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Hello, I'm Gregor and I put this site together. At first, you'll find an overview of recommended ionic foot spas, followed by a public poll and a general buying guide on ionic foot spa. Further down on this page, we do link to other well-written articles and reviews about ionic foot spas. At last, you'll be able to weight in your own opinion in the comments section.

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The 10 Best Ionic Foot Spas of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Cell Spa
Cell Spa
Detox Foot
Portable Ionic Detox Foot
Dual Ionic Ion
Negative Hydrogen System
10 Liners Premium Holiday Gift
Professional Cell Spa
Belt Chi
Dual User Foot Bath
2 Stainless Steel Arrays
Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine
Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA
2 Arrays by Healcity
Ionic Foot Bath Detox
ION BALANCE  Detox Foot Image
ION BALANCE Ionic Detox Foot spa Bath Chi Cleanse Unit for Home Use with Free Foot Basin and 2 Super Duty Arrays by Better Health Company Free Regain Health & Vitality Booklet & Brochure!
vitaciti Portable Ionic Detox Foot Image
Vitaciti Portable Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine with Large Tub, Two Arrays, Tub Liners
Great Deal
Cell Spa Dual Ionic Ion Image
Cell Spa, Dual Ionic Ion Detox Aqua Foot Spa Chi Cleanse Machine with Mp3 Music Player
Healcity Negative Hydrogen System Image
Healcity Negative Hydrogen System Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA Machine with Tub Basin 2 Arrays 10 Liners Premium Holiday Gift
Vitaciti Professional Cell Spa Image
Vitaciti Professional Cell Spa, Ionic Ion Detox Aqua Foot Spa Chi Cleanse Machine with Far Infrared Belt,Two Ion Cleanse Arrays
Cell Spa  Belt Chi Image
Cell Spa, Fir Belt Chi Ionic Ion Detox Machine Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse
AW Dual User Foot Bath Image
AW Dual User Foot Bath Machine Ionic Detox Foot Spa Cell Cleanse Machine LCD with 2 Stainless Steel Arrays
Healcity Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine Image
Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine System Negative Hydrogen by Healcity With Far Infrared Belt, Two Ion Cleanse Arrays
Healcity Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA Image
Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA Machine Negative Hydrogen System Plus Panel Control + Massage Tub Basin 2 Arrays by Healcity
Zinger Ionic Foot Bath Detox Image
Zinger Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine,Dual-User Aqua Chi Ion Detox Foot Bath Cleanse System with Music.
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  • New stronger portable blue automatic detox foot spa just got better
  • Includes 2 super duty arrays 1/4 lb bag of Celtic Sea Salt Controll...
  • Pre-programmed and Easy to Use with the Push of a Button 110v system
  • 1 portable ionic detox foot bath:a portable Mini-Ion detoxifier non...
  • 2.easy TO CARRY: Mini Round Host,30 minutes preprogrammed setting y...
  • 3.notable FUNCTIONS: Enhance immune system, balance blood sugar, ba...
  • 2 Arrays
  • Mp3 Feature
  • 1.a Ion Spa Detox Foot Spa System for Home Use The main advantage o...
  • 2.Our Ionic Cell Detox Digital Foot Spa is suitable for family indi...
  • 3.Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Size: 48 x 38 x 15 cm
  • 1 professional ionic detox foot bath: Detoxification instrument use...
  • 2.wide scope OF APPLICATION: Our Ion Foot Detox Machine is suitable...
  • 3.notable FUNCTIONS: Enhance immune system, balance blood sugar, ba...
  • Professional detoxification system with multi detox function
  • Helps with total body purification
  • Detoxification effects better
  • Dual-user unit - can serve 1 to 2 people at a time; Concise design ...
  • Multifunction - relax yourself by foot bath or the waist belt; Dual...
  • CE certificated machine; High quality array - made of stainless ste...
  • 1.Single-user Negative Hydrogen ionic detox foot bath machine with ...
  • 2.In description we have detailed step by step instructions.If you ...
  • 3.One year warranty covering defects in material and workmanship
  • 1.This ion ionic detox foot bath machine with foot tub basin is rea...
  • 2.The Negative Hydrogen detox foot bath spa machine has self-protec...
  • 3.This foot spa detox machine has two rollers in the bottom your fo...
  • Professional ionic foot bath detox machine with Music, with fda cer...
  • Easy use the chi aqua ion detox foot bath cleanse machine includes ...
  • Functions: Enhance immune system, balance blood sugar, balance bloo...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Ionic Foot Spas

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Ionic Foot Spas Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 41.18 % (14 votes) Cell Spa, Dual Ionic Ion Detox Aqua Foot Spa Ch...
  • 23.53 % (8 votes) Zinger Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa System, Cell S...
  • 14.71 % (5 votes) OILEUS Professional Pedicure Foot Detox Spa Mac...
  • 11.76 % (4 votes) Kendal All-in-one Ion Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA...
  • 5.88 % (2 votes) Healcity Premium Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA Syst...
  • 2.94 % (1 votes) Ion Detox Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse...
  • 0 % (0 votes) HealthandMed Foot Bath Spa Machine, Ionize Me E...

34 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best ionic foot spa, click here to view the poll.

Ionic Foot Spa Buying Guide

Ionic Foot Spa Image
Picture: Detox Foot from ION BALANCE

One way to indulge yourself or get pampered is to go for spa, even for just a few hours. Despite having beauty and physical treatments, most of them offer other health improvement sessions for a customer making them attractive as well as expensive too. This doesn't mean that you cant get and do it by yourself at the comfort of your home, but hey, its absolutely nothing wrong to indulge yourself and then allow others to do it for you sometimes.

The health treatment that spa offers is like ionic foot spa. It is a system via which the body organs are cleansed and detoxified naturally. A human body is usually imbibing the toxins from the environment, such as drugs, contaminated drinks and food and free radicals, which are produced by body chemical reactions. Even though the body has organs charged with the elimination of these toxins, there is a benefit of helping them perform their function so that to control the accumulation of toxins in the body, because it could result to a serious medical condition.

The free radicals and toxins are ions which are positively charged and therefore dangerous to the human body. Ionic foot spa is there to produce negatively charged ions, which are translocated into the human body through large foot pores. They help to neutralize positive ions from toxins, and also removed from the body effectively through sweat, urine, and feces.

Although there is a debate going on talking about ionic foot spa efficacy, some of its users are already swearing by it, they say that they sleep better, feel lighter and generally have wellbeing feeling after they have used the machine. In addition, the machine has been useful in reducing their body fat contents, and a slimming effect is realized. Its advised, however, to use spa machine if you don't have any metallic implant that is in your body. The other group to avoid the use of ionic foot spa are patients with organic transplant medication, hypertensive patients, and pregnant women.

Due to safety and health benefits, there are factors that you should keep in your mind before considering to invest in an ionic foot spa. The primary considerations are like the total number of the unit users and type of ionizer. The other important factors to consider is the safety, capacity, price and extra features. This guide here is loaded with facts that will ensure you make a better choice for the ionic spa.


What affects the price of most ionic foot spa is the country that they are manufactured. It means that an ionic spa manufactured in China will be cheaper than the one manufactured in the United States. The other thing affecting the price is the type of array used making some products to cost more.

The other features of the products affecting its price are the durability, safety, and quality and because they come with different price tags, then pick the one with your budget. Some ionic are cheaper but they are of low quality and they have two options; to work as advertised or break down after using for few times.


When shopping for an ionic foot spa, there is a need to exercise caution by picking the best and know its critical features that will be of help in the process. These features include capacity, type of array or ionizer, power, safety and additional features.

Construction And Design

The important component in ionic foot spa is the array or ionizer. It is the unit that will dissociate water molecules to their constituents negative OH- and positive H+ ions. With the absence of ionizer, then there is no ionic foot spa. It can have a rectangular or cylindrical shape. If the ionizer is cylindrical in shape, it consists of metal wires that are coiled around each other, while for an array with a rectangular shape, it has metal plates that run along the box length. Even though a cylindrical array is easily available and cheap, it will require more water that will cover it. It has a disadvantage of deteriorating fast and therefore will demand replacement after 30 to about 40 sessions. On the other hand, the rectangular ionizer is more effective in ions production due to its large surface area which provides more contact between the metal plates and water. It can last longer, from 40 -50 sessions.

Some ionic foot spa comes with more than one array, and it will require constant cleaning to remove salts and debris with special cleansers that are deposited on the surface.

An ionic foot spa can be designed into two capacities. It comes as dual-user or single-user capacity. The dual-user is for the spa owners and it can accommodate more people at the same time. In case you are purchasing for home use, then save your money and go for the single-user type. It is unless you have plans to use with your spouse.

A safe and good ionic foot spa should be having some safety qualifications like FCC compliance(as applicable), GFCI and RoHS certifications. UL listed power supply should be mandatory and the buyer should request. Generally, its safe to use ionic foot spa.

Performance And Easy To Use

It is relatively easy to use ionic foot spa. All you are required is to fill a basin with warm water and then plug arrays into its designated port that is behind the ionic foot spa. Add more water into the basin. Plug power cable to your power source and then flip the switch to ON. Then you are good to go.

For the maximum performance, the unit has an amperage that is specific that is between 1.7 to 2.4, and if less than 1.7, then you will need to sprinkle some sea salt into water and should not be iodized. Stir and then enjoy. The conductivity will be increased by salt, and hence, the ionization and amperage will occur faster. Some will come with liners that protect the basin water, and some of the brands will include some sea salt packet that is packed together with ionic foot spa so you will not bother to get sea salt for the machine.

Some of the machines have inbuilt MP3 players that will help in the relaxation process. They are more expensive to purchase unless you will be in need of the player then you can purchase such. In recent, there has been the release of some ionic foot spa with LCD screens. It helps in displaying voltage/amperage, music information for MP3 players and treatment settings.

What Is Best For Ionic Foot Spa?

The important thing you will require from ionic foot spa is additional features and in the buying guide above, it will help to determine the type you will choose eventually. After you have gone through the guide, I am sure you are in a better position to make a final choice and here is a list of some fine ionic foot spas found in the market.

Advanced Ionic Foot Detox

It is an advanced duo system machine and can be used by two users. It is the ideal machine for families and couples. It has an MP3 player that brings relaxing treatment. In addition to the features, it has:

l lwireless remote control

l lvibrating massage

l lPowerful ionic system

l lLED display

l lTwo advanced black arrays series

l lReplacement Fuses

BHC Detox Foot Spa

This machine is mini and comes with a program of 30 minutes that is well balanced. It is among the cheapest spa that you can purchase. The other features for the machine include:

l l25 liners

l lsea salt has more than 50 trace minerals

l lcontrol unit having two heavy-duty arrays

l leasy to clean

l lfoot spa detox brochure

l l16-page informational booklet

Health & Med IonizeMe Elite

It is high-quality ionizing foot spa which utilizes the electrolysis and ionization principles. It offers the great money value. So that the machine can maximize the ionization and electrolysis principle, it has to be amped to 17.0 volts and 2.2 amps with a direct current. It has the following features:

l l30-50 sessions per array

l lTwo ionic detox arrays

l lCountdown Timer

l l3.2-gallon foot tub basin

l l10 array cleaning brushes

l lArray cleansing jar

l l70 g array cleaning scoop and solution

l lDVD instructional with the procedure

l l1/8 teaspoon scoop and 1/3 pound of Himalayan fine grain salt

AW Dual User Machine

It is an ingenious design which allows for duo purpose with five operating modes that help to experience the different ways of efficacy.

It is a multifunctional spa with a set that can be utilized by one person or two people to help in detoxification of their system or recover from the stress. It has components in the package that can serve you out of the box. The machine has the following features:

l lDual LCD screen that helps to monitor its operation

l lFive operational modes for deep cleansing

l lABS plastic array and stainless steel

l lHelps to promote the blood flow and increase of metabolism

l lIt comes with a case for convenient transport and secure storage

l lIt is CE certified

In the package, there are arrays, foot bath machine, waist belt, power line, wristband, and manual

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Ionic Foot Spa Reviews & Additional Articles

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The Ionic Foot Spas of Our Choice At a Glance

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Today - why water changes color - IONIC FOOT BATHS

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Conclusion for this Ionic Foot Spa Buying Guide in July 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our ionic foot spa comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with ionic foot spa in 2019.

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