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The 10 Best Mens Insulated Coveralls of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Red Kap
Guide Gear
Men's 7 1/2 Ounce
Men's Quilt Lined Zip
Men's Arctic Quilt Lined
Men's Iron-Tuff Insulated
Navy Blue, Large
Men's Insulated Coverall
, Black, Large-Regular
Men's Insulated Twill
Men's Twill Insulated Coverall,
Men's Insulated Bib Overall,
Men's Guide Dry
Navy Blue IDF Snowsuit
dickies Men's 7 1/2 Ounce Image
Dickies Men's 7 1/2 Ounce Twill Deluxe Long Sleeve Coverall, Dark Navy, Large Regular
Carhartt Men's Quilt Lined Zip Image
Carhartt Men's Quilt Lined Zip To Thigh Bib Overalls,Brown,34 x 32
Carhartt Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Image
Carhartt Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Coveralls,Black,36
RefrigiWear Men's Iron-Tuff Insulated Image
RefrigiWear Men's Iron-Tuff Insulated Coveralls with Hood -50F Extreme Cold Suit (Navy Blue, Large)
dickies Men's Insulated Coverall Image
Dickies Men's Insulated Coverall, Black, Large-Regular
Red Kap Men's Insulated Twill Image
Red Kap Men's Insulated Twill Coverall with Quilted Lining, Long Sleeve, Navy, Medium
Walls Men's Twill Insulated Coverall, Image
Walls Men's Twill Insulated Coverall, Navy, Large
dickies Men's Insulated Bib Overall, Image
Dickies Men's Insulated Bib Overall, Brown Duck, Extra Large-Regular
Guide Gear Men's Guide Dry Image
Guide Gear Men's Guide Dry Waterproof Insulated Hunting Coveralls, Realtree Edge, L
HAGOR Navy Blue IDF Snowsuit Image
Navy Blue IDF Snowsuit Winter Clothing Snow Ski Suit Coverall Insulated Suit (M)
according to our criteria
98 %
in comparison
98 %
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93 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
89 %
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89 %
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87 %
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85 %
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85 %
in comparison
  • Superior comfort fit: These coveralls feature a generous roomy fit ...
  • Sturdy functionality: These deluxe coveralls are built for hard wor...
  • Durable workwear: This roomy coverall is built for utility efficien...
  • Carhartt Company Gear Collection
  • 100 Cordura(R) Nylon 100 Cotton 100 Nylon 100 Polyester
  • 12-ounce cotton duck heavyweight
  • Zip-front coverall featuring double knees that accommodate knee pad...
  • Zippered chest pockets and slanted hand pockets
  • Heavyweight Water-repellent 1,000-denier cordura nylon shell
  • Stay warm in even the most extreme conditions with 11.25 oz Refrigi...
  • Keep out the elements for added comfort with a water-repellent wind...
  • Integrated fleece-lined hood featuring a knit border for sealing ou...
  • Material: 100 Cotton
  • Classic comfort: This insulated coverall's quilted lining keeps you...
  • Tried true durability: Touchtex Technology means breathability moi...
  • Everyday excellence: Our workwear collection is designed for the wo...
  • Walls muscle back technology uses a large band of elastic across th...
  • Hidden storm cuffs using comfort rib-knit concealed front zipper co...
  • Zippered chest pockets front swing pockets with additional pass thr...
  • (blank)
  • Guide Gear Men's Guide Dry Waterproof Insulated Hunting Coveralls, Realtree Edge, L
  • This Snowsuit is made according to idf standards for the Israeli army
  • It has a two sided Zipper and is made of a water-resistant cloth sy...
  • The snowsuit retains body temperature in extreme cold weather and i...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Mens Insulated Coveralls

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Mens Insulated Coverall Would You Buy Online? (September 2019)

  • 0 % (0 votes) Dickies Men's 7 1/2 Ounce Twill Deluxe Long Sle...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Carhartt Men's Quilt Lined Zip To Thigh Bib Ove...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Carhartt Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Coveral...
  • 0 % (0 votes) RefrigiWear Men's Iron-Tuff Insulated Coveralls...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Dickies Men's Insulated Coverall, Black, Large-...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Red Kap Men's Insulated Twill Coverall with Qui...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Walls Men's Twill Insulated Coverall, Navy, Large
  • 0 % (0 votes) Dickies Men's Insulated Bib Overall, Brown Duck...

0 total votes.

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Mens Insulated Coverall Buying Guide

Mens Insulated Coverall Image
Picture: Men's 7 1/2 Ounce from dickies

Historical Context

Coveralls were created in 1912 by the son of Jacob Davis who worked with Levi Strauss. They were known as ‘koveralls’ which were made only for children. However, koveralls were soon introduced to men as military wear and industrial wear. Insulated coveralls are very durable and are used in many different professions. There are various types of coveralls some which are lightweight and others which are heavy or thick.

The design for coveralls have gone through various transformations and so has its name. Coveralls are known by their historical significance. The examples include the ‘siren suits’ worn in WWII in England during daily air-raids, ‘jumpsuits’ worn by paratroopers and for the 1950 fashion wear, and ‘boiler-suits’ from the industrial revolution.

Just as an etymological verbiage lesson, the word coveralls is plural, hardly ever should it be singular, i.e., nice looking pair of coveralls.

Coverall Environments

The coveralls worn during world war periods were lightly insulated. However, their main purpose was for durability and not necessarily for comfort. Men often wore them over other clothing like a pair of pants.

Modern insulated coveralls help workers retain their body warmth when working in cold temperatures. Coveralls also work as dual clothing alternatives in environments involving strong gusting winds and water surroundings.

Insulated coveralls are made to be a protective covering for workers in various workplace environments. Modern coveralls are now much comfortable. Coveralls help to keep the clothing of the wearer clean and healthy.

Insulated coveralls are worn by professions like fishing, farming, paining, remote oil rig workers, and others who wear them daily. Then, at the end of the day they can remove them without having been exposed to unnecessary odors, stains, oil, etc.

Durable insulated coveralls are able to withstand industry work without being replaced continually. To name a few of the areas of workplace wear where insulated coveralls provide protection includes the following:

• Construction • Electrical • Engineering • Fire fighting • Forestry • Machinists • Maintenance • Outdoor hobbies like skiing • Pharmaceutical • Scientific research

Types of Coveralls

Coveralls are as its name applies, they cover men from their neck down to their ankles. Insulated coveralls are versatile in their usage to protect people from many workplace hazards. Coveralls are manufactured to be flame-resistant in environments where sparks or flames abound or in anti-microbial environments, as in the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare industry, or the industrial food settings.

If your workplace requires coveralls as the protective covering for the type of work you are asked to perform, the employer will inform you as to the type and color of overalls which are mandated. Companies will inform you about your coverall requirements so that you can identify what level of protection you need.

There are industrial types of coveralls that cover specific environments, like:

Type 1 – working around gas inspired products because of its ability to be hermetically sealed against any environment
Type 2 – non-gas meaning possible gaseous fumes and high temperature environments
Type 3 – liquid chemicals or pressure spray protection as in plumbing, oil, and chemical spills, etc. Type 4 – liquid spray areas like labs or insecticide environments Type 5 – hazardous small particle contaminates like dust and dirt in maintenance work, silicate, or insulation handling environments
Type 6 – limits splash-back liquids like in painting or medical/pharmaceutical environments involving droplets or misting

Coverall Materials

Insulated coveralls for men are manufactured with thick canvas, twill, denim, cotton, and cotton blends for an outside covering. Inwardly, coveralls contain insulated materials like flannel, fleece, quilt, or a new form of microfiber materials. Much of today’s coverall materials have specific functions, such as protective padding or fillers that keep wearers from punctures.

Coveralls can be customized to protect parts of the body. For example, many construction workers pick up materials and place them on their shoulders to bring them from one place to another. Extra insulated padded coveralls in the shoulder areas help keep workers from injury.

Coverall materials can be dyed in any color to provide workers more visibility when working near roadways, moving among vehicles, working in dimly lit conditions, and they are often used for identification levels.

Buying Coveralls

If you plan to work in conditions that involve potential hazards like the following circumstances, then your employer must provide protective workwear as obliged by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institutes of Health:

• acidic solutions • blood and other bodily fluids • molten material • oil and grease • open flame and heat • solvents • sparks and heat

Regular coveralls and insulated coveralls can be purchased from brick and mortar stores that carry work wear apparels and uniforms. Ask your employer for the specific type of insulated coveralls you need, or you can purchase them online.

In the above environments, disposable coveralls are the best option. Disposable coveralls are equipped with a hood and are typically worn for jobs that deal with exposure to contaminated materials in factories, laboratories, and food-handling operations and more.

In a store, coverall sizes are easy to choose from by trying them on, but online it is a little harder to order your exact size. However, there are specific manufacturers of insulated coveralls that carry recognizable brands, and, on whose websites, you can shop.

To be more specific about ordering your size online, measure your chest by placing a cloth tape in the center and bring it under your arms back to the front. For your inseam measurements simply take a pair of your pants and measure the inside seam down to the hem. Inseam measures are short (28”), tall (32”), regular (30”), and extra tall (34”). Measure your waist, but don’t suck in your tummy or else you will get a false measurement size.

If you are buying insulated coveralls for personal use and not through a business, then look for the type that will fit the activity that you are preparing to perform. For example, if you are a winter hunter, your insulated coveralls would serve you better if it were in camouflage and the material that can reduce sound. Purchase coveralls that are water and wind resistant, lightweight, and breathable. Coveralls are so well insulated that you will not need an extra jacket.

Features and Maintenance

Insulated commercial coveralls are so well made that they also include zippers and pockets that standard coveralls contain. The main purpose for these features are to be a holding place for tools. How to care for insulated coveralls.

Employers must ensure the laundering of coveralls or their replacements when used in contaminated settings. Using a laundering company, they must be advised that your coveralls are used in hazardous conditions. Therefore, specialized cleaning methods must be employed. This process helps to keep you and your loved ones safe from unnecessary exposures.

To personally wash coveralls, first follow the washing instructions within each coverall brand.

1. Wash in warm water (90ᵒ F - 32ᵒ C - cotton cycle). Close all zippers and pockets before washing
2. Use regular laundry detergents, but that is all.
3. Do not use fabric softeners or chlorine bleach.
4. Drying insulated coveralls can be done but removing it from the washer and hanging it up is better to protect its treated fibers.

Future Coveralls

Coveralls are a part of the clothing wear for workers around the world and even fashionable runways. In other words, coveralls are not going away, they are only growing in popularity. Research has enabled insulated overalls to adjust the body’s temperature in whatever climate a person is in. If it is cold outside, then overalls will change to keep the body warm and vice versa. You ask if this isn’t their natural function anyway – the answer is not exactly. Due to nano-technology, future overalls may allow people to do away with warming or cooling their homes or offices.

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