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The 10 Best Batting Tees of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Tanner Tees
Hit Run Steal
Tanner Tee
Baseball Softball Practice
1-Year Guarantee
Hurricane Category 4 Batting
Deluxe Batting Tee
Baseball and Softball
Batting Tee Baseball Tee
Batting Tee
Baseball and
Baseball Batting Tee
Tanner Tees Tanner Tee Image
Tanner Tee
PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Image
PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7x7 with Deluxe Tee (Red) | Practice Hitting, Pitching, Batting, Fielding | Portable, Backstop, Training Aid, Large Mouth, Bow Frame | Training Equipment Bundle
Jugs T Image
Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee, Will Not Tip Over, 24" - 46" Adjustment Range for High and Low Tee Drills, Patented Grip-N-Go Handle, Always-Feel-The-Ball Flexible Top, 1-Year Guarantee
SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Image
SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Swing Trainer for Baseball and Softball
Easton Deluxe Batting Tee Image
Easton Deluxe Batting Tee
Great Deal
Pinty Baseball and Softball Image
Pinty Baseball and Softball Practice Net 7'×7' Portable Hitting Batting Training Net with Carry Bag & Metal Frame + Baseball Softball Batting Tee (Baseball Net with Batting Tee(Red))
BaseGoal Batting Tee Baseball Tee Image
BaseGoal Batting Tee Baseball Tee Softball Travel Portable Tee Tripod Stand Rubber Tee for Batting Training Practice with Carrying Bag
GOPLUS Batting Tee Image
GOPLUS Batting Tee, Adjustable Baseball Softball Tripod for Batting Training Practice with Carrying Bag
Hit Run Steal Baseball and Image
Hit Run Steal Baseball and Softball Portable Batting Tee
Schutt Baseball Batting Tee Image
Schutt Baseball Batting Tee
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98 %
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95 %
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86 %
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  • Tanner Tee is the original Pro style batting Tee with the original ...
  • Utilized by more travel ball college and professional players than ...
  • Our patented hand-rolled flexible rubber ball rest allows hitters t...
  • 7'x7 red net softball net Includes 7ft x 7ft (49 SqFt) net and 1 t...
  • Easy quick setup - Net sets up in less than 2 minutes No tools requ...
  • Ultra portable - Collapsible training nets assemble quickly and eas...
  • Most Durable Stable and Portable of any batting tee
  • Will not tip over No outside weight needed 24 - 46 Stem
  • Longest guarantee and lowest price for a pro style tee: 1-year
  • Better mechanics Improve technique develop a better swing and gain ...
  • Focused repitition training Build muscle memory as you train with t...
  • Automatic feedback response The multi-twist design provides immedia...
  • Ball height adjusts from 27 to 36
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Easy Assembly
  • 【DURABLE with 7-ply knotless NETTING】This 7-ply knotless baseball n...
  • steel tubes in baking finish always keep from and corrosion allowi...
  • perfect for users of all ages
  • 1.✔sturdy tripod stand: Sturdy tripod configuration provides stabil...
  • 2.✔durable-high quality wrapped rubber: Which is suitable for kinds...
  • 3 easy TO set up: The hitting tee's height easily adjusts from 28 t...
  • Adjustable Height and Size】Legs of the batting tee can be extended ...
  • Durable and Stable Tripod Stand】With a high quality rubber topper a...
  • Suitable for Different Balls】The tee can match various kinds of bal...
  • Portable Travel Tee
  • Weighs Only 3lbs
  • Easy Setup and Take Down
  • Adjustable height: Telescoping tee adjusts the height of the tee be...
  • Easy TO use: Full size home plate serves as the tee's base
  • Long-lasting: Replaceable top tube
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Batting Tees

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Batting Tee Would You Buy Online? (August 2018)

  • 28.57 % (10 votes) Tanner Tees Tanner Tee
  • 28.57 % (10 votes) MacGregor Batting Tee
  • 11.43 % (4 votes) Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee, Will Not Tip Ov...
  • 11.43 % (4 votes) PowerNet Baseball Softball Deluxe Batting Tee (...
  • 8.57 % (3 votes) SKLZ 5-Position Batting Tee
  • 5.71 % (2 votes) Easton Deluxe Batting Tee
  • 2.86 % (1 votes) CHAMPRO Heavy Duty Rubber Batting Tee
  • 2.86 % (1 votes) Schutt Baseball Batting Tee

35 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best batting tee, click here to view the poll.

Batting Tee Buying Guide

Batting Tee Image
Picture: Tanner Tee from Tanner Tees

A batting tee is proven to be one of the most valuable training equipment that you need to consider if you’re going to train in baseball by yourself, or if you wish to manage your baseball team so then they can gain the right batting skills. The batting tee is not actually a modern equipment, but it has been one of the oldest equipment that baseball athletes can use whenever they wish to train the way they strike the baseball through the means of different hitting styles. Using a batting tee is considered as the most productive type of training regimen that most hitters need to consider if they really want to beat their opponents on a match.

How Does It Benefit A Hitter?

The mechanism of a batting tee is actually simple and is not that complicated. Hitting off the batting tee is also done by both experts and beginners in baseball as well. This also has a known feature of keeping a hitter more focused on the mechanics of the game rather than strengthening their hitting strength only. So instead of focusing towards the best timing possible to hit the baseball, the batting tee also increases the technique of the hitter. This is also great for boosting the muscle memory of the hitter as it trains them to properly position the ball with every hit of the bat. To put it simply for complete beginners, just think that your opponent just pitched the ball, and then time stopped at the right position where you should be swinging whenever you place the ball on top of the tee. That’s exactly how a batting tee can benefit you during training.

The batting tee is known as a one of the essential training equipment of baseball players as they can also use it inside their own home or every field they wish to go. This is not just a single equipment that only your school or the baseball field has because you can actually own one for yourself. So if you’re really passionate in baseball, or if you want your kid to be better as a hitter, it’s best to have your own batting tee in order to break those new bats for a proficient means of hitting that baseball towards a sweet home rune once it’s time to compete against other teams and players. Additionally, if you’re studying a certain opponent’s technique, an adjustable tee length can help you simulate the way your enemy pitches so then you can find out how to hit the ball right.

A Careful Means of Purchasing The Right Tee

But take note that rushing to purchase a batting tee is not actually a wise choice because you still need to do quality checks just like how you manage to purchase the right baseball bat for you or for your kid’s needs. That’s why you need to do a bit of comparison between famous batting tee brands based on the factors that define their overall quality. What are those factors? Just look at the following below:

Durability and Warranty

Durability matters a lot when it comes to batting tees because you will be needing one that can last longer than your baseball bat. Any batting tee that doesn’t last longer than a wooden baseball bat is not a wise purchase at all. The batting tee should be made of the sturdiest materials such as heavy-duty rubber materials or metallic materials mixed with rubber to fully withstand scuffs or certain mishits that may occur sometimes. So if you managed to get a tee that broke with just a few swings, then it may be the reason why you’re reading this buying guide. The warranty should never really matter as the batting tee will break over time. But be sure that it doesn’t break prematurely or isn’t defective in general. That’s why a warranty of at least less than a year would suffice so then you can easily get it replaced without buying a new one if the tee happens to be a defective one after a few days of training.

The Ball Holder

Batting tees have a part on it that often holds the baseball. That’s why it’s a well-known fact that batting tees typically wear, weaken and even break wooden bats oftentimes. There are also some ball holders that may be made of a bad material such as hard plastic, resulting in your bat getting chipped over time or you mishit the ball. So keep in mind to look for batting tees that have a ball holder that’s made of rubber. Some bristles present on the ball holder can be an excellent choice as well. But for the best ones, choose a flexible rubber top for the ball holder to ensure a good swing without breaking your bat too much.


Batting tees often come with solid bases or tripods. But no matter what the accessory can be, the batting tee should always stay straight no matter what kind of contact your bat makes with it. As for the base of the batting tee, it should also be strong enough so then it won’t tilt down when you strike the ball with your bat. The batting tee should never be too flexible on its base as it will just ruin your training. Remember that you need to learn how the ball goes through you, and you need to choose the right position of the ball for you to hit it so then your muscle memory can improve. That’s why it’s too unnecessary to go for a flexible base.

Tube Length

The tube length of the batting tee should be an adjustable one. Take note that most of your opponent's pitches will never occur on the middle part just like what’s shown on a typical training session with a batting tee. That’s why the batting tee should be used with flexibility (but the tee should never be too flexible just like what’s indicated earlier) just like how a pitcher should be flexible over their styles in pitching the ball. Adjustable tube lengths ensure that the batting tee can be adjusted so then you can try hitting the ball on different heights since some pitchers might do so during a real match. If you want an additional tip when it comes to tube length, take note that adjustable tube lengths can be adjusted by placing it slightly ahead of the home plate so then you can master hitting the ball in front.


There is no need for you to go for a cheap batting tee because these will just break easily. Always remember that going for cheap materials for your training needs won’t optimize and improve the way you hit the ball as it will affect the rest of the factors mentioned above. But that doesn’t mean you should go for the most expensive ones as there are mid-range prices for batting tees that assure the best qualities just like the ones mentioned above. Typically, the best batting tees cost $30 - 50, while more expensive ones that assure a longer-lasting quality costs $50 - 100. Anything more than the aforementioned price range is overpriced.

Always remember that a batting tee is known to be one of the most important equipment that a hitter should always have in order for them to perform greatly. It’s an equipment that will get you more familiar about the correct position of the ball as you hit it, and it can also change your technique with enough practice. There are a lot of ways for you to purchase one: you can either go to an online store to order one, or you can visit your nearby sports shop to get one right away. To prove the true quality of the product before buying it, you can also check reviews to see how hitters performed well or worse when they used the tee you’re interested in. Remember that this is a must to purchase if you or your child is an aspiring hitter that wishes to score nicely on every game, and to leave the catchers confused on where the ball is going.

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