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The 8 Best Boomboxes of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Wireless Express
CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox
Cassette Boombox
Boombox Portable Bluetooth
Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker:
SB2145B 80's Retro Street
10 Watts RMS Power and AC / DC
Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
Mini Boombox with LED Speakers
Brooklyn Bluetooth Boombox
Sony CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox Image
Sony CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox Home Audio Radio, Black, With Aux Cable
Riptunes Cassette Boombox Image
Riptunes Cassette Boombox, Retro Blueooth Boombox, Cassette Player and Recorder, AM/FM/SW-1-SW2 Radio-4-Band Radio, USB, and SD, Headphone Jack, RED
Great Deal
JBL Boombox Portable Bluetooth Image
JBL Boombox Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker (Black)
Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker: Image
Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker: Portable CD Boom Box with FM Radio, Remote & LED Lights
Studebaker SB2145B 80's Retro Street Image
Studebaker SB2145B 80's Retro Street Bluetooth Boombox with FM Radio, CD Player, LED EQ, 10 Watts RMS Power and AC/DC
Philips Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Image
Philips Bluetooth Boombox Speaker - Rugged, Portable, Wireless Radio, USB, AUX, and CD Music Player - 50 Watt, Dynamic Bass, Digital Display, Light Up Speaker - Model PX840T
Wireless Express Mini Boombox with LED Speakers Image
Mini Boombox with LED Speakers - Retro Multi Colored
GPO Brooklyn Bluetooth Boombox Image
GPO Brooklyn Bluetooth Boombox 80W CD Cassette FM USB (Silver)
according to our criteria
93 %
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91 %
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75 %
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  • A compact CD/cassette player with am/fm radio sleep-timer and 3 sta...
  • Enjoy full-function stereo sound Playback CDs cd-r/rw and mp3 CDs w...
  • Fm/am tuner with digital tuning and 30 station presets AC and batte...
  • Cassette player Recorder with wireless bluetooth connectivity; This...
  • Usb SD - Aside from wireless connectivity this Retro unit is also e...
  • Volume and Bass Controls - for better sound effect - folding carry ...
  • Made to be the most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker jbl boom bo...
  • Enjoy music for 24 hours without missing a beat
  • Use the massive 20 000mAh battery and dual charge out to charge you...
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Stream wirelessly from a smartphone tablet ...
  • Multiple listening options: Use the top loading CD player or listen...
  • Dynamic audio: Two passive speakers amplify the bass while 4 EQ mod...
  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music
  • Front Load CD Player and fm/fm Stereo Analog Radio
  • Multi-color led Equalizer
  • Incredible sound quality: Start the party with excellent amplified ...
  • Play your favorite music from anywhere: Our speaker is incredibly v...
  • Incredibly lightweight and portable: Built for maximum convenience ...
  • Retro boombox: Listen to your favorite songs in style with this min...
  • Details: This boombox includes Bluetooth FM radio led light up danc...
  • Convenient features: The mini boombox boasts powerful stereo sound ...
  • GPO Brooklyn Bluetooth Boombox 80W CD Cassette FM USB (Silver)
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Boomboxes

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Boombox Would You Buy Online? (August 2018)

  • 22.58 % (7 votes) Sony Stereo CD/Cassette Boombox Home Audio Radi...
  • 22.58 % (7 votes) JBL Boombox Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speak...
  • 16.13 % (5 votes) SuperSonic Retro Collection Boom Box with AM/FM...
  • 12.90 % (4 votes) Sylvania SRCD243 Portable CD Player with AM/FM ...
  • 9.68 % (3 votes) Toshiba TY-CRS9 Portable CD Boombox with AM/FM ...
  • 9.68 % (3 votes) Phillips Bluetooth Boombox Speaker – Rugged, Po...
  • 3.23 % (1 votes) Memorex Portable CD Boombox with AM FM Radio
  • 3.23 % (1 votes) Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker: Por...

31 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best boombox, click here to view the poll.

Boombox Buying Guide

Boombox Image
Picture: CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox from Sony

When you want to listen to your favorite piece of music, you want the source to be exceptional so you can enjoy the song. Boomboxes have been around for years. They are an old piece of portable equipment that has gone through a list of changes since its origin. The boombox is simply a portable device that has two speakers that pump out music from your favorite CD or cassette. Many have different features that can enhance your music while transmitted out through the boombox. Some boomboxes can also record, transmit the local radio on FM and AM channels that are amplified through loudspeakers as well. The history of the boombox shows it was a basic audio device that had many functions since back in the 70s and 80s. Now with the advancement of technology, the boombox has had a makeover and still remains a popular device many carry with them to enjoy their favorite music or listen to the radio. PROS

The love of the boombox device seems to have no age limit when it comes to consumers. No matter what age you are, at some point in your life you have bought, listened to or carried around a boombox for your personal entertainment enjoyment. Here's a list of boombox benefits for those that are looking to buy the device. Portable - This is probably one of the most attractive benefits boomboxes have to consumers. Many of us who are music fanatics love to have the opportunity to listen to our music anywhere we want. A boombox allows us to do just that whether we are at a picnic or having a personal party at home.


- Many well-designed boomboxes come with a handle where you simply carry it from place to place all the while music is coming out of the two speakers. This makes it very convenient for you to keep the device with you at all times and because they are not the large it makes it easier. Though they may not fit in your pocket, they do fit in small bags or in a duffel bag for the gym workout. Sound - Depending on which type of boombox you purchase, the sound quality can be great. Several boomboxes will have specific features that can enhance your music or the sound coming from the speakers. Convenience - A boombox is that one portable entertainment device that can liven up a group get together at any time. It's very convenient when you want to hear music on the spot in any location you are in.


Not all of boomboxes are made the same and therefore may have some drawbacks many consumers may not be aware of. Here are a few things to consider.

Speaker quality may not be great

Batteries don't last

Some models may not have CD formats

Charger cords can be short

Dials may not light up

Must buy batteries separately

Several buttons two particular functions can be confusing

Features To Look For

When you're in the market for a boombox, you should always consider what features you want and certainly need. There are a list to choose from that's for sure. In order to ensure that you get the best boombox that you looking for, here are a few features that come with most of them.

CD/DVD playback

USB capabilities

Wireless streaming using NFC or Bluetooth

Mega-bass for great sound

Headphone jack

Battery life

Am/FM radio presets

Speaker size

Buttons that are easy to operate

EQ presets

iPod or mp3 compatible


Power requirements

Satellite ready

The Best Boomboxes Out There

Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox with Bluetooth and NFC

This boombox comes equipped with 30 stations when it comes to AM/FM. It also has the ability to play mp3 and CDs. The most attractive feature is that music can be transmitted from a USB via Bluetooth or coming from your mobile phone.

Pyle Street Vibe Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This slick looking boombox has a fresh style when it comes to its design. It has instant music streaming through Bluetooth, that allows you to connect to any Android device when using NFC. You will also find that you can use a micro SD memory card reader, a USB input and it has an LCD display.

Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo

This particular device can pump out excellent stereo sound for the average music lover. You have the ability to attach your iPod, mp3 player through wireless connections. In addition to that, it also has an auxiliary cable or other smart devices. It also has functions that allow you to shuffle, repeat, skip, search and move forward on your CDs. There are impressive AM and FM capabilities as well.

Panasonic RF-2400 AM/FM Radio

This kind of boombox is strictly for those who love their radio stations and have something to carry around with them at all times. It's an ultra compact radio specifically designed to slip into the pocket in your jacket or your handbag. It also has a 4in speaker output which provides powerful sound. Keep in mind, you will need four AA batteries when taking it outside on a picnic or at a beach. To add to that, you will have use of a 110v AC power cord that has a decent length to any power source.

Sony CFDS50 Portable CD, Cassette & AM/FM Radio Boombox

This boombox is essentially a radio. It's a convenient lightweight device featuring a CD player, a compartment to play cassettes and a place where you can insert mp3 discs. It has recording capabilities as well. One big attraction is the batteries long lasting life enabling you to use it in areas that don't have a power supply. In addition to that, there is a jack to play music from external audio sources.

Philips Phillips Bluetooth Boombox

You will find that you get incredible sound quality from this type of boombox. You can immediately start the party with awesome amplified audio from the speakers that are 50 watts of crisp and sharp sounds. This allows you and your party to enjoy the music and exceptional sound quality. It also give you the ability to play music from any type of source coming from Bluetooth or USB. Playback can be in the form of CDs or DVDs. It's lightweight and build is strictly for convenience that has loud speakers that can fill any room with the music of your choice.

Boomboxes have increased in their popularity over the years. Many have impressive designs that come with functions that allow you to play back CDs, DVDs. Now with technology, you can even pump in music from other external sources. This could mean an iPad, iPod or your smart phone device. Consumers are always wanting more. With technology growing as fast as it has been, boomboxes are becoming a favorite choice of entertainment. They make great gifts around Christmas and can liven up a party within minutes. Often times you can spot the younger generation hauling around their boombox for beach parties, a backyard get-together or to simply play a tune they can sing along with.

The boombox is a very versatile music device that sustains its attractiveness in the consumer market. When looking for a boombox to buy consider these things mentioned above. We all have different tastes, and therefore, some features may be more important to you than others. As always, do your research and find out which boombox is suitable for you and your family. It doesn't hurt to write down a good list of the features you know that you want and eventually need.

Your Opinion Matters!


Boombox Reviews & Additional Articles

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Conclusion for this Boombox Buying Guide in June 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our boombox comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with boombox in 2019.

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