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The 5 Best Hand Fish Finders of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
iBobber Bundle
PRO+ Smart Sonar
Sonar Fish Finder Portable,
iBobber Wireless Bluetooth
PRO Smart Portable Sonar
Digital Handheld Sonar
Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Image
Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing
OUTAD Sonar Fish Finder Portable, Image
OUTAD Sonar Fish Finder Portable, Smart Hand Fishfinder / Depth Finders / Tackle Fishes / Fish Pusher Finder Detector with Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer and Backlight Display
Great Deal
iBobber Bundle iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Image
iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Android devices & Dr. Meter PS01 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale (Bundle)
Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar Image
Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar - Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Kayak and Ice Fishing
MarCum Digital Handheld Sonar Image
MarCum Digital Handheld Sonar
according to our criteria
93 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
85 %
in comparison
76 %
in comparison
  • Versatile wireless castable fish finder for avid anglers with an em...
  • Find fish and hot-spots faster See fish location their size and sus...
  • Built-in gps enables you to create bathymetric maps from the shore ...
  • Ideal Marine Tool for Fishermen - outad Portable Fish Finder can he...
  • Portable Fish Finder - 4.6 x 2.6 x 1.2inch Fishfinder practical and...
  • Easy to take - Anti-slip Ergonomic design with a rope you can take ...
  • IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Android de...
  • 1 x iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Androi...
  • Patented sonar fish identifier technology - led beacon - Rechargeab...
  • Versatile wireless castable fish finder for avid anglers with an em...
  • Find fish and hot-spots faster See fish location their size and sus...
  • Casts up to 330ft and scans down to 260ft It operates with dual bea...
  • 2,500-watts power
  • 20 hours of continuous runtime
  • Automatic Shut-Off extends battery life
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Hand Fish Finders

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Hand Fish Finders Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 21.88 % (7 votes) (PROcise Package) 22.5 Dek-it Boat Fish Finder ...
  • 21.88 % (7 votes) Pelagic Women's Fish Finder Bikini Top, Fishfin...
  • 18.75 % (6 votes) HawkEye H22FX Handheld Sonar System from Norcross
  • 18.75 % (6 votes) Lucky Digital Wireless 45m Sonar Wrist Fish Fin...
  • 15.62 % (5 votes) EletecPro Waterproof Fish Finder Underwater Fis...
  • 3.12 % (1 votes) TIANG Portable 7inch Fish Finder/LCD HD Fish Fi...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Eyoyo 3.5 Inch Video Fishing Camera DVR Fish Fi...
  • 0 % (0 votes) iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder fo...

32 total votes.

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Hand Fish Finder Buying Guide

Hand Fish Finder Image
Picture: PRO+ Smart Sonar from Deeper

Nature gives fish a natural advantage in vast waters where human eyes cannot see, but a handheld fish finder helps even the odds. A very handy item to use on shore, dock or pier, in a small boat or kayak, on ice or in any floating conveyance, a portable or castable unit provides the same efficiency and convenience of devices that mount on boats. The designs offer more opportunities for use than those that must remain with a boat, and they can go on camping trips where fishing can offer a delightful adventure in the outdoors and fresh air. The sophisticated devices provide knowledge about the location of fish in almost any body of water. Some portable models can mount temporarily on a boat to provide another level of use.

Enhancing the Fishing Experience

A handheld unit assesses water depth, detects fish in the area and describes the condition on a lake, river or ocean bottom. With the ability to transform fishing from a passive activity into an interesting and participative sport, a handheld fish detector can provide unexpected levels of excitement and joy. While casting a line from a shore, pier or dock has typically relied on chance and a hope that fish can find the bait, the technological devices change the procedure and increase the potential for producing results. The finder locates fish and creates a target that makes randomly casting around unnecessary. Almost everyone has played a sport that requires hitting a bullseye, and the challenge becomes easier when they can see a target. No archery or riflery competition ever requires a shooter to guess the location of the bullseye. A handheld fish finder does the same thing for anglers by locating the spot where a cast needs to land. The success rate of hitting the target increases dramatically when a fisherman can put the hook, line, sinker asnd bait where the fish can find them.

Understanding the Options

Advanced technology provides remarkable capabilities for locating fish with unprecedented accuracy. Computer engineering, when applied to fish finders, offers opportunities to see a visual representation of the aspects of fishing that make it a challenging sport. The entry of portable and castable models into the market that once included only mountable units opens the way for everyone to enjoy the activity with or without a boat.

• Portable Devices

As the traditional style that preceded the castable models, portable fish finders have a small screen, a transducer, a rechargeable battery and a plastic base for mounting. Most manufacturers include a nylon carrying case that holds the components. Their use on small boats provides excellent results on land or sea.

• Castable Devices

The availability and popularity of the smartphone can enable owners to use it as a link to a floating transponder on the water. As a new iteration of handheld fish finders, the castable units can work efficiently from a shore, pier or dock as well as on a boat.

Understanding How They Work

Anyone who has ever heard an echo already knows how a fish finder works. A human voice emits sound waves that return when they bounce off an object, and the SONAR in fish finders does the same thing underwater. The devices measure the amount of time that it takes for its sound waves to bounce off the lake or river bottom or the fish that they detect. The handheld fish finder interprets the results that it receives as an underwater echo. The units display the findings on a screen as numbers, objects that represent fish or as bottom contours.

• Transducer

The devices use SONAR technology to locate fish, and they can attach temporarily to the underside of a vessel or may float on the water with a supporting collar. Most anglers know that fish occupy depths greater than 10 feet, and some choose to mount the device on a pole that can extend into the water. The transducer must have an unimpeded view of the body of water, and it cannot work from within a container of any kind. With practice, an owner can learn to read the symbols on the display screen to assess the water’s depth and the location of a fish or a school as well as a sandy or obstructed bottom. Submarines use similar technology to locate other ships with pinpoint accuracy.

A fish finder can provide valuable information from a shore, dock or pier. By learning the habits of fish, an owner can detect their favorite locations. Small fish tend to seek protection behind sunken trees, logs and rocks, and big fish go there to find them. A fish detector can reveal the objects that attract small as well as big fish along with the depth of their location. To use a device from a shore or pier, an owner needs to throw a floating transducer into the water at intervals of about five feet to get the best results.

Interpreting the Screen Display

The symbols that manufacturers use on their screen displays may vary, but they share a common goal of providing at least three kinds of information. The results include water depth, the approximate location of fish and the condition of the weeds, sand, rocks and sunken objects on the bottom. Features that enhance the operation of the screen display may include backlight, depth in feet or meters, fish alarm and more. Hand fish finders require batteries for power, and some displays feature those that have a save mode. With the ability to scan depths of 5 to 300 feet or more, the devices can present a description of a lake, river, gulf or ocean. Most transducers provide a cable of about 25 feet and a removable float that supports them in the water.

Some models offer sophisticated features that can present near-photographic images instead of symbols. With the capability to zoom or pan an image, some devices can allow an owner to examine specific areas in detail. High-frequency SONAR can offer efficiencies that less powerful devices cannot equal. The detailed depiction of objects in the water and the fish population simplify the process of locating a target area. Potential owners may base a purchasing decision on the size as well as the efficiency of a unit. Manufacturers produce 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch screens, and some models have dedicated buttons for a keyed interface. A tip that can help beginning anglers learn to use the features of a hand fish finder is a markable map. It can indicate brush piles and stumps where fish may hide to avoid an ambush by larger fish. Some units include an audible alarm when rhey detect fish in an area, and many models feature a backlit screen that lets owners use them at night.

Reviewing the Features

When considering a purchase of a handheld fish finder, owners have options to consider from competing manufacturers. Preferences for devices that can produce results in a range of physical as well as climatic conditions may affect a purchasing decision. Some critical factors to consider and evaluate include the ability to do these functions:

• detection of fish in fresh or salt water • indication of fish location and depth • depiction of fish size and groups • signs of sand, rocks, logs, stumps or sand on the bottom • audible alarms for depth and fish • zoom and panning capability at specified depths • resistance to interference from lake bottom grasses • alerts for battery power • built-in memory for settings • auto-off switch

Comparing Warranty Terms and Customer Service

While most units work perfectly, potential owners may choose to compare warranty terms among manufacturers. Most companies offer a limited warranty against defects that applies when owners use the finders according to directions. Customer service terms can help new owners know when to call for advice or instruction on using the units.

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