your business from being overrun by a foul smell that was created in the bathroom.

Buy Online

You may purchase a new trash can online without any trouble, and they are all priced quite well because online outlets tend to lower their prices. You must do your research, and you may find a unique trash can that works in each bathroom you manage.

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