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The 10 Best Dog Raincoats of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
RC Pet Products
Ethical Pet
Ellie Dog Wear
Pro Plums
Packable Dog
Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat
CHOWSING Dog Raincoat Adjustable
Dog Hooded Raincoat
Yellow Zip Up Dog
Waterproof Puppy Raincoat Blue
Dog Raincoat Lightweight
M, Purple
Dog Zip Up Dog
Dog Raincoat Hooded
Red, X-Large
Dog Raincoat Adjustable
RC Pet Products Packable Dog Image
RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho, Rubber Ducky, Medium
Ethical Pet Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat Image
Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat For Medium Dog | Dog Rain Jacket With Hood | Dog Rain Poncho | 100% Polyester | Water Proof | Yellow w/ Grey Reflective Stripe | Perfect Rain Gear For Your Pet by Ethical Pet
Nourse CHOWSING Dog Raincoat Adjustable Image
Nourse CHOWSING Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket Dog Rain Poncho Dog Rain Gear with Reflective Strip for Small Medium Large Dogs
Lovelonglong Dog Hooded Raincoat Image
Lovelonglong Dog Hooded Raincoat, Small Dog Rain Jacket Poncho Waterproof Clothes with Hood Breathable 4 Feet Four Legs Rain Coats for Small Dogs Green XL
Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Image
Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons, Pockets, Rain/Water Resistant, Adjustable Drawstring, Removable Hood - Size XS to XXL Available - Stylish Premium Dog Raincoats by Ellie (M)
Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat Blue Image
Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat Blue Transparent Pet Rainwear Clothes for Small Dogs/Cats, Size M
SENYE PET Dog Raincoat Lightweight Image
SENYE PET Dog Raincoat Lightweight Waterproof Clothes Ajustable Pet Dog Rain Jacket Poncho with Visibility Safety Strip Reflective & Leash Hole Dog Vest for Small Medium Large Dogs Puppy (M, Purple)
Morezi Dog Zip Up Dog Image
Morezi Dog Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons, Rain/Water Resistant, Adjustable Drawstring, Removable Hood, Stylish Premium Dog Raincoats - Size XS to XXL Available - Yellow - XL
HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Image
HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies (Red, X-Large)
Pro Plums Dog Raincoat Adjustable Image
Pro Plums Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Jacket with Reflective Straps Buckle and Harness Hole Best Gift for Large Medium Small Puppy Dog[ Navy Blue, L]
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  • Lightweight water resistant Taffeta shell
  • Adjustable Velcro waist band and leash access hole
  • Great for long-haired breeds that don't need added warmth
  • Stylish comfortable and dry: Look good Feel good Stay active We've ...
  • Enjoy IN ease: We at spot created this dog coat with you in mind Fo...
  • Perfect fit: Easily Adjustable Velcro belly and chest straps for a ...
  • ️ proffessional MATERIAL: Windproof and Waterproof Breathable layer...
  • ️ safe design: Reflective Strip keep your dog safe in outdoor activ...
  • ️ broad velcro STRIPE: This raincoat is easily to wear and The Velc...
  • 100 high quality - Our dog raincoat is made of waterproof polyester...
  • Various size - Size XS S M L XL suitable for Small dogs such as Chi...
  • Hoodies design - Our dog raincoat is hooded design and it will prov...
  • ️ double layered design - Double layered zip up raincoat with addit...
  • ️ water resistant - Completely water resistant and will keep your d...
  • ️ multiple pocket design - Our dog raincoats comes with multiple bu...
  • Waterproof rain jacket help to keep pets dry and comfortable in wet...
  • The hottest fashion style the transparent material makes this rainc...
  • This designer pet outfit will bring both style and eye-catch to you...
  • ONLY the best materials: 100 Waterproof Lightweight Polyester Shel...
  • KEEP your dog stylish and dry: As longtime manufacturers of hiking...
  • HIGH visibility stripes for safety: Being pet owners ourselves we ...
  • 1: double layered design - Double layered zip up raincoat with addi...
  • 2: water resistant - Completely water resistant and will keep your ...
  • 3: harness adjustable friendly - Contains a small opening on the u...
  • Waterproof: Crafted from 100 polyester material with waterproof coa...
  • Reflective: High visibility reflective material helps to keep your ...
  • Adjustable strap: Easy to secure adjustable belly strap allows for ...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE Don't worry anymore about purchasing a wrong size dog r...
  • 【SHINING】Let your dog looked like an evening star The reflective tr...
  • 【CONVENIENCE】Reject all the lost risk of your dog You could connect...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Dog Raincoats

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Dog Raincoats Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 28.57 % (10 votes) okdeals Large Dog Raincoat Leisure Pet Waterpro...
  • 22.86 % (8 votes) Best Pet Supplies - Voyager Waterproof Dogs Rai...
  • 17.14 % (6 votes) BINGPET BA1888 Fashion Reflective Waterproof Do...
  • 14.29 % (5 votes) JYHY Dog Raincoat Adjustable Reflective Waterpr...
  • 8.57 % (3 votes) HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Smal...
  • 5.71 % (2 votes) Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat With ...
  • 2.86 % (1 votes) Joules Women's Golightly Waterproof Dog Print P...
  • 0 % (0 votes) KINGSWELL Dog Jackets for Large Dogs Outdoor Wa...

35 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best dog raincoat, click here to view the poll.

Dog Raincoat Buying Guide

Dog Raincoat Image
Picture: Packable Dog from RC Pet Products

Once upon a time people fed their dogs whatever was on the shelf in the pet food section of their local market and bought them a new chew bone now and then. Pet owners had really basic relationships with their pets. People have begun to treat their dogs more like friends recently, however. We even spoil them. Our dogs relax below our cafe tables as we sip our lattes. They jog alongside us around the park, travel with us and wear clothes. Dogs have become more dear to us than ever before. While some may find putting designer sunglasses or jewelry on their pooches excessive, no one would question that keeping their furry friend dry while taking them outside when it’s raining makes good common sense. Furthermore, some dogs hesitate to step out the door if they think they’re going to get wet and are grateful for any gear you put on them that protects them from the elements. Choosing a raincoat for your dog can require a little prior research though. There are so many options. Read on for tips on finding a raincoat that will keep your pooch nice and dry in a downpour.

Don’t forget to buy rainwear for cold weather

Sometimes it rains on chilly days. In those cases, the best solution is wrapping your dog in a coat that’s waterproof because keeping a wet coat around your dog while outside during the cold months puts them at risk of getting sick. But what type of vest is both warm and waterproof? How can you be sure which to choose? One of the extra benefits of putting a good waterproof jacket on your dog in inclement weather is that if they get splashed by dirty water, it'll also protect their fur from becoming muddy. While a waterproof vest may suffice in light rain, one with a hood you can pull over their head will offer the fullest protection, so a hood is one feature you should be looking for when selecting the proper rainwear. Another is a reflector light or a couple of them on your dog’s jacket that weather challenged bike riders and drivers can see. Remember that the warmest cold weather rain jackets on the market will have fleece or wool linings, though many feel that synthetic liners work well too. The right rainwear will relieve you of of the tough task of trying to towel your dog’s fur dry when you’re back at home too.

The quality of the fabric matters

Even the most dedicated pet owner can have a limited budget to work with sometimes, but it’s important to remember that just like with other products, you get what you pay for when choosing a raincoat for your dog. Being lured by low prices may ultimately put you in the position to buy another one much sooner than you thought would be necessary. Inspect the quality of the fabric with your hands. A cheap dog raincoat is likely to be made of flimsy material, which means it will tear easily or get dirty faster. If the rain coat’s in a sealed packet you’re unable to touch or you’re ordering the raincoat online, look for it to be stain proof and high-quality nylon or polyester. You want it to be sturdy and able to stand the wear and tear of being put in a washing machine. It’s best that the material be pliant, not rigid. The tag should include instructions on how it should be cleaned.

Find one that’s intelligently designed

You’d be surprised at all the options you have. Explore and find the most logically constructed rainwear for your dog. The better the design, the more functional it will be. Some will just cover a dog’s chest and hug a certain portion of the trunk of their body. Some, however, will offer your dog total protection because it will fully cover their body. Their head, torso and all four of their legs will be weatherproofed. Look at the design carefully if there’s a hood. You want to be sure there’s a hook on it where you can clasp a leash. The hook should be sturdy. Velcro strips to clasp the raincoat across your dog’s chest shouldn’t touch their fur. You may prefer leather straps with buckles. Some raincoats even come with little boots you can put your dog’s paws into. Velcro straps about the legs help you adjust their leggings. A high collar will stop rain from seeping in. Little flourishes like pockets added on a dog raincoat aren’t necessary but sure look darn cute. An array of stylish doggy raincoats can be found with a few mouse clicks if you’re a fashionista who likes your dog dressed to impress too. You can go so far as to get your dog’s rainwear monogrammed.


One size should not fit all. Measurements are important. Dogs run from extra small to extra large or sometimes XXL. You just need a tape measure to determine what size your dog takes. You can find out how long they are by running a tape measure from their neck to where their tail begins. Wrap the tape measure around the part of their chest behind their front legs to find out what their chest size is. Hairy dogs are thicker, so it may be wise to take the fullness of their fur into account when choosing the correct raincoat size. It may be smarter to go up a size larger than the tape measure chest measurement indicates they need if they’re a long hair breed. Some brands will list the breeds of dog that normally take each size, which you can use as a further reference point. Dogs often roll in wet grass and engage in activities other than trotting when they’re in their raincoats, so the one you choose for yours shouldn’t be restrictive.

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Dog Raincoat Reviews & Additional Articles

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Conclusion for this Dog Raincoat Buying Guide in July 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our dog raincoat comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with dog raincoat in 2019.

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