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The 10 Best Gun Cleaning Kits of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Hoppes, Westlake Market
No. 9 Gun Bore
1-Pint Bottle
Universal Gun Cleaning
Pistol, Revolver
Gun Bore Cleaner and
Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
Universal Hand Gun
Universal Handgun Cleaning
Hoppes Cleaning Kit
Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
106pc Universal Gun Cleaning
Gun Cleaning Kit
Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Image
Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent, 1-Pint Bottle
Falko Universal Gun Cleaning Image
Universal Gun Cleaning Kit for All Guns - Handgun (Pistol, Revolver), Shotgun and Rifle Cleaning Kit - Sturdy Brass Tips
Hoppes, Westlake Market Gun Bore Cleaner and Image
Gun Bore Cleaner and Lubricating Oil with 40 Patches for .38, 9mm, .40, .44 and .45 Caliber Handguns / Pistols Made in USA
GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Image
GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Rifle Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit for All Guns with Case Travel Size Portable Metal Brushes
Champs Universal Hand Gun Image
Champs Universal Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot Gun Cleaning Kit
BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Image
BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning kit .22.357.38,9mm.45 Caliber Pistol Cleaning Kit Bronze Bore Brush and Brass Jag Adapter
Bushnell Hoppes Cleaning Kit Image
Hoppes Cleaning Kit - Compact Size for Range Bags - Includes Gun Bore Cleaner and Hoppes Gun Oil Bundled with 40 Hoppes Gun Cleaning Patches for 9mm .38 to .45cal and .410 to 20ga
IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Image
IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Supplies with Gun Cleaning Mat Rifle Pistol Handgun Shotgun Brushes Patches Bottles Brass Rods Jags Mops Slotted Tips Carrying Case for Hunting Shooting
XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Image
XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit BRASS Rifle Pistol Handgun Shotgun Firearm Cleaner Service Kit
FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Image
FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies for Hunting Rilfe Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit for All Guns with Case (G2)
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  • Ultra effectiveness
  • Safe and easy to Use
  • Child proof cap
  • Strong Brass Parts: Our slotted tips jags and rods are made of bras...
  • Everything you need: nice variety of gun cleaning supplies We inclu...
  • Rifle and Handgun Cleaning: 17 22 (22lr/.223) 270(7mm) 30 (30 06 30...
  • 2 oz Hoppes No 9 Cleaner Solution - The most universally used solve...
  • 2 oz Hoppes No 9 Lubricating Oil - High viscosity oil refined to pe...
  • 40-50 High Quality Westlake Market Cotton Patches for Cleaning Gun
  • All-in-one: Universal cleaning accessory kit for used for all types...
  • No Cheap Plastic: all our slotted tips and cleaning jags are made o...
  • Helpful Portable: Keep your guns performing at their best by utili...
  • Durable high quality: Made with top quality brass cleaning brush a...
  • Various caliber cleaner: Come with 10 different caliber brass made ...
  • Wide support caliber: Support 10/12ga 20/28ga 410 45cal 40cal 357/3...
  • Zippered Compact Padded Case: Keeps everything neatly organized; Ho...
  • Gun Cleaning Supplies Includes: 22Cal 357Cal./.38Cal./9MM 40Cal and...
  • Quality 10.5 Handgun Cleaning Rod: 2 Piece brass cleaning rods thre...
  • 2.25 oz Lubricating Oil (Model 1003): High-viscosity oil refined to...
  • 2 oz Gun Bore Cleaner (Model 902): The most widely used remover of ...
  • 40 count original superior quality cotton patches (Model 1204): For...
  • Universal gun cleaning kit contains supplies for all kinds of guns ...
  • Universal pistol rifle and shotgun cleaning kit also includes a cle...
  • Gun Cleaning Accessories Built to Last - The gun cleaning rods and ...
  • 2 Universal Handles - 5 Mops To Fit 10/12 Gauge 20/28 Gauge 410 357...
  • Solid Brass Adaptors For Shotgun Mops/Brushes And Rifle/Pistol Brus...
  • 2 Plastic Slotted Tips For Shotguns And Rifle/Pistols
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Kit.This durable case can be used to clean a...
  • Gun cleaning accessories.You'll get 3 solid brass rods for 17-.270 ...
  • Built to last The accessory adapters and cleaning rods are made of ...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Gun Cleaning Kits

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Gun Cleaning Kits Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 31.58 % (12 votes) Sage and Braker Mercantile Gun Cleaning Kits, ....
  • 28.95 % (11 votes) Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Cleaning Patch, .38-.45 Calib...
  • 18.42 % (7 votes) Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - 32 Pieces Brass Ti...
  • 10.53 % (4 votes) Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit – for ....
  • 5.26 % (2 votes) XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit ...
  • 5.26 % (2 votes) 1210503 Out 28-pc Uni Gun Wd Clean Box from Outers
  • 0 % (0 votes) GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Ri...
  • 0 % (0 votes) DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care...

38 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best gun cleaning kit, click here to view the poll.

Gun Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

Gun Cleaning Kit Image
Picture: No. 9 Gun Bore from Hoppe's

Owning a firearm comes with great responsibility. Part of that responsibility is keeping your guns clean. A gun cleaning kit is a convenient way to obtain all the cleaning items you need in one package. These portable kits can accompany you to the firing range or the hunting camp.

The Purpose of a Gun Cleaning Kit

A kit is a must for the maintenance of any firearm. From handguns to rifles, firearms have a large number of parts that can function poorly when not kept clean. A cleaning kit provides tools and oils that will remove debris and residue that accumulate with regular use.

Cleaning helps to prevent misfires. It also helps to reveal worn components on your firearm that may require replacement. A kit seeks to provide all the tools you need to accomplish maintenance in one convenient package.

Kits are economical because they contain a large number of parts that would be expensive to purchase separately. A kit also has the added advantage of keeping cleaning items like rods secure in order to prevent damage.

Items in a Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun cleaning kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most useful ones will have a number of things in common, starting with a case which holds all of the tools. Many cases are made of aluminum, but some may be made of stronger material. The average weight of a kit is a little over three pounds. Kits typically measure about 1' X 1' and are approximately two inches deep. Their compact size makes them easy to carry or store.

Brass rods are one of the most important elements of a kit. You'll want to look for a kit that has a two rods, one for cleaning shotguns and one for cleaning pistols and rifles. The next most important thing to have is a selection of cotton swabs. These swabs are attached to the brass rods for cleaning a gun's barrel.

Swabs come in sizes that correspond to the various caliber sizes of firearms. A good kit will have swabs for 12, 20, and 410 gauge shotguns in addition to swabs for .22, .243, .270, and .30 caliber rifles. Finally, swabs are needed for handguns in the .38-.357 caliber range.

The more swabs you have, the more types of guns you will be able to clean. The individual should consider the different types of guns in their collection before making a decision to purchase. There are also kits available which are specifically designed for handguns, and ones designed for rifles and shotguns.

Other items one can expect to find in a gun cleaning kit are polishing cloths, muzzle guards, plastic jags, and accessory adapters. Cleaning patches are also a common feature. Gun oil is not provided in most kits and must be purchased separately.

A very few kits also provide a mat on which to work. A mat can be very useful, especially when cleaning at home. It can prevent gun oil from damaging a work surface.

Who Needs a Gun Cleaning Kit?

Anyone that owns a firearm will benefit from having a cleaning kit. Even those who rarely shoot will need to perform basic cleaning from time to time. With that being said, there are a few groups for which cleaning accessories are a must.

First among these is the hunter/sportsman. Hunters use their firearms more often than most other gun owners, especially in the fall and winter. Cleaning before and after hunting season will help to protect a firearm and keep it free from rust and other problems.

Hunters encounter a variety of situations that pose risks to their firearms. One of the biggest risks is moisture. Guns can collect moisture in the barrel and other areas. This leads to rust when a gun is not oiled and cleaned.

The law enforcement professional will also benefit from their own gun cleaning kit. While some agencies may provide cleaning materials, many departments require officers to be responsible for the maintenance of their own service weapons. The gun instructor should also invest in kits, especially if they operate a range were guns are rented to shooters.

Gun Cleaning Kits for Sportsmen

Kits for sportsmen and hunters usually focus on the inclusion of items for rifles and shotguns. These individuals will want to be certain that the kit they choose has items for every caliber they own. Different swabs are required for shotguns and rifles of different calibers.

It is possible to purchase kits which are housed in camouflaged cases. These cases appeal to hunters. Hunters also tend to prefer a small kit because it is easier to transport.

Gun Cleaning Kits for Shooting Enthusiasts

Shooting enthusiasts and owners of a single handgun will find a smaller kit to be sufficient. These small kits will generally provide one rod for cleaning pistols, and they will have a limited number of cleaning swabs. It may even be possible to purchase a kit for a gun of a specific caliber.

Most individuals in this category will be cleaning their firearms at home, so it is not necessary to have a portable kit. Some larger kits will also offer mats and diagrams which are provided to assist in the cleaning process.

  • Owning a kit supplies all the cleaning supplies you need
  • Firearm cleaning requires special tools found in a kit
  • Kits are portable and convenient
  • Kits are more economical than buying items separately
  • May not be worthwhile for owners of a single firearm
  • Some tools require instruction to use properly

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Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews & Additional Articles

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