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The 10 Best Headrest DVD Players of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
2019 New 11.6 Inch 1080P
RDP711-BK 7" Black Car
Car DVD Player
10.1 Inch Car Headrest
10.1 Inch HD Digital Multimedia
Headrest DVD Player
Black 2X Twin Car
2 x 9 Inch
RTSVD961-BK 9 Black Touchscreen
New RDP931-BG 9 Beige
Eonon 2019 New 11.6 Inch 1080P Image
2019 New 11.6 Inch 1080P HD Digital Multimedia Monitor Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player, Eonon Headrest Monitors with HDMI Port and Remote Control USB and SD-L0318
Rockville RDP711-BK 7
Rockville RDP711-BK 7" Black Car Headrest Monitors w/DVD Player/USB/HDMI+Games
NAVISKAUTO Car DVD Player with Inhalation Drive Support Sync Screen, AV in & Out, USB SD, Last Memory
PUMPKIN 10.1 Inch Car Headrest Image
PUMPKIN 10.1 Inch Car Headrest DVD Player with Free Headphone, Support 1080P Video, HDMI Input, AV in Out, Region Free, USB SD
Vk 10.1 Inch HD Digital Multimedia Image
10.1 Inch HD Digital Multimedia Monitor Super-thin Car Headrest Dvd Player With Ir headphone and HDMI Port and Remote Control USB And SD
AUTOWINGS Headrest DVD Player Image
Headrest DVD Player for Car Backseat Video Monitor Auto Rear Seat Entertainment System Touch Screen HD 1080P with DVD USB SD IR Wireless Headphones
XTRONS Black 2X Twin Car Image
XTRONS Black 2X Twin Car headrest DVD player 9" HD Touch Screen with FM Game Disc Mp3 IR Headphones
XTRONS 2 x 9 Inch Image
XTRONS 2 x 9 Inch Pair Car Headrest DVD Player HD Digital Adjustable Touch Screen 1080P Video Auto Games HDMI Version Black IR Headphones
Rockville RTSVD961-BK 9 Black Touchscreen Image
Rockville RTSVD961-BK 9 Black Touchscreen DVD/HDMI Headrest Monitors+Headphones
Rockville New  RDP931-BG 9 Beige Image
New Rockville RDP931-BG 9 Beige Car DVD/USB/HDMI Headrest Monitors+Video Games
according to our criteria
92 %
in comparison
91 %
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89 %
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88 %
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86 %
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85 %
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83 %
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83 %
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82 %
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81 %
in comparison
  • Big Screen】If you want to buy two l0318 dvd Players, You can buy as...
  • More Fun】Shopping Carnival Warming Up for Primday We Will Start the...
  • Three Ways to Listen Better】You choose how to listen to your music ...
  • Rockville rdp711-bk 7 Black dvd/USB/SD car headrest monitors with i...
  • 7 high resolution monitors
  • One Front Loading dvd Player rdp711-bk Rdp71 One a/V unit rdp711-bk...
  • 3s Auto Load Discs】Extremely easy for adult on front seat or kids o...
  • Order 2 to Sync Screen Playback】Share same movie by aux cable (in t...
  • Upgraded Mount Bracket (not Headrest Straps)】Super easy stable mou...
  • 1080p Region Free Headrest dvd Player for Car】: This In Car Headres...
  • Multifunctional Car Headrest Monitor】: hdmi input function allows y...
  • Car dvd Player with Front Clamshell and Bottom speakers Design】: Th...
  • 10.1"Flip type headrest dvd with usb port sd slot, wireless games, ...
  • Special Features: DVD Player cd Player, CD-R, CD-RW, FM Transmitter...
  • Built-in FM transmitter can send the Audio signal from the headrest...
  • Headrest dvd Player for car: Use both in car or at home Enjoy Your ...
  • With Suction Type Optical Drive: the dvd player will load the disc ...
  • Sync Screen Touch Screen: Two same dvd players can be connected to...
  • A pair of headphones Included(Black Blue) New Car Headrest dvd(3 Co...
  • May not be compatible for vehicles with Active headrest systems
  • Touch Screen Security Cover with Zipper
  • The package includes 2pcs car headrest dvd and 2pcs New Version Bla...
  • Built-in hdmi Port Supports 1080p Video Slot Load Region Free dvd D...
  • 9 HD Digital Touch Screen Adjustable Angle 30 Supports 8Bit 32Bits...
  • Package: Rockville rtsvd961-bk 9 Black Touchscreen Dual dvd/usb/hdm...
  • Rockville rtsvd961-bk 9 Black Touchscreen Dual dvd/hdmi Car Headres...
  • Region Free Front Loading dvd Player in Each Headrest dvd dvdr/rw c...
  • Rockville rdp931-bg Car Headrest Monitors w Video Games 9 High Reso...
  • 800 x 480 Screen Resolution 16:9 (Wide Screen) or 4:3 (Letterbox) S...
  • Built-in FM transmitter for wireless audio playback through vehicle...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Headrest DVD Players

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Headrest DVD Player Would You Buy Online? (September 2018)

  • 40 % (16 votes) NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Tablet-Style Car Headrest...
  • 30 % (12 votes) Rockville RDP711-BK 7” Black Car Headrest Monit...
  • 17.50 % (7 votes) NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Dual Screen DVD Player Ul...
  • 10 % (4 votes) Eonon C1100A 10.1 Inch Headrest DVD Player, Hea...
  • 2.50 % (1 votes) XTRONS Black 2X Twin Car headrest DVD player 9&...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Headrest DVD Player for Car Can Use Both in Car...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Universal Car Headrest Mount Monitor - 9.4 Inch...
  • 0 % (0 votes) 10.1 Inch HD Digital Multimedia Monitor Super-...

40 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best headrest dvd player, click here to view the poll.

Headrest DVD Player Buying Guide

Headrest DVD Player Image
Picture: 2019 New 11.6 Inch 1080P from Eonon

Headrest DVD Player Buying Guide

Why a Headrest DVD Player Over Other Options?

There are five options for car DVD players -- headrest DVD players, in-dash DVD players, rearview mirror DVD players, flip-down DVD players, and portable DVD players. Headrest DVD players are mounted behind both the driver and front passenger seats. The in-dash DVD players and rearview mirror DVD players are mounted in the view of the driver, so using these for entertainment could be distracting to the driver. The flip-down DVD players attach to the roof in the second row seating area. They are larger than headrest DVD players and could be in the way in smaller cars. With portable DVD players, if you do not leave them in the car then you have to remember to bring them with you, otherwise your children will be disappointed. In addition, someone will have to hold the portable DVD player, and it will have to be durable because it could easily be dropped. For all these reasons, we recommend purchasing a headrest DVD player to entertain passengers.

Type of Headrest DVD Players

Headrest DVD players are available in three types -- cut and patch, plug and play, or hanging.

Cut and patch headrest DVD players are installed in the existing headrest. The headrest needs to be cut so that the headrest DVD player fits into the headrest. An outer frame is provided to cover the cut edge on the headrest.

The plug and play headrest DVD players include a headrest that replaces your car's original headrest. The included headrests are adjustable and available in a variety of colors. The replacement headrest may not be as large as the original headrest and may not match the car’s upholstery. In some instances, the plug and play headrest DVD player may not fit in your car.

The flat screen hanging headrest DVD players are portable and use 12-volt batteries. Some provide the hardware needed to hang them while for others the hardware is sold separately.

Audio Quality

Whether you use the DVD player for music, video, or to play games, you want to be sure that it provides a powerful, quality audio output. Most DVD players will offer 4 x 45-watt audio, and that is good sound quality. but if it is built-in, you can improve the sound quality by having external amplifiers. It is similar to using the built-in audio on your television or adding a home theater stereo system.

Screen Size and Resolution

Most car DVD players offer 7- to 10-inch screens with various pixel resolution. Higher resolution screens offer better image quality. A good resolution would be 1024 x 768 pixels.

Format Compatibility

As you consider various headrest DVD players, determine their audio, video, and image format compatibility. Do they play DVD-R and DVD-RW discs? Can they play the movies you already have?

When comparing audio formats, consider whether the headrest DVD player compatible with CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 formats. The more formats that are compatible with a headrest DVD player the better.

GPS Function

Some car DVD players offer GPS navigation with a map and verbal directions. This feature is more useful on in-dash car DVD players where the driver can pull off the road and use it. This feature is not as important for headrest DVD players.

Self-Contained or Integrated

The DVD player, an LCD screen, and either speakers or another audio output are included in self-contained units, and you only have to connect them to a power source.

Integrated headrest DVD players can be connected to other audio and video devices requiring some additional wiring. Connecting them to a DVD head unit makes it possible for everyone to watch the same thing or for some passengers to watch something different and to listen on headphones.

USB and Memory Card Connectivity

Another consideration is whether the DVD player provides a USB port or a memory card slot. If a car DVD player includes an SD memory card slot, it provides you with the ability to play a lot of movies and music that you have saved to the memory card.

Power Source and Battery Life

Having a headrest DVD player that uses rechargeable batteries reduces the need to connect to your automobile's power source. Generally, portable DVD players will plug into your cigarette lighter, so be sure to compare the power source and battery life of headrest DVD players. Battery life can be as little as two hours. A six or seven hour battery life would be our recommendation.

Remote Control or Touch Screen Control

You can choose to purchase a car DVD player with a remote control or a touch screen control. Touch screen controls eliminate the issue of having the separate control in the car and offers better control features.

Additional Accessories Required

An additional consideration is what accessories are included with the headrest DVD player and what accessories are sold separately. Some of the accessories that you will need to purchase if they are not included are an RCA cable, an ISO wiring harness, other wires, headphones, a TV tuner, a GPS antenna, and brackets.

If you need to shop for headphones, be sure you know what type of headphones you need. First, does the DVD player have a headphone jack to connect the headphones or does it use wireless headphones? If it uses wireless headphones, are they Bluetooth, RF, or infrared?


Your available budget will influence the features that you select. However, if a feature is really important to you, consider all your options before you settle on a less expensive headrest DVD player that does not include that feature. Don't forget to include the cost of installation in your budget.


Now that you have learned about all the features available on headrest DVD players, you are ready to compare the various headrests DVD players and select the one that is best for your family.

Your Opinion Matters!


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Conclusion for this Headrest DVD Player Buying Guide in July 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our headrest dvd player comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with headrest dvd player in 2019.

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