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The 10 Best Food Delivery Bags of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Creative Green life
NZ home
Herculean Merchs
Etz Thermal
Nature's Wild
sulated Grocery Shopping
2 Pack-Gray
Free Extra Dividers
23''x 14''x 15''
2 Pack Insulated
Commercial Large Premium Food
85 Heavy Duty
Premium Insulated Food
Food Delivery Bag
(Extra Large 22'x14'x13')
Commercial Quality Food
Nylon Large Insulated
Creative Green life sulated Grocery Shopping Image
Insulated Grocery Shopping Bags (2 Pack-Gray), X-Large, Premium Quality Cooler Bag Set with Long Handles and Zipper Top. Reusable Tote for Warm or Cold Food, Freezer Items, Delivery
OrbitGreen Free Extra Dividers Image
Free Extra Dividers, Insulated Food Delivery Bag, Commercial Grade Food Delivery Bag, Reusable Catering Bag, (23''x 14''x 15''), Insulated Food Bags for Transport and Catering Services
NZ home 2 Pack Insulated Image
NZ Home 2 Pack Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags, Extra Large, Foldable, Stands Upright, Sturdy Zipper
Great Deal
Herculean Merchs Commercial Large Premium Food Image
Commercial Large Premium Food Delivery Bag w/Divider | Thermal Insulated to Keep Cold or Hot Food | Durable Heavy Duty | Ideal for Catering Transport, Groceries Carrier, Ubereats, Doordash, Grubhub
Etz Thermal 85 Heavy Duty Image
Etz Thermal 85 Heavy Duty Commercial Food Delivery Bag - XL Size w/Divider - Double Insulation & Thermal Liner Keeps Food Hot or Cold - Great for Catering, Groceries, Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub
KIBAGA Premium Insulated Food Image
Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bags Set of 2 - Waterproof Restaurant Delivery Bags 22" x 10" x 10" - Perfect Commercial Uber Eats and Doordash Food Warmer Bags to Bring Hot Food Home
Nature's Wild Food Delivery Bag Image
Food Delivery Bag - Premium Commercial Grade Made to accommodate Full Size Chafing Steam Trays - Thick Insulation Cooler Bags with Sturdy Padded Handles - Keeps Foods hot or Cold
Homevative (Extra Large 22'x14'x13') Image
Homevative (Extra Large 22'x14'x13') Nylon Insulated Food Delivery and Reusable Grocery Bag - For Catering, Restaurants, Delivery Drivers, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, Shipt, Instacart, and more.
Ateny Commercial Quality Food Image
Commercial Quality Food Delivery Bag 21.5" x12.5" x11" Extra Strength Zipper and Thick Insulation
Idea2go Nylon Large Insulated Image
Nylon Large Insulated Food Delivery Bag Black Food Packing Nylon Bag 16in x 13in x 9in(H) Quality Thermal Insulated Food Carry Bag for Food Delivery Companies; Perfect Pizza Delivery Bag
according to our criteria
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86 %
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  • Extra large - 16 x 13 x 9 Perfect for large family sized packages f...
  • Durable - Made from heavy weight 150 gsm non-woven cloth fabric alu...
  • Extra long handles - Featuring extra-long 150 gsm cloth handles so ...
  • Industrial grade insulation: Our insulated delivery bag has 2 layer...
  • Large capacity: Our food warmer bag is 23"l X 14"w X 15"h 20 gallon...
  • Usage: This catering bag is collapsible and portable making it the ...
  • Capacity - 16w x 13h x 9D Suitable For Larger Items Or Multiple Sma...
  • Durable - Refined Dual Slider Zipper And Reinforced No Tear Handles
  • Practical - Perfect Pair Of Shopping Bags For Women Or For Men
  • Built TO LAST】You will be delighted Herculean thermal bag only use ...
  • The herculean PROMISE】Herculean is the insulated grocery bag you we...
  • Keeping your food hot cold every TIME】Introducing the New HeatWave ...
  • Heavy duty extra large food delivery bag holds full sized chaffing ...
  • Side handles make transferring the Etz Thermal 85 commercial food d...
  • Removable insulated divider partition to keep food in place and bet...
  • Insulated food delivery bags 22"x10"x10 Set of 2 - Thick layer insu...
  • Insulated delivery bags - Perfect as picnic containers or for a res...
  • Insulated grocery bags - The insulated tote bag is very easy to car...
  • Perfectly sized thermal bag to hold up to 4 full size 4 inch steame...
  • High quality construction featuring 1/2 inch insulation complete wr...
  • Simplify food transport and catering delivery with a clear pouch fo...
  • Incredible Durability - Our food delivery bags are made with high g...
  • Multi-Functional - These bags are designed for caterers food delive...
  • Awesome Insulation and Rigidness - Our bags have a thick 3/4 layer ...
  • This bag is the perfect size for full-size steam table pans measuri...
  • A commercial grade thick zipper surrounds the top of the food bag f...
  • With an aluminum inside and an exterior made of polyester this bag ...
  • Thick insulation - Insulated delivery bags designed to maintain opt...
  • Capacity: 15x 13x 8 inches capacity is great for groceries parties ...
  • Perfect DESIGN PREMIUM quality materials: - The outside is durable ...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Food Delivery Bags

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Food Delivery Bags Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 29.41 % (10 votes) Food Delivery Bag: Multi-purpose | Lightweight ...
  • 23.53 % (8 votes) 2 Pack Collapsible Coolers 11 x 8 x 9 | Hot &am...
  • 20.59 % (7 votes) Food Delivery Bag - Premium Commercial Grade ma...
  • 14.71 % (5 votes) Kibaga Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bags 22&...
  • 8.82 % (3 votes) Resturant linen Insulated Nylon Food Delivery B...
  • 2.94 % (1 votes) Commercial Quality Food Delivery Bag 23" x...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Nylon Large Insulated Food Delivery Bag; 23in x...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Nylon Insulated Pizza / Food Delivery Bag 20&qu...

34 total votes.

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Food Delivery Bag Buying Guide

Food Delivery Bag Image
Picture: sulated Grocery Shopping from Creative Green life

A quality food delivery bag will maintain the food temperature as well as control moisture. By reducing moisture, these specially designed bags will keep your food from getting soggy and keep items fresh. They are a must when delivering deli trays, pizza, and food pans to your destination, and they can also be used to transport beer or soda cans in bulk to your event.


Delivering food from your kitchen to the customer can be a challenge without the right equipment. Pizza can get cold as well as shuffled around and sandwiches can fall apart. This is why having the proper bag to carrying food in is a must.

Delivery food bags can be used for several types of menu items, not just what they were designed for. Pizza delivery bags not only carry your pies, but they can be used for subs, wraps, wings, side orders, and Stromboli. Soft sided coolers work wonderfully when it comes to carrying bottles and cans as well as sub sandwiches, take out containers desserts, burgers, and casserole dishes.

Exterior Materials

You can get either a nylon or vinyl exterior on a food delivery bag. Both of these materials will be water resistant so that you can use them in any kind of weather. Nylon is more expensive, but it is breathable. That means it will keep food warm while still letting the steam escape. Releasing steam reduces condensation which means that your pizza crusts and other similar foods will remain crispy. Vinyl won’t breath as well as nylon. This means that your food will deteriorate quicker. They are less expensive though, so they may work well for short trips.


The main job of a food delivery bag is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. A well designed closure is crucial in obtaining this goal. The closure also helps keep the food in place during transport and allows you to pack up quickly. There are three main types of closure to pick from; hook and loop, zipper, and side release buckle closures.

Hook and loop closures include two components. They have a rough hook side along with a softer loop side. The hooks will connect with the loops when placed together to form a solid closure. They are inexpensive and provide a good hold. Zipper closures include a heavy duty zipper that slides to open and close the bag. Zippers provide the most secure closing. Side release buckles can easily be used with only one hand. You simply squeeze the sides of the buckle to release its hold. Buckles are ideal for fast paced deliveries.

Interior Materials

Interiors materials used in food delivery bags include nylon and PVC. Nylon is water resistant for the most part, and it keeps foods protected from the elements. They breathe nicely, and they will reduce condensation and steam that can make foods soggy. PVC won’t allow any moisture in or out. This means they are leak proof and any messes will remain contained inside of the bag. They are easy to clean, but they won’t breath as well as a nylon interior will.

Foam Insulation

The foam insulation in a food delivery bag is what actually keeps your foods hot or cold. It is placed between the exterior and interior material to maintain the inside temperature. Most foam insulated layers are between one and two inches thick.

The foam insulation can be open or closed cell. Closed sell foam may be more expensive, but it will insulate better. It is also heavier and more rigid than open cell foam. Open cell foam costs less, easily compresses, and is light weight which makes it ideal for many food delivery situations. Closed cell foam is less common when it comes to food delivery bags.

In addition to choosing between open or closed cell insulation you can pick from three types of foam. Polyvinyl Chloride Foam (PVC) is an inexpensive, durable material available in both a hard and soft version. Food delivery bags usually use the soft foam. It is quite flexible and resistant to grease, oils, and chemicals. Polyurethane foam (PU) is a durable, resilient, and flexible material that is also breathable due to the open cell design. It is mildew resistant and does not hold odors. Polyester foam is similar to PU foam, but it has a higher tensile strength which makes it cut resistant.

Bag Configurations

Food delivery bags come in two basic styles; top loading or end loading. Top loading bags are ideal for catering. They make it easy to carry stacked containers. You can place deli trays, food pans, take out containers, and beverages on top of one another inside of the bag. Simply close the top, and you are ready to go. End loading bags are most often used for pizza delivery. Items are slid in from the end of the bag, and then they are secured with a hook and loop or zipper closure. They easily hold multiple pizza boxes as well as deli trays.

Additional Features

You will want to look for a food delivery bag with heavy stitching. This helps prevent rips and tears along the seams, and it is found on most commercial grade bags. Many delivery bags will also include a transparent ID window. This see through pocket can hold coupons, menus, receipts, business cards, and order tickets. This can help you ensure accurate order delivery as well as increase your advertising capabilities.

Some food delivery bags will feature interior metal racks. These are ideal for high volume pizza delivery. They can be quite a bit bulkier than other bags, but the racks can make delivery service much more efficient. Another option would be interior aluminum runners that can support pans during travel. Food pans are easily slid in and out on the runners from an end loading bag. Look for bags with reinforced handles to ensure safe and reliable transport of food.

Wrist straps on the bottom of a bag allow you to hold it like a tray and help avoid spills and drops. They are often found on hard bottom bags. Hard bottoms also provide stability to the carrier. Another nice safety feature is reflective strips that are applied to the bag so that delivery people are more visible at night.

Many food delivery bags have convenience features like storage loops that allow you to hang the bag up rather than stacked on the floor when not in use. Exterior pockets are perfect for separating hot items from cold ones, and Hawking openings give you quick access to the bag’s contents without affecting the temperature inside.


Food delivery bags come in a variety of sizes that range from small, single serving bags to large full sized food pan carriers. Think about what you plan to use the bag for before making a final decision. If you will simply be delivering one single meal, a small sandwich size bag will be adequate. An insulated deli tray bag will hold one single food pan nicely while a half size food pan carrier can hold up to three pans stacked on top of each other.

If you often find yourself bringing along sandwich buns, a full size bun/sheet pan delivery bag works nicely. It can also be used for sheet cakes. Those that are using their food delivery bag for large catering events will be happier with the larger full sized end loading bags that hold anywhere from three to seven food pans at one time or a top load full size food pan carrier that is large enough for five pans.

Insulated food delivery bags are a must for anyone transporting large quantities of food on a regular basis. Consider what types of food you will be carrying as well as the size of containers the food will be in before making a final purchase. With so many options available, it is easy to find one that is perfect for your exact needs.

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Conclusion for this Food Delivery Bag Buying Guide in January 2019

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