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The 10 Best Ear Thermometers of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Digital Ear Thermometer
5 IRT6500
iProven Medical Digital
White Grey
Baby Thermometer For Fever
Baby Thermometer
Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer
rmometer for Fever
Digital Forehead and Ear
Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear
Baby Thermometer
rmometer for Fever Ear
Braun Digital Ear Thermometer Image
Braun Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500
iProvèn iProven Medical Digital Image
iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function - Clinically Approved Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology DMT-489 for Better Accuracy - New Medical Algorithm (White Grey)
SANPU Baby Thermometer For Fever Image
Baby Thermometer For Fever, New Generation Professional Digital Medical Forehead And Ear Thermometer, Upgraded thermoelectric Pile Sensor+3 Built-in Sensors for Best Accuracy, For Baby Kids and Adults
Mosen Baby Thermometer Image
Mosen Baby Thermometer, Thermometer for Fever Ear and Forehead, Kid and Adult Thermometer,4 Modes Digital Medical Infrared Thermometro for Body, Surface and Room
QQcute Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer Image
Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever Body Digital Medical Infrared Basal Thermometer for Infant, Baby, Kids, Child and Adults
Great Deal
Caroune rmometer for Fever Image
Caroune Thermometer for Fever, Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer Accurate and Fast Readings Forehead and Ear Integration for Baby, Kids and Adults with Fever Indicator
Paramed Digital Forehead and Ear Image
Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer by Paramed - Instant Scan Dual Function Baby Infrared Medical Thermometer - Backlight Display with Fever Alarm - Clinically Calibrated for Adult Kids Infant - 2019
simplife Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear Image
Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear Function, Digital Medical Infrared Body Temporal Basal Thermometer for Fever, for Kids, Children, Adults, Infants, Toddlers
AERZETIX Baby Thermometer Image
Baby Thermometer, Medical Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Fever, Infrared Digital Thermometer, Body/Surface/Room Temperature Reading Device with Fever Alarm for Babies, Kids, Adults, Toddlers
Mosen rmometer for Fever Ear Image
Mosen Thermometer for Fever Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Baby, Kid and Adult 4 Modes Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer for Body, Surface and Room
according to our criteria
98 %
in comparison
98 %
in comparison
94 %
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92 %
in comparison
91 %
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90 %
in comparison
90 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
86 %
in comparison
86 %
in comparison
  • Ear thermometer: Braun ThermoScan5 is gentle easy kids Find out wh...
  • Digital readings: The innovative pre-warmed tip ensures accurate te...
  • For kids forehead thermometers keep it sanitary
  • The essential thermometer IN every household - The perfect thermome...
  • Advanced medical technology - Our thermometer delivers a fast measu...
  • Intelligent fever alarm - The display will light up red if a fever ...
  • Dual Mode: Measuring temperature as forehead thermometer or ear the...
  • Reliability and Accurate: This digital infrared thermometer is equi...
  • Fast and Easy to use: Easy to use with the led display and One-butt...
  • Best choice OF family - Been clinically validated the safety and ac...
  • 4 IN 1 infrared thermometer - According to the infrared technology,...
  • Instant read thermometer - Press the measure button, and the result...
  • Dual Mode:Forehead and Ear thermometers The most practical one-stop...
  • Fast Reliable: Simple design, Only two buttons(START and mem) to op...
  • Reading Memory: Readings Retrieval-Store and recall the latest 20 r...
  • Dual Measurement Mode - Forehead Thermometer and Ear Thermometer In...
  • Rapid and Accurate Measurement - Two modes for one button only need...
  • Reliable and Guaranteed - No mercury allowing children to use fda a...
  • More functions IN on: Dual mode - forehead and ear function Gentle ...
  • Hassle free operation: Only one button operation Easy to read backl...
  • Unfailing accurate and fast reading thermometer: Memory recall of t...
  • Quick and easy -Taking temperature just press a key you will read t...
  • Reliable and accurate - Clinically tested and proven to be reliable...
  • Readings retrieval - Store and recall up to 20 readings You can rea...
  • Accurate and reliable: Approved by fda adopting the lastest infrare...
  • Professional 4 IN 1 function: Different from traditional thermomete...
  • Fast reading 35 sets OF memory: Our baby thermometer can save up t...
  • Best choice OF family - Been clinically validated the safety and ac...
  • 4 IN 1 infrared thermometer - According to the infrared technology,...
  • Instant read thermometer - Press the measure button, and the result...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Ear Thermometers

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Ear Thermometers Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 37.50 % (12 votes) Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer,Inf...
  • 34.38 % (11 votes) Braun Digital Ear Thermometer Suitable for Baby...
  • 15.62 % (5 votes) Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function ...
  • 6.25 % (2 votes) loverbeby Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead...
  • 3.12 % (1 votes) Clinical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function...
  • 3.12 % (1 votes) Best Medical Digital Ear Thermometer (Termometr...
  • 0 % (0 votes) ANKOVO Thermometer for Fever Digital Medical In...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer for Baby, K...

32 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best ear thermometer, click here to view the poll.

Ear Thermometer Buying Guide

Ear Thermometer Image
Picture: Digital Ear Thermometer from Braun

If someone in your home gets sick, it's essential for you to be able to keep a close eye on their temperature. For example, if someone runs a fever for three consecutive days, you may want to take them in to see their doctor. Also, fevers that reach 104 degrees and higher can cause seizures in young children and elderly people.

With so many different types of thermometers and brands available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. This is where we can help. Our buyer's guide will tell you everything you need to know about ear thermometers so you can pick out one that suits your situation quickly and easily.

Ear Thermometer Buying Guide

Ear thermometers are popular with doctors because your body's temperature control center or the hypothalamus and the eardrum share a blood supply. This makes ear thermometers very accurate, and it shows any core temperature changes quickly. They're also known as infrared thermometers.

Types of Ear Thermometers
Contact Thermometers
  • These types of ear thermometers measure the ear canal's temperature after you insert it. The tip can be slightly cold when you first put it in, and this can also throw your reading off. You can also use it on there forehead by holding it to one side and slowly gliding it over their forehead to the other side.
Non-Contact Thermometers
  • A non-contact thermometer takes a small learning curve to ensure that you're using it correctly. You usually line one or two red dots up to the person's ear canal or in the middle of their forehead and hold it there for a few seconds. The thermometer will signal that it's done and you can read the temperature. These can be difficult to use if the person doesn't sit still.
Benefits to Choosing an Ear Thermometer

This style of thermometer comes with several benefits that you can appreciate as you use it.


Your ear thermometer will monitor and reflect your core body temperature change a lot sooner than a rectal or oral thermometer would. This allows you to act quickly when you first start seeing signs of being sick. Because the ear and the brain share a close blood supply, you'll get a far higher accuracy rating.

Any measurements that you take from the forehead or under the arms represents the person's skin temperature. A person's skin temperature is much easier to influence. Things like the environment, sweat, or the room temperature can skew the results. The same goes for an oral thermometer. Cold or hot drinks can skew the final temperature reading.

Ease of Use

Most ear thermometer models are very easy to use. You simply place it in the ear canal and push a button. When the thermometer is finished, it'll usually beep or give an indication. The readout appears on the display, and it's usually a bright LED display so you can read it clearly.


If someone is sick, the last thing you want to do is spread their germs further. Most ear thermometers come with a disposable cap that slips over the end of the thermometer. You throw it in the garbage after each time you use the thermometer. If they don't come with these covers, you can wipe them down with alcohol wipes between uses.

Minimally Invasive

In general, ear thermometers are less invasive than rectal or oral thermometers. They also don't require you to remove your clothing like you have to when you use an axillary thermometer. They're also more comfortable to use, particularly for smaller children who may be nervous about the whole thing.

Tips for Picking out a Good Ear Thermometer

Now that you know why an ear thermometer could be a good investment, we'll look at a few things you want to keep in mind when you're shopping for your new ear thermometer.

Age and Temperature Warning Technology

As technology evolves, ear thermometers get more sophisticated. Some will now display your child's age group and tell you if their fever is dangerous in regards to their age. What might be considered a high fever for a small child can be considered a lower-grade fever for an adult.

Auto Shutoff

These thermometers run on batteries, and you can forget to shut them off after each use. This can lead to dead or dying batteries next time you go to use it. You can find ear thermometers with an automatic shutoff feature that powers down the device after a set period of inactivity. This will help to preserve the battery and ensure that your thermometer is ready to go when you need it.

Auto Stop Feature

Depending on the thermometer, it may beep to alert you that you're in the correct place to take an accurate temperature reading. This is important when you're learning how to use them because they do take a short while to get used to. This beeping can help to ensure you get the correct placement on the first try.

Backlit Display

Ideally, your thermometer should have a bright LED-backlit display, so it's easy for you to look at the readout and know what the temperature is. It helps to have larger numbers as well because this lets you see everything even in lower light conditions.

Fever Alert

You'll be able to find some thermometers that have a special beep or light to indicate that a person's temperature is over 99 degrees. If it doesn't make a noise, it might have a visual fever alert feature in the form of green, yellow, or red indicator lights that flash.

Insertion Guide

A lot of thermometers have a small line or mark to give you a good idea of how far you should stick the thermometer into someone's ear. This is very important because you don't want to accidentally hit the eardrum or injury the person when you're attempting to use the thermometer.


If your child has a fever for a few days, you want an easy way to look back and monitor which direction it's going. Some ear thermometers have built-in memory capabilities that can display the last few temperatures the device recorded when you push one of the buttons.

Response Time

An ear thermometer typically has a faster response time then you'd get with an oral or axillary thermometer. It's usually between 10 to 15 seconds from the time you insert the thermometer to the time you get a readout. If you have a younger child that doesn't want to sit still, this is extremely important to ensure that you get an accurate reading.

Safety Features

Some of these thermometers come with small removable parts and pieces including probe covers, protective case covers, detachable handles, and cases. These accessories could be a choking hazard for smaller children, so it's important that you keep it all together and out of reach.


The portion of the thermometer you insert into the person's ear or the tip should be a softer material. Ideally, the edges should also be slightly curved to help ensure that you don't accidentally scratch the inside of the ear canal when you're taking their temperature. If it's a softer material, it'll mold to the ear canal better.

This simple buyer's guide should give you a relatively good idea of the features you want to watch for when you're shopping for your new thermometer. Also, the benefits of this type of thermometer show you why it's a popular choice for many parents over more traditional thermometers.

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