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The 10 Best Kickboards of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Melissa & Doug
Swim Research
Yellow Adult Swimming Kickboard
Team Kickboard
, Blue, One Size
Swimming Board Kickboard Pull
Alignment Kickboard
Swimming Training Aid
Sunny Patch
Swim Training Kickboard
Sea Creatures Youth Swim
Kickboard for Swim Board,EVA
TYR Kickboard Image
TYR Kickboard
VIAHART Yellow Adult Swimming Kickboard Image
VIAHART Yellow Adult Swimming Kickboard
Speedo Team Kickboard Image
Speedo Team Kickboard, Blue, One Size
Overmont Swimming Board Kickboard Pull Image
Overmont Swimming Board Kickboard Pull Buoy Lightweight EVA Training Aid in Pool for Adults and Kids Blue/Black
FINIS Alignment Kickboard Image
FINIS Alignment Kickboard
Great Deal
Pevor Swimming Training Aid Image
Pevor Swimming Training Aid Kickboard - Lightweight Floating Board with Anti-Slip Smooth Edge Swimming Pool Equipment for Adults Kids (Blue-Shark)
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Image
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dart Dolphin Kickboard - Learn-to-Swim Pool Toy
Swim Research Swim Training Kickboard Image
Swim Research Swim Training Kickboard - Swimming Pool Equipment Foam Kick Board (Junior)
Aquamentor Sea Creatures Youth Swim Image
Aquamentor Sea Creatures Youth Swim Kickboard
Aodatu Kickboard for Swim Board,EVA Image
Kickboard for Swim Board,EVA Kickboard Kids Adults Swimming Learning Trainer Pool Training Aid Float Board
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91 %
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85 %
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  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested to give you the edge in all your activities
  • Used by both professional and recreational users
  • Practice your strokes with this viahart swimming kickboard
  • Made from phthalate and formaldehyde free eva foam
  • Lightweight yet durable Ideal for kicking drills and general training
  • Textured eva foam creates a non-slick surface
  • Side finger scallops promote proper hand position
  • Underside finger grooves for easy-gripping
  • Increase floating force-This board can increase the floating of you...
  • Easy to grasp-The swimmer just grasp the board through the hole it ...
  • Beautiful design: The logo of our mark is beautifully printed and l...
  • Hydrodynamic design promotes a streamlined body position from finge...
  • Can be submerged just below the waterline creating an ideal body po...
  • Great for standard kicking one arm drills and side kicking in all f...
  • [unique design] - Anti-slip smooth edge and integrated hole handles...
  • [premium quality] - Premium quality closed cell foam doesn't let wa...
  • [large buoyancy] - a professional swimming training aid for childre...
  • A colorful kickboard to help children learn to swim
  • Styrofoam board with colorful polyester casing
  • Colorfast fabric withstands chlorine and sun exposure
  • Pull buoys help develop upper body strength and provides proper ali...
  • Placed between the thighs to elevate the legs and neutralize natura...
  • Soft comfortable closed cell eva foam
  • Textured Surface
  • Contoured Edges
  • Easy-to-grip handles
  • High Performance eva molded foam kickboard
  • The swimming board is suitable for children adult training legs max...
  • Hydrodynamic design moves easily through the water
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Kickboards

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Which Kickboard Would You Buy Online? (October 2019)

  • 0 % (0 votes) TYR Kickboard
  • 0 % (0 votes) VIAHART Yellow Adult Swimming Kickboard
  • 0 % (0 votes) Speedo Team Kickboard, Blue, One Size
  • 0 % (0 votes) Overmont Swimming Board Kickboard Pull Buoy Lig...
  • 0 % (0 votes) FINIS Alignment Kickboard
  • 0 % (0 votes) Pevor Swimming Training Aid Kickboard - Lightwe...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dart Dolphin...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Swim Research Swim Training Kickboard - Swimmin...

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Kickboard Buying Guide

Kickboard Image
Picture: Kickboard from TYR

A stack of kickboards alongside a pool may give the impression of a simple device in one size that has only a single purpose, but manufacturers produce many different sizes, shapes and designs. Swimmers of all ages and abilities use them as flotation support to gain significant benefits from pool exercises. They enhance the swimming pool environment by providing access to low-impact, full-body workouts and increasing the effectiveness.

Choosing a Shape and Size

A rigid rectangle creates a standard kickboard, the one that most pools provide for swimmers to use. The front of a standard board has a rounded edge, and that is the part that needs to precede a swimmer through the water. A board needs to measure about 1 x 1.5 feet, the approximate shoulder width for most adults, and have about one inch of thickness. Manufacturers produce various shapes that provide a practical tool for specific groups.

Enjoying the Benefits

Pool managers usually provide access to kickboards as a great training aid for swimmers of all skill levels. Swimmers choose the buoyant support device as a way to satisfy the performance requirements for competition, practice or fitness.

• Practicing Leg Strokes

A standard board that lets users practice swimming strokes provides an ideal way to learn the flutter kick. An essential technique in many strokes, it challenges swimmers to exert patience while learning to use it. Many swimmers avoid the process by relying on arm strength to propel them through the water, but the muscles in the legs have much more power than the arms. The process of acquiring the flutter kick as a superior swim skill requires practice with a board that weighs less than a pound. Some models provide hand grips on the front for swimmers who enjoy the support of the device under them. Grips on the bottom of the board allow a swimmer to push it out in front and achieve an elongated posture in the pool.

• Improving Arm Strokes

While most swimmers use a kickboard for practicing leg strokes, some models incorporate features that provide more than one purpose. A board that includes a depression in the form that allows it to fit between the swimmer’s legs can free the arms to practice strokes while making it serve a dual function. A kickboard becomes a pull buoy when swimmers use it to develop arm strokes.

• Resisting Water Pressure

Kickboards have a buoyancy that makes it difficult to hold them under water. The resistance of the water provides exercise for the arms or legs that try to keep it submerged. When in a vertical position in front of the body, it requires an increased amount of exertion to walk forward. Some therapists recommend sitting on an underwater board to develop balance.

• Racing

Kickboards that have a pointed nose can cut through the water without slowing down a competitive swimmer who wants to simulate racing conditions in the pool. With no resemblance to the standard board, a sprint board for racers uses a sleek design that minimizes stress on the back and shoulders for swimmers who focus on high-performance drills. Made of EVA foam, a highly durable material that most manufacturers choose for kickboards, the lightweight material gives racers a workout that keeps them in the top ranks of competition.

Understanding the Purpose of Kickboards

As buoyant support, kickboards immobilize the arms and force the legs to do most of the work to propel swimmers through the water and provide excellent training at the same time. While taking a dip in a pool offers a delightful escape from the heat of the day or a way to relax tired muscles, the time that anyone spends there can serve a productive purpose as well.

• Focusing on Working Out

With a kickboard in hand, a swimmer can focus on working out the abdominal muscles, the legs and the hips. While the exercise may not directly improve muscles in the back, it can strengthen the stomach muscles that provide support for it. For beginners who need to learn new strokes and for intermediates whose skills can improve with practice, a kickboard helps to focus on developing leg muscles as the source of speed and power in the water. Athletes who perform well in track and field events can benefit from pool exercises that direct attention to leg-strengthening exercises.

• Achieving Buoyancy

Anyone who learned how to ride a bicycle may recall experiencing balance for the first time. Kickboards provide a similar eureka moment for swimmers who do not know the feeling of buoyancy. While kickboards do not serve as rafts that can fully support the weight of an adult or child, they assist with flotation that can encourage someone to experience a new sensation. Water poses a challenge to new swimmers who need to learn how to navigate it, and it deserves respect from everyone. Kickboards can provide a boost in confidence to anyone who needs a little bit of support in achieving buoyancy. The freestyle stroke requires mastery of the flutter kick, and kickboards provide the most efficient way to learn the technique. The popularity of the dolphin kick challenges swimmers to master it as a highly productive way to put real power into the butterfly stroke.

• Letting the Arms Recover

The large muscles in the legs have much more endurance and power than those in the arms, and a kickboard can help swimmers distribute the workload appropriately. After swimming laps or racing for fun, some swimmers find a way to relieve the tiredness in their arms by kicking several laps behind a kickboard. With their heads out of the water while they enjoy using the flotation devices, they can converse with companions in adjacent lanes.

Considering the Guidelines

A small investment in a kickboard can provide benefits that far outweigh the cost of an EVA foam buoyancy support device for the pool. The light weight of less than a pound contributes to efficiency. Finger grooves on the sides or bottom of a board allow a place for a grip that does not slip. Manufacturers produce many attractive styles and colorful designs with smooth surfaces that do not irritate the skin. Pools provide boards that offer support, and they satisfy a need to help ensure safe flotation. The colorful designs and ergonomic shapes on the market today give swimmers a choice of boards that meet individual preferences. Everyone has the right to choose a board that can become a frequent companion during workouts at a pool, lake or on the beach.

Factors that potential buyers may want to consider include the choice of construction material and the weight of the board. Formaldehyde-free, closed cell EVA foam provides a lightweight material that most manufacturers use, and its durability allows it to last for many swim seasons. Boards need to weigh less than a pound, and many on the market have about half that much weight. A kickboard that requires swimmers to push too much weight tends to discourage them from using an effective exercise device. Options that let swimmers chose a board that reflects their preferences or their performance needs allow many choices.

• Color

Bright yellow, dark blue, lovely aqua, rainbow shades and themed patterns give the boards an individuality that makes them unique. With resistance to the sun’s rays, they retain their beauty and appeal for years.

• Shapes

Boards for children tend to have a nose that makes pushing it through the water more manageable than the broad front that those for adults feature. Many have movie themes that appeal to children. The shapes of boards for adults tend to have about the same dimensions with variations in the curvature of the material on the leading or back edges.

• Hand Grips

Manufacturers offer many different grips that allow swimmers to grasp a kickboard. Some have scalloped edges that provide a grip anywhere along the sides, and others have two slits near the top where hands can grab on to the board. Swimmers who want to change hand positions frequently may consider designs that have multiple slits across the board.

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