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Hello, I'm Gregor and I put this site together. At first, you'll find an overview of recommended cast nets, followed by a public poll and a general buying guide on cast net. Further down on this page, we do link to other well-written articles and reviews about cast nets. At last, you'll be able to weight in your own opinion in the comments section.

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The 10 Best Cast Nets of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
South Bend
Bait Buster
Red Horn Series
Sportsman Supply Inc.
Monofilament CNMO3 Cast
3x3 / 8/Handcrafted
6PM Old Salt Mono
1-Pound Lead per Ft, Boxed
Monofilament Cast Net
Pisfun American Saltwater
3 / 8inch Mesh Size
Saltwater Fishing Cast
6 Feet
Bait Cast Net:
8 ft Radius
Tyzac Cast Net 8ft
3 / 8" Mesh Box
SS100-L Super Spreader
1 Lb Lead WTS
Casting Net,
3 / 8 Inch, Model #CN-27
Lee Fisher Mono Cast Net
3 / 8 Inch CBT-S8
Southbend Monofilament CNMO3 Cast Image
SouthBend Monofilament CNMO3 Cast Net 3x3/8/Handcrafted
Betts 6PM Old Salt Mono Image
Betts 6PM Old Salt Mono Cast Net, 6-Feet, 3/8-Inch Mesh, 1-Pound Lead per Ft, Boxed
South Bend Monofilament Cast Net Image
South Bend Monofilament Cast Net
Goture Pisfun American Saltwater Image
Pisfun American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net for Bait Trap Fish 4ft/6ft/8ft/10ft/12ft Radius, 3/8inch Mesh Size
Drasry Saltwater Fishing Cast Image
Drasry Saltwater Fishing Cast Net for Bait Trap Fish Throw Net Size 4ft/5ft/6ft/7ft/8ft/9ft Radius. 0.59inch Mesh Freshwater Nets (6 Feet)
Bait Buster Bait Cast Net: Image
Bait Buster Bait Cast Net: 3/8" Sq. Mesh, 8 ft Radius
Betts Tyzac Cast Net 8ft Image
Betts Tyzac Cast Net 8ft Mono 3/8" Mesh Box
Fitec SS100-L Super Spreader Image
Fitec SS100-L Super Spreader Cast Net Blue 5' Radius, 3/8" mesh, 1 Lb Lead WTS
Red Horn Series Casting Net, Image
Red Horn Series Casting Net, Net Size: 7 Foot, Mesh Size: 3/8 Inch, Model #CN-27
Sportsman Supply Inc. Lee Fisher Mono Cast Net Image
Lee Fisher Mono Cast Net 8 Feet 3/8 Inch CBT-S8
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  • Designed to Open Easily and Sink Quickly
  • Made From Quality Materials
  • Tied by Experience Net Makers
  • Ideal for Bait fishing and comes with a utility box
  • Store hooks lures and other supplies
  • Measures 6-Feet by 3/8-Inch
  • Designed to Open Easily and Sink QuicklyMade From Quality Materials...
  • 4 Radius - 3/8 Half Mesh Size; Mesh Thickness 0.3mm; 32 long floati...
  • Handmade Copolymer monofilament mesh 3/8 mesh accommodates most bai...
  • Make capturing live bait easy and fun Provides significant savings ...
  • HANDMADE:Woven from specially treated tire lines It is more durabl...
  • Pure lead sinkers:Upgrade perforation lead sinkers design the high...
  • Mesh:0.59 mesh accommodates most bait species Bottom two lines des...
  • 0.28mm Monofilament Net Material
  • 3/4 Stretched Mesh (3/8 Square Mesh)
  • 100 LB Test Braille Lines 25 FT of Poly Braided Hand Line
  • Mesh is 3/8 inches
  • Monofilament line
  • Feels and throws like a pro
  • Exclusive Komfort Kuff and free throwing aid included
  • Fast sinking net series featuring 1 LB lead weight per radius foot
  • Blue mono netting and 90lb test braille lines
  • 3/8 inch mesh size premium nylon monofilament netting
  • Chip resistant weights
  • Specially designed to open consistently
  • Made from nylon monofilament
  • Has a hand line: rope attached to the swivel on one end
  • 8 foot in diameter
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Cast Nets

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Cast Net Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 30.30 % (10 votes) Betts 6PM Old Salt Mono Cast Net, 6-Feet, 3/8-I...
  • 27.27 % (9 votes) Bait Buster Bait Cast Net: 3/8" Sq. Mesh, ...
  • 18.18 % (6 votes) Hurricane Cast Net
  • 15.15 % (5 votes) JSHANMEI Handmade American Saltwater Fishing Ca...
  • 6.06 % (2 votes) Ahi USA 50 Outfitter Series Monofilament Cast N...
  • 3.03 % (1 votes) CharaVector American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Pisfun American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net for ...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Shaddock Fishing Monofilament Cast Net 12-feet ...

33 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best cast net, click here to view the poll.

Cast Net Buying Guide

Cast Net Image
Picture: Monofilament CNMO3 Cast from Southbend

Unless anglers want to go to a bait shop as the first stop on each fishing trip, a cast net can catch an ample supply of live shrimp, minnows, shiners, sardines and even mullet for large gamefish. The size of the targeted bait determines the size of the net that can safely contain them without letting any escape. Anglers know that live bait can provide an advantage on a fishing trip, and most experienced ones prefer to catch their bait with a cast net. Shops may have active and healthy bait that attracts fish, but most anglers want to use the ones that swim into their net. The process of throwing a cast net requires some skill that gets easier with practice on a lawn but not on pavement that can damage the netting. Some types of cast nets help novices achieve a good toss, and others rely on the skills of an experienced owner to make it expand to its full width and land correctly on the water. The mesh in cast nets comes in about seven sizes of one inch or less so that even the smallest baitfish cannot escape. Many manufacturers limit the size of the mesh to a little more than an inch for bait that may measure up to 12 inches or more. Cast net shoppers have many factors to consider in making a purchasing decision.

• Net Size

Cast nets have a circular shape that makes their dimensions require a little more thought to understand than a square or rectangle may require. The standard measurement in feet refers to the radius or half the circle when the net lies fully open. When making a purchasing decision, buyers need to understand that most nets weigh about a pound for each foot of radius. The only way to spread the net on the water is to throw it, and the weight when wet can make the process difficult. Most anglers stand in a boat when they throw a cast net, and the ability to do so safely and effectively may give potential owners some understanding of how to make a successful toss. Large nets that can corral more bait than a small one may produce a weight that contributes to a decision to buy or not. Most anglers who prefer to catch live bait choose a net with an 8-foot radius, and they may advance to 10 feet with experience. Anglers can expect a high-quality netting material to produce better catches than products that use a lesser quality mesh. Some monofilament models feature a type of resin that makes the mesh resilient and soft, qualities that allow convenient handling and excellent catches. Potential buyers may benefit from selecting a pre-stretched nylon or monofilament net that contributes to limpness, a desirable quality that makes the mesh more manageable. The treatment that some manufacturers apply to the netting allows it to open more efficiently than others while in the air. One that can land on the water in its maximum diameter without a cone shape in the middle performs the way that net designers and engineers expect. Product descriptions give shoppers clues that can assist in a purchasing decision, and they include ease of throw, rapid opening and the ability to lay flat on the water.

• Mesh Size

The decision to choose a net may depend on the size of its mesh, a matter that affects more than the type of bait that it can catch. Anglers who want to trap small bait must use a mesh with ¼-inch openings, and some manufacturers offer even smaller sizes. A square opening of 3/8-inch may provide a suitable size for most types of bait, and it allows the net to sink quickly. A guideline that helps buyers select a mesh size is the potential difficulty of removing the caught bait. The gill plates on fish that swim through the mesh squares can get stuck in the netting, and the task of removing them can take a lot of time and require even more patience.

• Lead Weight

A line of rope that encircles the perimeter of a cast net contains lead sinkers that make it weigh from .75 to 2 pounds per running foot. The lighter amount of lead may provide a perfect choice for an angler who wants to catch small bait in shallow water while the heavier sinker works well for 1-inch or more mesh squares in deep water. Buyers can assess the effectiveness of the lead line by the number of weights that it contains.

• Type of Mesh

The fishing industry describes the types of mesh with terms that can confuse a buyer who has no experience with cast nets. For example, nylon means multifilament nylon, a kind of netting strand that results from binding many filaments together. Monofilament implies that the net uses a single strand of nylon to produce the mesh, and some manufacturers refer to it as “catgut” or “glass” in product descriptions. The two types of netting material give anglers choices that present advantages as well as disadvantages. Monofilament does not provide the strength of multifilament, but it may produce larger catches because fish cannot see it as clearly as the multi-strand netting. The softer quality of multifilament nylon enhances its ability to catch a variety of fish, but it tends to collect debris and sticks that take time to remove from the netting. The single strand material allows sticks and objects to fall out along with the catch. The thin material places more stress on anglers’ hands than the thicker variety does, but it may offer overall advantages that shoppers for cast nets prefer.

• Braille or Turk Lines

While the mesh netting catches live bait, the lines on the net give the owner control over the process. Monofilament lines provide the support that allows anglers to retrieve the catch and lift it into a boat, and their durability tends to control the lifespan of a cast net. One type that buyers may use as a comparison factor between competing manufacturers is the braille line. As the support for a cast net, braille lines start at the center and run from a post (horn) in the middle to the outer rim. When they connect to the lead line that contains the weights that make the net sink, the mesh receives the support that it needs. A cast net may include about 20 braille lines or as many as anglers need to pull it together and close it with the live bait inside.

• Hand or Throw Lines

Another line that manufacturers provide with cast nets is a throw or hand line that gives an owner a way to hang onto a net while casting it onto the water’s surface. When it fills with fish or comes back empty, the throw line provides the only link between net and angler. Buyers may choose to evaluate competing products by the quality of the horn as well. Some models divide it into sections that help keep the braille lines from becoming entangled, a condition that can make a cast net unwieldy and unable to retain a catch. Horns that have a large opening can allow the small bait to escape. Manufacturers may recommend differing features of the hand line, and some may caution about the potential danger of attaching it to an owner’s hand. Unforeseen conditions underwater may snag a net and make it impossible for an angler to release it safely or as quickly as necessary.

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Cast Net Reviews & Additional Articles

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Conclusion for this Cast Net Buying Guide in June 2019

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