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The 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Flux Phenom
Lazy Monk
Wolf & Moon Products, Inc.
Magnetic Screen Door
36"-82" Max
Magnetic Screen Door
34"x82" MAX
Reinforced Magnetic Screen
38 x 82-Inch
Magnetic Screen Door
34"-82" Max- Black
Magnetic Screen Door
82" Max
[Upgraded Version] Magnetic
36"x82" Max- Black
Magnetic Screen Door
83" - by Augo
Bug Off Instant Screen
80" height
Magnetic Screen Door 36
36"x96" Max-Grey
Magnetic Screen Door
Homitt Magnetic Screen Door Image
Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook&Loop FITS Door Size up to 36"-82" Max
iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door Image
iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Door Openings up to 34"x82" MAX
Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Image
Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors Up to 38 x 82-Inch
COZYDREAM Magnetic Screen Door Image
Magnetic Screen Door, COZYDREAM Screen Door with Full Frame Velcro Hook and Loop Pet and Kid Friendly, Fits Door Size up to 34"-82" Max- Black
Great Deal
Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door Image
Magnetic Screen Door with Magnets I Premium Magnet Curtain with Mesh & Mosquito Screens I Bug Net for Doors [Upgraded 2019 Version] up to 39" x 82" Max
Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Image
Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door with Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Door Size up to 36"x82" Max- Black
AUGO Magnetic Screen Door Image
Magnetic Screen Door - Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out - Pet and Kid Friendly - Patent Pending Keep Open Feature - 38" x 83" - by Augo
Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. Bug Off Instant Screen Image
Bug Off Instant Screen Door 30" Width 78" to 80" height
MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door 36 Image
MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Entry Door Mesh with Full Frame Hook&Loop Fits Door Size up to 36"x96" Max-Grey
Tdbest Magnetic Screen Door Image
Magnetic Screen Door, Tdbest [Upgraded Version] Screen Door Mesh with Fireproof Fiberglass Anti Mosquito Bugs Mesh Curtain, Easy to Install Full Frame Velcro, Fits Door Size up to 36"x83"
according to our criteria
98 %
in comparison
98 %
in comparison
96 %
in comparison
93 %
in comparison
91 %
in comparison
90 %
in comparison
90 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
  • Door Size Compatibility (measure door first): The size of this magn...
  • Built-in Strong Magnetic and Extra Gravity Sticks: 26pcs sewed in s...
  • Full Frame Hook To secure the screen into its place much more stabl...
  • 1) magnetic screen door nirvana Toughest Mesh Fits Doors UP TO 34"x...
  • 2) stacked with 26 powerful magnets sewn in the reinforced edges Ne...
  • 3) the hook loop seal along every inch
  • Installs IN AN instant - Assembly kit included - All metal black th...
  • Fits all door sizes UP TO 38"x82 - If your door frame measures 38 o...
  • Opens and closes like magic The middle seam of the screen door nett...
  • Magnetic screen door size: 36"x 83"- fits door openings up to 34 x ...
  • 26 high-energy magnetic: give you the best seal and closure,easily ...
  • Easy-to-install: Installs In Just a Few Minutes No tools needed for...
  • 1 Natural Rubber Door Stopper Printed Instruction booklet included...
  • HANDS-FREE door screen The middle seam of the Magnet Screen Door C...
  • MAGNETIC screen door with not enough velcro We know how annoying i...
  • Magnet screen door size 39"x83 fits door size up to 36"x82 please m...
  • Sewed in 26 strong magnetic points (6 sets of magnetic seal and 7 s...
  • We add extra 4 sets of gravity stick (8 pcs) in the bottom sides to...
  • Breezy insect protection: Keep bugs mosquitos and other pests out w...
  • Most secure: Unlike other screen doors that only have small strips ...
  • Easy TO install: It is super simple quick and fast to install the s...
  • Keeps bugs out of your home without hassle
  • Installs without tools or damage to the door frame in about 5-minut...
  • Provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit for both people and pets
  • Magnetic screen door size - Door mesh size: 38 x 97 inch--Fit your ...
  • Unique magic sticker hasp design - We are the only one with windpro...
  • Heavy mesh construction - The density of this magic screen is 15x17...
  • Upgraded new version】- This mesh screen door use premium quality fi...
  • Fit for most US door】- The size of this screen door mesh is 36"x83 ...
  • Easy TO install NO tool needed - Full frame velcro and push up pins...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Magnetic Screen Doors

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Magnetic Screen Doors Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 36.36 % (12 votes) Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Reinforced Mesh...
  • 18.18 % (6 votes) Premium Magnetic Screen Door - KEEP BUGS OUT, L...
  • 15.15 % (5 votes) Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mes...
  • 12.12 % (4 votes) Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Doo...
  • 12.12 % (4 votes) Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain - Keeps Mosq...
  • 6.06 % (2 votes) Magnetic Screen Door New 2017 Patent Pending De...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Cu...
  • 0 % (0 votes) MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR - Many Sizes and Colors to...

33 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best magnetic screen door, click here to view the poll.

Magnetic Screen Door Buying Guide

Magnetic Screen Door Image
Picture: Magnetic Screen Door from Homitt

The Magnetic Screen Door

It can be difficult to find the right magnetic screen door because the selection and options are vast. The most important purpose of this door is to protect the main door from the elements such as heat, cold, ice, rain and snow. There are many additional purposes served by a magnetic screen door outlined below.

The Energy efficiency

A standard door can easily cause energy loss. A magnetic screen door offers another layer of protection. This cuts down on the heat or air conditioning escaping from the home. This will help reduce the energy costs.

The Annoying Insects

Nobody want to have a home filled with flying bugs. Unfortunately, leaving the door open to entice the breeze into the home results in just that. A magnetic screen door enables the homeowner to keep the main door open, enjoy a cool breeze, let in the fresh air and sun without having to worry about bugs flying in. This also helps eliminate the need for harmful chemicals that can cause health issues such as asthma flareups and allergies. Insects have a more difficult time entering the home. This means there is no need to use insect sprays that can harm the environment.

The Security Factor

Magnetic screen doors come in different strengths and durability levels. A strong door is important because it will increase the security factor for the home. Some door are designed to help reduce theft. This is an extra barrier to help prevent the home from being burglarized. It is important to purchase a door that is strong enough to act as a deterrent for potential burglars.

The Set Up

It is extremely important to review the instructions for setting up the door prior to purchase. Most magnetic screen door will set up easily with a straightforward and clear installation. Some doors have an extremely complicated set up that is time consuming and difficult to understand. It is best to purchase a door that is simple for the average person to install. The average door should not require more than five minutes to install or require any power equipment or intricate or specialty tools.

The Durability

Purchasing a door with a high quality screen ensures many years of use. The material used for the screen is critical for the durability. Although lower quality doors are considerably cheaper, they will probably not last for more than a few years before they need to be replaced. In the long run, a high quality door is the more economical option.

The Ease of Operation and Safety Factors

A magnetic screen door should open and close with an easy, quiet and smooth action. If the door is rough when opening or closing, it will make noise and wear out faster. It is also important the screen has a mechanism to ensure it closes slowly. This will prevent fingers from being caught between the screen and the main door. This is especially important if there are small children living in the home.

The Aesthetic Value

A lot of main doors are drab, lacking in style and do not compliment the home. The appearance of the door is completely changed with the addition of a magnetic screen door. There are a wide variety of styles available. It is important to look around and choose a door that is not only well made but will compliment the appearance of the home.

The Size

Selecting the correct size is one of the most crucial aspects when purchasing the screen door. A standard door is either 80 by 24 inches or 80 by 36 inches. It is important to realize a lot of doors are not a standard size. The only way to avoid a potential mistake is to measure the main door prior to purchasing the magnetic screen door.

The Quality of The Magnetics

First and foremost, a magnetic screen door is about the magnets. If there is too large of a gap, the door will not operate smoothly because the magnets will not close properly. Reputable brands ensure the magnet closure is correct. When purchasing an off brand door, it is extremely important to check the gap between the magnets.

The Off Sized Door

Sometimes it is not possible to find a magnetic screen door in exactly the right size. This is fairly common for doors that are not a standard size. This means the installation is going to be somewhat complicated. It may be necessary to have a professional install the door and this expense must be figured into the total cost.

The Warranty

The door should come with a warranty for more than a few months. A high quality screen should have no issues with weather fluctuations such as very strong winds or heavy rains. High quality magnetic doors are designed to last and this will be backed up with a good warranty. The warranty should cover any defects in the door with a full replacement for the entire warranty period.

The Customer Reviews

It is always a good idea to read the customer reviews for individuals who have purchased any of the doors considered a possibility. These individuals have already installed their magnetic screen doors. This makes their input regarding ease of use, durability, appearance, and a lot more invaluable.

The Customization

Magnetic screen doors can be customized. This is critical if no door is available close enough to the correct dimensions. Customization will ensure the correct fit, a natural appearance and add style to the home. The customization includes the size, style preferences, type of closure and specific needs of the individual. Almost every customized door is extremely high quality and worth a little extra expense.

The Rentals

Many rental properties do not allow the installation of a permanent screen door. A magnetic screen door is technically classified as a temporary door. This means the door can be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily without breaking a lease or leaving any damage behind.

The Standard Screen Door vs The Magnetic Screen Door

A magnetic screen door is much easier to install than a standard screen door and costs approximately ten times less. They also have much more flexibility and versatility.

The Pets

Nearly everyone with a dog or ca has seen holes in their screens because their pets pawed at the screen to get out. A magnetic screen door is strong enough to repel the potential damage caused by pets. When this is combined with the low maintenance features and sturdiness, the screen door will look good as time passes and last for many years.

The General Benefits

A magnetic screen door is both a practical and durable product. A lot of homes with kids hesitate to purchase a screen door because they are expensive to repair and break fairly easily. Even when pushed and used by children, it is rare for a high quality magnetic screen door to break. They will also close safely and almost immediately behind the children. The best option is to look at the variety of doors available at several different locations to ensure purchasing the right door for the home.

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Conclusion for this Magnetic Screen Door Buying Guide in April 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our magnetic screen door comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with magnetic screen door in 2019.

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