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The 10 Best Car Dollies of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Pentagon Tools
Red Hound Auto
5060 Tire Skates
Pack of 4
5051 Tool | Premium
4-Pack | Car Tire Dolly - Tire Skates
12"x 16" Premium Skates
Car Dolly Moving Dollies
2X Tire Skates Wheel
Car Dolly 4-Pack
4 PCS 4 X
Y5D Autodolly Electric Slider
47020 2000 lb HD
Pentagon Tools 5060 Tire Skates Image
Pentagon Tools 5060 Tire Skates 4 Tire Wheel Car Dolly Ball Bearings Skate Makes Moving A Car Easy, 12" (Pack of 4) Rated at 6000lbs.
Red Hound Auto 4 Image
4 - Red 12 Inches Tire Premium Skates Wheel Car Dolly Ball Bearings Skate Makes Moving a Car Easy Furniture Movers
Pentagon 5051  Tool | Premium Image
5051 Pentagon Tool | Premium 4-Pack | Car Tire Dolly - Tire Skates
Great Deal
XtremepowerUS 12
XtremepowerUS 12"x 16" Premium Skates Wheel Car Dolly, Repair Slide (2-Pair)
Autodolly Car Dolly Moving Dollies Image
Car Dolly Moving Dollies Heavy Duty Set Premium Industrial Professional Automobile Wheel Skates Tire Shop Garage Auto Race Car Movers Storage Industrial Cart 10,000# Capacity for Set Of (4) HD 8x16
LiftMaster 2X  Tire Skates Wheel Image
2X Liftmaster Tire Skates Wheel Car Dolly Premium Ball Bearings Skate Furniture Mover
ABN Car Dolly 4-Pack Image
ABN Car Dolly 4-Pack, 4 Wheel Dolly Set - 6,000 lbs pound Total Capacity Stake Dollies for Tow or Vehicle Storage
Goplus 4 PCS 4 X Image
Goplus 4 PCS 4 X 3" Set Wheel Dollies Dolly Tire Skates Vehicle Car Auto Repair Moving Diamond, Gray
TARION Y5D Autodolly Electric Slider Image
TARION Y5D Autodolly Electric Slider Motorized Pulley Car Cine Dollies Rolling Skater with Wireless Remote for DLSR Camera Video Camcorder Smart Phone
Omega 47020 2000 lb HD Image
Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set
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85 %
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  • 12 inches x 16 inches Solid Steel Plate--X Large--not the 8 inches ...
  • 3 inch Premium Ball Bearing Castors; Rated at 6000lbs
  • Integrated hole in the top of the skate for easy storage--mounts on...
  • 4 Heavy duty Premium double ball bearing vehicle dollies (each with...
  • Size/Dimensions: Capacity: 1,500 lbs each (6,000 lbs total evenly d...
  • Radial ball bearing wheel axles for smooth pushing (others don't ha...
  • Extra large: 12 inches x 16 inches solid steel plate with locking c...
  • Reposition: One person can easily move or rotate a vehicle motorcyc...
  • Space saving: Take back coveted floor space in your garage shop or ...
  • Thick solid plate steel construction with tough polycarbonate surfa...
  • Premium 3 caster wheels two with brakes
  • Approximately 16 x 12 top surface 1/4 thick
  • Made for the professional mechanic racer hobbyist collector and do ...
  • Set of (4) dollies measure 8"x 16 each full 1/4 thick top plate - ...
  • Manufactured right here in the usa with the best steel and easy rol...
  • 2x Heavy duty vehicle dollies (each with 2 brakes) powder coated th...
  • Size/Dimensions: Capacity: 1,500 lbs each (3,000 lbs total for set ...
  • Strong Nylon Castors to protect your garage floor
  • Move anything: Use the abn Car Dolly 4-Pack 4 Wheel Dolly Set - 6,0...
  • Simple assembly: Quick to assemble - simply and easily install the ...
  • Safe lock: All wheels lock and unlock for safe loading and storage
  • Multi Purposes】This wheel dolly is designed for easy and one-person...
  • 6,000Lbs Weight Capacity】This wheel dolly could hold weight up to 1...
  • Study Construction and Rust Resistant Finish】This wheel dolly is ma...
  • Fit for dslr Cameras and Mirrorless Cameras and IPhone Photography ...
  • With 1/4 and 3/8 Screw Hole and 1/4 and 3/8 Screw it can be equippe...
  • Be available for both straight line shooting and curve photograph p...
  • Capacity: 2000 lbs
  • Holds vehicles in 3 ways: 1) by the wheels 2) by the pinch weld 3) ...
  • Self stacking minimizes space usage
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Car Dollies

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Car Dollie Would You Buy Online? (August 2018)

  • 33.33 % (11 votes) 4 - Red 12" Tire Premium Skates Wheel Car ...
  • 18.18 % (6 votes) Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set, 1 ...
  • 15.15 % (5 votes) XtremepowerUS 12"x 16" Premium Skates...
  • 12.12 % (4 votes) Pentagon Tools 5060 Tire Skates 4 Tire Wheel Ca...
  • 9.09 % (3 votes) Goplus 4 PCS 4 X 3" Set Wheel Dollies Doll...
  • 9.09 % (3 votes) Goplus Wheel Dolly Car Skates Vehicle Positioni...
  • 3.03 % (1 votes) OTC Tools 1572 Car Dollies with 3,600 lbs Capac...
  • 0 % (0 votes) ABN Car Dolly 4-Pack, 4 Wheel Dolly Set – 6,000...

33 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best car dolly, click here to view the poll.

Car Dolly Buying Guide

Car Dolly Image
Picture: 5060 Tire Skates from Pentagon Tools

Any person working in the automobile industry or who happens to own a car understands the importance of a car dolly. Sometimes you may want to move your car for long distances or under mechanical problems. Car dollies are very useful for this purpose as they ensure your vehicle is securely mounted on the towing truck or your vehicle which has towing capabilities. Car towing is significant for those individuals traveling in areas which are isolated for sightseeing.

A tow dolly has two wheels which enable it to be easily attached to the rear side of the car in a bid to pulling it to the expected destination. It is worth highlighting that a tow dolly cannot be easily connected to any tow vehicle as most of them are front wheel drive which may make it difficult to move around. Towing is a necessity as your car uses to fuel the vehicle being towed while there is no mileage recorded. This maintains the authenticity of your car. It is important to harness your vehicle correctly so that it can quickly overcome the objects that it may come across while being hauled from one place to another.

Remember to balance the overall weight of the car on your car dolly such that not either side has much weight as compared to the rest. There are other machines such as towing weight distribution which makes it easy to understand the weight to be attached to the car dolly and how it can quickly be distributed without causing any damages. It is worth highlighting that the standard weight is a car dolly is about 4,900 pounds. This is a sufficient weight that covers for most of the cars in the industry without many challenges.

Types of Car Dolly’s

• Mounted Front Wheels

This is a towing dolly that resembles a car in that it has wheels attached on the rear side. These wheels are essential as they pivot the car easily as they move between the truck and the vehicle being towed. This type of car dolly is essential as it prevents the car from hitting the truck, especially when driving through constricted areas.

• Center Pivot Dolly

This is a type of car dolly that has a center pivot that allows the car to move comfortably while attached to the corners of the towing truck. This is considered to be the most quality towing dolly in the industry due to the fixed trailer wheels. Moreover, they are fixed wheels which makes them even better. However, it is as useful as mounted front wheels car dolly.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Car Dolly

1. Dolly Breaks

Before committing some money to purchase a car dolly, you will be required to evaluate whether the car dolly you intend to buy has breaking systems. In the United States, some states have it as a regulation that your tow dolly must have breaking capabilities. You will, therefore, need to understand what your state says about tow dollies so that you can be on the safe side. You might also consider purchasing a towing dolly with a braking system if you happen to move across different states so that you can be on the safe side of the law.

Tow dollies with the electric braking system are easy to use as you will need to have a mechanism of controlling your breaks efficiently without causing any damages. You can as well have surge breaks which have sensing mechanisms such that they will stop the dolly immediately they sense that the truck is likely to stop. The surge breaks are built into the tow dolly, and thus, they do not need any equipment to be installed for them to function normally.

2. Dolly Lights

Lighting is an important aspect of any automobile moving on the road as it provides security to all other vehicles driving at night. This explains why you will need to consider the lighting of your car dolly before deciding on which to purchase. Most states require that your tow dolly to have lights which are easily visible by other road users. This is mostly achieved by ensuring that you have working lights on the car being towed such that any braking system allows the lights to work and thus enabling other road users to see you easily when you are on the move and when you intend to stop.

You can as well buy a removable light system which is available in the stores. They make it easy for you as they can easily be removed during the day or when you are in a state where the lighting system is not required. Removable lighting systems are easily attached at the rear of your car, especially when on need.

3. Weight Capacity

As you understand, the primary purpose of a car dolly is to tow your car from one destination to another. This means that this device carry’s your car. As such, the weight that the towing dolly should be considered. You should purchase a car dolly that can easily carry the weight of your car without many challenges. It is worth noting that a towing dolly that cannot carry the weight of your car has no use and will easily be damaged immediately when your car is mounted. You should understand that wooden car dollies have weight limits which means you need to consider the weight of your car before purchasing them.

4. Towing Needs

As this article noted earlier, there are two types of car dollies out there in the market which include the mounted front wheels and central pivot dolly. You will need to make a decision on which towing dolly you will buy depending on your specific needs. Understanding the ideal dolly for you will be essential as both have their merits and demerits. It is vital for you to conduct comprehensive research to understand your needs. This will ensure that you don’t go for the expensive dollies out there that have nothing to offer except their flashy appearances. You need to possess a reliable towing dolly that meets your towing needs as and when required.

5. Safety

Safety is an important matter of consideration when you are buying all automobile parts and more critical when you intend to buy a car dolly. It should not be overlooked as any safety hitches could mean problems for you and other road users. You need to check and ensure that all the parts are fixed adequately before you consider purchasing any car dolly on the store. Providing that there is maximum safety eradicates the chances of bouncing off or dangling that can cause a severe road accident. Breaking and lighting systems are highly preferred as they are used for the sole purpose of ensuring security during towing.

6. Cost

The cost of an item has consistently proven to be a significant determinant for individuals intending to purchase car dollies. The price ranges from low, medium, to very high depending on the additional features, size, a brand of the dolly, and the materials used. If you have some enough cash to spend on a high end towing dolly, you will need to go for the expensive dollies that are flashy and have incorporated a large number of additional features. In situations whereby you find that your budget is limited, it is important for you to conduct thorough research so that you can get a towing dolly that meets your needs at the limited amount of money.

7. Maintenance and Durability

You might be wondering what support and durability have to do with your car dolly. You don’t just need a towing dolly that will always be on the garage replacing some worn-out parts, fixing the existing one while at the same time oiling and greasing it to ensure that it is moving. You need a dolly that helps you to save money by remaining fit for purpose at any given time. On the other hand, you will need a durable towing dolly so that you are not forced to buy a new one some few months after purchasing. However, durability may vary depending on how often you use your car dolly.

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Conclusion for this Car Dolly Buying Guide in July 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our car dolly comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with car dolly in 2019.

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