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Hello, I'm Gregor and I put this site together. At first, you'll find an overview of recommended document cameras, followed by a public poll and a general buying guide on document camera. Further down on this page, we do link to other well-written articles and reviews about document cameras. At last, you'll be able to weight in your own opinion in the comments section.

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The 10 Best Document Cameras of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
AVer Information Inc.
V4K Ultra High Definition
Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB
DC125 Ladibug 30fps HD
AVerVision U50 USB
ET16 Plus Book &
30fps HD Double VGA/USB
DC-07 Portable Document
1080p Resolution
1367 Model MX-P True
16x Zoom
Ziggi-HD High-Definition USB
Ipevo V4K Ultra High Definition Image
IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera
Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Image
IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera
Lumens DC125 Ladibug 30fps HD Image
Lumens DC125 Ladibug 30fps HD Lightweight Document Camera
AVer Information Inc. AVerVision U50 USB Image
AVerVision U50 USB FlexArm Document Camera Black (VISIONU50)
CZUR ET16 Plus Book & Image
CZUR ET16 Plus Book & Document Scanner with Smart OCR for Mac and Windows, Patented Laser Auto-Flatten & Deskew Technology, Convert to PDF/Searchable PDF/Word/Tiff/Excel
INEBIZ 30fps HD Double VGA/USB Image
INEBIZ 30fps HD Double VGA/USB Lightweight Document Camera, 5 Mega-pixel Autofocus Flexible Gooseneck Interactive Projection Camera for Teacher Class Office Home (SH5100)
Epson DC-07 Portable Document Image
Epson DC-07 Portable Document Camera with USB Connectivity and 1080p Resolution
Elmo 1367 Model MX-P True Image
Elmo 1367 Model MX-P True 4K Document Camera; HDMI, RGB, and USB Super Speed 3.0 Outputs; Captures True 4K At 30fps Or Full Hd At 60fps, 16x Zoom
Ipevo Ziggi-HD High-Definition USB Image
Ipevo Ziggi-HD High-Definition USB Document Camera
Ipevo VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Image
IPEVO VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera
according to our criteria
95 %
in comparison
89 %
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88 %
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87 %
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87 %
in comparison
85 %
in comparison
85 %
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84 %
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83 %
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82 %
in comparison
  • Features an 8 megapixel camera for capturing ultra high definition ...
  • High frame rate for lag-free live streaming - streams at up to 30 f...
  • Fast focusing speed helps minimize interruptions for frequent switc...
  • An 8.0 Megapixel camera captures documents artwork textbooks 3D obj...
  • A variety of high definition and standard definition resolutions up...
  • Enjoy smooth lag-free live streaming at up to 30 fps (at full hd) a...
  • Equipped with a professional image sensor that has high sensitivity...
  • The frame rate is as high as 30fps even at Full HD 1080p output res...
  • All frequently used commands are integrated into buttons on the cam...
  • Setup So Simple: It's as easy as 1 2 3 The u50 document camera has ...
  • Clear Quality Display: Capture every student's attention with the U...
  • Picture Perfect: Who says geography or math can't be fun Take a pic...
  • Patented Flattening Curve Technology: ET16Plus shoots 3 laser lines...
  • Easy and Fast: With the 1.5 s/p scanning speed ET16Plus can easily ...
  • A3 A4 Format materials or any size in between Perfect choice for e...
  • The whole series are provided with 5 mega-pixel autofocus camera an...
  • The front camera supports fine mode and high-speed mode intake In t...
  • Support external computer access and switching double vga model sup...
  • Amazing clarity and detail - 1080p output resolution and up to 8x d...
  • Flexible setup with usb connection - easily connect to an Epson pro...
  • Record audio and video lessons - use the built-in microphone to add...
  • The first camera on the market to offer 16x digital zoom at 4K reso...
  • Super Speed usb 3.0 hdmi and rgb/vga output options to connect seam...
  • Completely portable making it perfect to take with you for on-the-g...
  • 5.0 Megapixel camera for exceptional high-definition images a varie...
  • High-resolution formats and a 6X zoom to capture even the smallest ...
  • Multi-jointed stand and swiveling head for effortless versatile cap...
  • Hdmi and usb dual mode; 8 Megapixel camera that captures up to 3264...
  • Max shooting area: 10.6 x 18.9 (270 x 480mm) [16:9]/13.5 x 18.1 (34...
  • Performance boost with Sony cmos image sensor and Ambarella integra...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Document Cameras

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Document Cameras Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 48.39 % (15 votes) Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Documen...
  • 22.58 % (7 votes) Longjoy Digital Portable Overhead USB Document ...
  • 12.90 % (4 votes) HUE HD Pro USB camera for Windows and Mac (Blue...
  • 12.90 % (4 votes) AVerVision U50 USB FlexArm Document Camera Blac...
  • 3.23 % (1 votes) Lumens DC125 Ladibug 30fps HD Lightweight Docum...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Epson DC-21 Document Camera
  • 0 % (0 votes) Elmo 1349 Model TT-12ID Interactive Document Ca...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Ipevo 5-883-4-01-00 VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP...

31 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best document camera, click here to view the poll.

Document Camera Buying Guide

Document Camera Image
Picture: V4K Ultra High Definition from Ipevo

Gone are the days when the only way to display documents to viewers was an overhead projector. It also added to the burden of duplicating the documents on transparent sheets. However, such lengthy ways of making a visual presentation are in the past now with document cameras making the job more comfortable and more straightforward. Document cameras can be tremendously useful teaching aids for modern-day classrooms. It is a boon for teachers lending them with more flexibility and easiness in the demonstration of vital experiments and concepts. What’s more, they can be connected with iPads and also can be combined with interactive whiteboard systems!

If you are planning to buy one, then we suggest you go through the essential features to look for before bringing one home. Whatever your needs – be it for teaching, for presentation or use in conference halls, you have to gain some background knowledge before choosing a doc cam. With more advancement in technology and several brands offering steal deals, it is important not to get carried away by flashy features and instead focus on what’s ideal for the kind of use you have. To help you assimilate the wants with the choices the market offers, we are here to explain the features that you need to appreciate before heading to the store. Today, tech managers have a host of diverse options to pick a doc cam from, depending on the use and budget. Just read on, and you will have known how to choose the right one in the next 10 minutes!

The Working

A typical document camera is mounted upright on a base or stage. Any 2-D or 3-D image placed in the viewing area is captured by the camera, and the same is converted into an electronic signal, which is then passed on to a TV monitor or projector for display.

The features that matter:

Resolution: It refers to the quantity of pixels exhibited, and it typically ranges between 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768. A camera of higher resolution is preferable for superior image quality. If you require such enhanced resolution, then you should pick a digital presenter over an analog one. Typically, there are two kinds of doc cams: XGA and SVGA. While the XGA presents a rectangular sized image, the SVGA offers a squared image. Concerning resolution, the XGA scores over the SVGA. However, you should purchase the SVGA type doc cam only in case you possess an LCD projector.


Those with tight budgets attempting to fill up smaller presentation spaces would most definitely prefer portable document camera models, the ones that are foldable for easy sharing and transport between several classrooms besides demanding less storage space. Look for a flexible-bodied model that is lightweight making it easier to move around.

Built-in Lighting:

 If the light is a criterion for your presentation, you would be better off picking one that comes with built-in fluorescent lighting. You will be disappointed to know that most of the smaller portable models do not come with built-in lighting. External light availability, therefore, has to be ensured in case you decide to purchase a compact document camera. There are document cameras that employ side folding arms to light up the document or object. There are also models that illuminate the text through light emanating from the stage to demonstrate transparencies or slides.

Built-in Microphone and camera:

Sometimes, there is a need to record the presentation for reference including the audio and video. It is then that you seek greater recording flexibility through a detachable microphone and camera.


Storage is an essential component for most users. So if you are looking for easy import and export of files, choose a document camera that comes compatible with SD Card. There are also models that permit storage in internal hard drives.

Web uploading aspect:

Once the content is recorded, there comes the question of seamless uploading of the captured lecture. To make it possible, a few document cameras offer you the option of wireless uploading to YouTube or Dropbox, accelerating the steps to get content online.

USB or VGA/HDMI output

: Doc cams that have USB outputs are cheaper, and these can be connected to the computer through software integration enabling image capture and recording. Some USB doc cams come with stock presentation software for better usability. VGA or HDMI output features allow the document cameras to be connected directly to either the monitor or projector. Although this feature imparts flexibility, such doc cams usually come at a price.


During conferences or interactive sessions, a connected environment is critical, and it would be practical to have a document camera that easily integrates with the existing solutions.


For emphasizing specific parts of the picture or video on display, there may arise the need to annotate to highlight certain aspects. Some products can be integrated with add-on software for useful annotation.

Neck Flexibility:

Buying a document camera with a flexible neck makes sense as it lets the user employ it to capture images from several angles with ease. Most of the pricier models have an easy swivel and effortless capture ability.

Remote Control:

For the purpose of mobility, a document camera that can be controlled from a distance serves to make the task more accessible for those who like to move around much. It also does away with the need to stay put at the front of the room for the whole time.

Microscope Adaptor and Monitor

: Although this particular feature is more oriented towards science teachers, it can have its advantages for other purposes too. An attached Microscope lets the viewers view microscopic details of the content offering more versatility to comprehend lessons. The Reference Monitor serves as a feedback element to preview live images for the teacher to know what is being seen or shown. In situations when higher accuracy is demanded, this feature scores.

Image Freeze:

There can be occasions when vital briefings have to be done in a not too stable environment. A lot of people may be moving around the document camera leading to frequent changes in the position of the object being displayed. At such times, the Image feature comes in handy as it permits the user to freeze the image at the chosen spot; no matter how many times people bump into the machine.


While this facility comes as stock, you should know that this feature is often overhyped. Zooming into smaller objects need not always lead to impressive demonstrations. It is the quality of and the image focus maintained on zooming that should be considered. Many brands boast of powerful digital zooms, but the result is a quirky focus and reduced clarity.

Split Screen feature

: For simultaneous projection of two images, some document cameras come with split-screen capacity. This one does come in helpful for comparisons.

As you must have realized by now, the route to buying a good performing document camera isn’t a cake walk. After all, you have to have a thorough knowledge of all the aspects mentioned above to be able to figure out what’s best for you within your budget. You may decide to purchase a doc cam online too as most of the reputed brands have clear product descriptions in addition to buyer reviews to assist you in your decision making. Among reputed brands, you may choose from among Ipevo, Elmo, Epson, Hue, and Lumens. Most of these come with a manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales assistance. Look for discounts on specific products on online sites like Before ordering one, you may also visit your nearest store to understand and visualize the capabilities of the products in your wish list.

While design aspects may be relevant, it is advisable to pick a document camera that exudes simplicity in operation. Easy to use features and uncomplicated demonstration ability are hallmarks of a high-quality document camera. We hope to have assisted you in making up your mind regarding your upcoming doc cam purchase. Our sole intention was to provide you with a valuable buying guide for document cameras, and if you make a mental note of these vital points, you are sure to have succeeded in making the right choice!

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The Document Cameras of Our Choice At a Glance

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Conclusion for this Document Camera Buying Guide in March 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our document camera comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with document camera in 2019.

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