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The 10 Best Camera Pens of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Hidden Camera Spy Camera
Hidden Spy Pen Camera
Hidden Spy Pen Camera,HD
16GB Memory Card
Spy Camera Pen Hidden
16G Micro SD Card
Camera Pen Full 1080P
32G SD Card
Hidden Spy Camera
Hidden Spy Pen Camera
Video Only
Spy Pen Camera
Mini Spy Camera Pen
Upgraded-Hidden Camera Spy
JZORI Hidden Camera Spy Camera Image
Hidden Camera Spy Camera Pen HD 1080P Camcorder Portable with 16GB Memory Card Pocket Cam Covert Camera for Business and Conference (Black)
UTOPB Hidden Spy Pen Camera Image
UTOPB Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P Clip On Body Camera Portable Pocket Cam Covert Camera Built in 16GB Memory Card Camcorder for Business and Conference, Black
Camtecx Hidden Spy Pen Camera,HD Image
Hidden Spy Pen Camera,HD 1080P Camcorder Portable Pocket Cam Covert Camera Built in 16GB Memory Card
Great Deal
Facamword Spy Camera Pen Hidden Image
Spy Camera Pen Hidden Cameras Portable Video Recorder Mini DVR Meeting Pens Body Cam Built-in 16G Micro SD Card
CHUHE Camera Pen Full 1080P Image
CHUHE Camera Pen Full 1080P Body Camera Mini Portable Hidden Camera -Support Max 32G SD Card
letown Hidden Spy Camera Image
Hidden Spy Camera - Pen DVR Cam 1296P 32G Video Recording Pen OV4689 Full Real 2K Low Illumination 1080P Pen Camera Hidden Security Camera
Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen Camera Image
Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P Portable Digital Video Recorder with Photo Taking, USB Port Covert Cam, Wireless Mini DV Cam Multifunction Ink Pen Camcorder for Conference and Home (Video Only)
OLOEY Spy Pen Camera Image
Spy Pen Camera, Full HD 1080P Mini Cam Hidden Pen Photo & Video
UTOPB Mini Spy Camera Pen Image
Mini Spy Camera Pen - HD 1080P Clip On Body Camera - Small Hidden Camera Video Recorder - Security Surveillance Portable Pocket Cam - Tiny Meeting Camera
Facamword Upgraded-Hidden Camera Spy Image
Upgraded-Hidden Camera Spy Video Recorder Portable Security Pen Cam HD 1080P Mini Cameras Pocket Body Cams Small Meeting Recorders
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  • : This Hidden Camera Provides HD 1080p High-Resolution Videos and p...
  • : It Is Ready To Go Out Of The Box Without Any Complicated Setup Or...
  • : The Camera Provides Excellent Motion Detection In Motion Detectio...
  • 1080p HD video resolution: just press the top button once the devic...
  • Fountain pen design: pocket pen camera is designed as a high qualit...
  • Easy to use: it is ready to go out of the box without any complicat...
  • 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera --The spy camera support video in 1920 x108...
  • Free 16 gb Memory Card -- The Pen hidden camera require memory card...
  • Easy Operation - One button easy use just Insert a memory card and ...
  • Professional Video Camera Pen】This spy pen recorder looks like a no...
  • Video and Snapshot】This hidden spy pen also features two modes whic...
  • Clear Image】You can record video in fhd 1920*1080 and take pictures...
  • Camera pen: Plug and play, perfect match Mac/PC User friendly and v...
  • One button use: First Press top button 2s, open camera and start re...
  • 1080p HD video recorder: It records you need any moment 1920x1080P ...
  • Ov4689 Full Real 2K Video Resolution Spy Camera With 20 Mega Pixel....
  • Clips about the Multifunction dvr Can Removable Very Discreet If Yo...
  • Clips about Hidden Security Cam Can Removable Very Discreet If You ...
  • Built-in polymer Lithium batteries with intelligent power managemen...
  • With six-layer glass Lens HD 1080p picture quality is achieved avi ...
  • Not need complicated operation one key to turn on the video When th...
  • [easy TO use]: No need to download any Apps Without any complicated...
  • [video funtion]:1080p video pen HD video recorder in 1920*1080p HD ...
  • [cam function clear IMAGE]: This pen can take 2560*1440 jpg pic Ju...
  • Video camera】: 1280*720p or 1920*1080p resolution selectable; suppo...
  • Mini dv】: It is a mini DV camera support snapshot; support TV output
  • Spy camera】: It is real-time video recorder You can use it recorder...
  • Hidden Spy Camera】This mini camera features pen type Support video ...
  • Up to Record 5.5 Hours Videos It can record HD 1080p videos of max ...
  • Easy to Use】One key operation Enjoy to be a spy No software to load...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Camera Pens

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Camera Pen Would You Buy Online? (September 2019)

  • 0 % (0 votes) Hidden Camera Spy Camera Pen HD 1080P Camcorder...
  • 0 % (0 votes) UTOPB Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P Clip On Bo...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Hidden Spy Pen Camera,HD 1080P Camcorder Portab...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Spy Camera Pen Hidden Cameras Portable Video Re...
  • 0 % (0 votes) CHUHE Camera Pen Full 1080P Body Camera Mini Po...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Hidden Spy Camera - Pen DVR Cam 1296P 32G Video...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P Portable...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Spy Pen Camera, Full HD 1080P Mini Cam Hidden P...

0 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best camera pen, click here to view the poll.

Camera Pen Buying Guide

Camera Pen Image
Picture: Hidden Camera Spy Camera from JZORI

At one time, camera pens were something that existed only in novels and James Bond movies. But today everyone has access to this technology, which allows you to surreptitiously record, among other things, people and places. However, there are so many choices available that it can be difficult to decide what to buy.

Important Features of a Camera Pen

When shopping for a camera pen, you should consider the following features:


The quality of a camera does not mean much if does not have sufficient storage to record what you need to record. As most of these devices record in high definition (HD) or better, they use a lot of data. An hour of 1080p video will require around 1.5 GB. So, you probably want a pen phone that can store at least 32 GB of data using an SD card.

Examples of pen cameras that have 32 GB of storage capacity include the NexGadget 1080p Mini Pen Camera and the Spy Pen Camera.

Battery Life

Like with a lack of storage, a good camera can be limited by a lack of battery life. If the battery is not sufficient to operate the camera for your purposes, it is effectively useless. Look for a camera pen that has at least an hour of battery life, but 12 or more hours of battery life is even better and not that uncommon. Some camera pens can also be plugged into a power source, which allows you to use them continuously.

Video Resolution and Frame Rate

Most camera pens available claim that they record video in HD resolution. But there is a big difference between 720p HD resolution and 1080p HD resolution. The latter is far larger and more clearer, and it is probably the minimum your should look for in a camera pen. Some camera pens, such as the 2K-Star Light Night Vision Pen Spy Camera, record in full 2K (2,304 x 1,296 pixels) resolution.

You will also want to make sure that the camera is capable of recording video at a high frame rate. 30 frames per second (FPS) should be considered a minimum, but 60 FPS is much better if you need to record fast-moving objects.

Low Light Recording

In a perfect world, you would record video only in good light. But the very nature of these cameras may require that you record video without proper light, or even at night. Many high-quality camera pens, like the 2K-Star Light Night Vision Pen Spy Camera, have night vision technology that lets you record video in any type of light.

Loop Recording

If you need to record a particular place continuously, such as for security purposes, you will be probably want a camera phone that can loop video. This means that the camera will automatically write over old video files. The PenRecorderPro HD2 Ultra 2K HD Spy Pen Camera is an example of a camera pen that loops video.

Motion Detection

There is often no reason to record an area if nothing is moving. Many good camera pens have motion detection, allowing them to record only when something is happening, which can great increase battery life and reduce storage requirements. The PenRecorderPro camera is an example of a pen camera with motion detection.

Wide-Angle Lens

If you are doing any serious type of recording, you will probably want a camera with a wide-angle lens so that it can capture a large viewing area. A camera pen that has a 180-degree lens, such as the Securitytek 1080P T190, can record everything that is in front of it. By using two of these pens back to back, you could record an entire area in all directions.

USB, Bluetooth and WiFi Connections

You will almost certainly want a camera pen that can connect to your PC, so that you can upload your videos. Many camera pens have a USB connector for this purpose. Some pens, such as the Tedacos Ionveo Pen Camera, offer a Bluetooth connection that lets you monitor video over your smartphone. Other camera pens have a WiFi connection that let you stream video as well, such as the Conbrov TD88.

Audio-Only Mode

There may be times that you need to only record audio. Some pen cameras, like the PenRecorderPro, have an audio-only mode that lets you save both storage and battery life.

Durable with a Good Warranty

Durability should be a chief concern when selecting a camera pen. Some are made from cheap plastic and look like they could fall apart even under light use. Look for a camera pen that has metal components. Also look for one that has at least a one-year warranty.

Easy To Use

Before buying a camera pen make sure that it is easy to use. A good camera pen should not require you to go through a lengthy setup. You should only have to press a button to start and stop it. You should also look for a camera pen that is lightweight and ergonomic.


It can be a big mistake selecting a camera pen just because it is the cheapest. Most camera pens — both good and bad — are under $200. By spending a little more money, you can get a pen that is considerably better. Remember the old adage: you get what you pay for.

How To Choose a Camera Pen

To select a camera pen, look at the features above and order them, based on what is most important for your needs. For example, a longer battery life may be more important to you than crystal clear video. Or maybe you absolutely need looping or WiFi streaming. Then, choose a camera pen that best fulfills your most important needs.

Your Opinion Matters!


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Today - HD Pen Spycam Review

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Conclusion for this Camera Pen Buying Guide in September 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our camera pen comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with camera pen in 2019.

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