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The 10 Best Motorcycle Alarms of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Gorilla Automotive
Alarm Motorcycle Lock
Disc Brake Lock
Disc Brake Lock
Red Alarm Disc Lock
Disc Lock Alarm
Alarm Disc Lock
#1 Motorcycle Lock
9100 Motorcycle Alarm
2-Way Paging System
EM208-2 2 Way LCD
Rider 2-Way Motorcycle Alarm
MYSBIKER Alarm Motorcycle Lock Image
MYSBIKER Alarm Motorcycle Lock, Disc Brake Anti-theft Wheel Padlock,110dB Alarm Sound and 6mm Pin with 2m/6ft Reminder Cable 3 Keys Carry Pouch for Motorcycles Bicycles Scooter Honda Yamaha Harley
Bibowa Disc Brake Lock Image
Bibowa Disc Brake Lock With Alarm - Anti -Theft Disc Lock Motorcycle Alarm with 110dB Alarm Sound 5ft Reminder Cable and Pouch Wheel Security Lock for Motorcycles Scooters Bikes
JACOOL Disc Brake Lock Image
Disc Brake Lock, JACOOL Anti-theft Motorcycle Motorbike Alarm Disc Lock, 110dB Alarm Sound and 6mm Pin with 1.2m/4ft Reminder Cable for Motorcycles (black)
Great Deal
Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock Image
Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock 110dB Anti Theft Motorcycle Wheel Padlock for 7mm Brake Rotor with 4ft Reminder Cable 3 Keys Carry Pouch for Bike Motorbike Scooter Honda Yamaha Harley BMW Piaggio etc
YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Image
YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock with 110db Alarm Sound for Motorcycles Bicycles
Uolor Alarm Disc Lock Image
Alarm Disc Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock, Waterproof 110dB Alarm Sound and 6mm Pin Brake Disc Wheel Security Lock with 5ft Reminder Cable for Motorbike Bike Scooter - Bonus Carry Pouch
BigPantha #1 Motorcycle Lock Image
BigPantha #1 Motorcycle Lock - A Grip / Throttle / Brake / Handlebar Lock to Secure Your Bike, Scooter, Moped or ATV in Under 5 Seconds! (Red). BONUS Grip Lock Holster for Easy Storage & Transporting
Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm Image
Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System
EASYGUARD EM208-2 2 Way LCD Image
EASYGUARD EM208-2 2 Way LCD Display Motorcycle Alarm System with Remote Engine Start Motion Sensor & Built in Shock Sensor DC12V
Sykik Rider 2-Way Motorcycle Alarm Image
Sykik Rider 2-Way Motorcycle Alarm with LCD Pager Remote, Remote Engine Start and Shut Off, with Motion, Sensor, tilt Sensor and Shock Sensor. with one Year SYKIK Warranty
according to our criteria
91 %
in comparison
91 %
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90 %
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90 %
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88 %
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87 %
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87 %
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86 %
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85 %
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83 %
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  • Make Thieves'Lost': MysBiker Alarm Disc Lock-Silver Knight is a pra...
  • Easy to Notice: The 6mm Pin Brake Disc Wheel Security Lock enclosed...
  • Wide Application Range: MysBiker Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake L...
  • Super anti-theft with ALARM: Small size and loud volume.Dual reinfo...
  • Strong and durable: With waterproof function, keep working in rainy...
  • Free reminder CABLE: With 5ft reminder cable to reminds you to remo...
  • ANTI-THEFT】 - jacool alarm lock protects your beloved motorcycle b...
  • 【PRESS TO LOCK】 - It's easy to lock by pressing the locking mechani...
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】 - Fits the majority of the motorcycles and bike...
  • Motorcycle theft is common problem in cities across the U S especia...
  • Chipie anti-theft disk lock will keep your motorcycle safe protecte...
  • It's easy to lock by pressing the locking mechanism immediately the...
  • The Anti Theft Lock is made entirely of metal it is sturdy and durable
  • The alarm sound is able to reach to 110 db the measure of the locki...
  • It comes with two keys it is ideal for motorcycles bicycles scooter...
  • 【ANTI-THEFT】- Uolor alarm disc lock protects your beloved motorcycl...
  • 【PRESS TO lock】- Easy to lock with one-press operation just push do...
  • 【BONUS accessories】- Enclosed a 5ft disc lock reminder cable conspi...
  • Note - works ON all two wheeler's with grips UP TO 1.5 inches (38 m...
  • Prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen Time tested proven anti...
  • Bonus grip lock holster Yet again - a BigPanatha first Yes you coul...
  • Ultra-Compact and powerful 120 decibel siren
  • 2-Way Pager receives signals from up to 1/2 mile away - alerting yo...
  • Three powerful sensors keep your bike safe: a new internal tilt sen...
  • Easyguard 2 way lcd display motorcycle alarm system with remote eng...
  • Fits for most dc12v motorcycles scooters on the market
  • The remote engine start function is optional extra relay or bypass ...
  • With up to one mile range the remote notifies you if your bike is m...
  • Anti Hijacking features allows you to shut off the engine remotely ...
  • Start your bike remotely find your bike or attract attention remote...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Motorcycle Alarms

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Motorcycle Alarm Would You Buy Online? (August 2018)

  • 23.68 % (9 votes) YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlo...
  • 21.05 % (8 votes) BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System A...
  • 13.16 % (5 votes) Disc Brake Lock, JACOOL Anti-theft Waterproof M...
  • 13.16 % (5 votes) Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike/Motorcycle/Gate L...
  • 10.53 % (4 votes) Alarm Disc Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Bra...
  • 7.89 % (3 votes) MysBiker Disc Brake Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle...
  • 5.26 % (2 votes) WINOMO Motorcycle Alarm System Anti Theft Secur...
  • 5.26 % (2 votes) BANVIE 2 Way Motorcycle Security Alarm System w...

38 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best motorcycle alarm, click here to view the poll.

Motorcycle Alarm Buying Guide

Motorcycle Alarm Image
Picture: Alarm Motorcycle Lock from MYSBIKER

There are a lot of different types of motorcycle alarms on the market. When you are getting ready to buy a motorcycle you should also consider the motorcycle alarm. You want to make sure that something of this size is going to be secure when you are getting ready to park. These vehicles are much easier to steal than cars so it is going to work to your benefit to get a motorcycle alarm to protect your investment.

Alarms with Remote

One thing that people tend to look for when they are looking for a motorcycle alarm is convenience. There are motorcycle alarms that have a remote control. This is always a good thing because you want to be able to turn your alarm even if you are not near the motorcycle. Another thing about the alarm is that allows you to find your vehicle easier. There are buttons that will allow you to find your motorcycle. All that you have to do is hit the alarm. That is worth the money that is spent.

The Sound of the Alarm

There a ton of different types of alarms, and most people that invest in an alarm are going to want to get the loud alarms that will get the attention of anyone that is trying to steal a motorcycle. You want an alarm that is going to make a lot of noise. This is going to be something that makes you mindful of the type of alarm you are getting. When you have an alarm system that has a high tone people that may attempt to steal the bike will quickly run away because they know that other people will notice them quickly.

Flashing Light Alarms

There are alarms on the market that make sounds, but the better alarms will make sounds and scare off intruders with flashing lights. These types of alarms are good because it gets the attention of other people.

Anti-Hijack Button

You want to make sure that you have the ability to stop someone from stealing your bike. That is the main purpose of the alarm. There is no need to have an alarm that is going off with all the fancy bells and whistles if you are not going to be able to stop the intruder. This is why it is good to look for that alarm system that is going to have the feature that can shut down the engine. This can all be done with a single button. There is a very power anti-hijack feature that you help you make sure that you do not use your motorcycle in the end. When you can activate an engine shutdown you have a powerful alarm system. You want a remote shut down because this prevents someone from hot wiring your motorcycle. That is something to think about when you have an alarm system.

Alarm System with Auto Start

The alarm systems of today are much more advanced. There are some models on the market that provide people with the ability to engage in an automatic start for their engines. There are also systems that provide people with the ability to drive their motorcycles with a key. This keyless function is another form of convenience that people may look for when they want an alarm system for a motorcycle.

Mute Alarm Mode

Another thing that you may want to look for when you have a motorcycle alarm is a mute alarm mode button. You want to be able to have an alarm that you can detect when it is alarming, but you may not always have the desire for the alarm to be noisy. There are times where you might want to catch the potential criminal in the act. If the alarm is making a loud noise the thief will leave and you will not be able to identify who it is. If you have a mute alarm option, however, you will be able to get a notification that your alarm is going off while the thief has no idea that this is happening. You still have the ability to auto shutdown the engine so that the thief cannot get away, but this gives you more time to call law enforcement to stop this thief who is being caught in the act trying to steal your motorcycle.

Easy Setup

When you get a motorcycle you want to enjoy riding it, but you also want the ability to protect it. When you get an alarm you want one that is not going to be so complicated to use that it becomes difficult for you to operate it. You want a motorcycle theft kit that is going to work fairly simple because you want to be able to disengage the alarm after it has gone off, but you want to be able to reengage it quickly.

If the alarm is too complicated for you to figure out it may not work properly when it is actually put into a scenario where your bike may actually be stolen. You need to have an alarm system that is easy for you to utilize so that you can test this system.

Motorcycle Disc Lock

There are different types of motorcycle alarms, and one of the more popular ones is a motorcycle that has a disc lock. When you look for alarms like this you need to make sure that it is weather resistant. There needs to be a waterproof alarm guarantee for some of these type of devices because it does no good to buy these things if they cannot work the various weather conditions.

Battery Warning Indicators

When you buy a motorcycle you need one that has a low battery warning. You want to know when you have an alarm for the batteries need to be replaced. Some people buy alarm systems, and they never think about the possibility of the battery going dead. They find themselves in situations where their bike may be stolen all because they forgot to change the battery when it started to go low. You do not have to be in this situation. If the motorcycle battery is going low you can get the warning and replace this before it ever goes completely dead.

Keyless Alarm Systems

The have a great thing to consider is the keyless alarm system. For all of those people that have locked systems where they may be worried about losing your keys they need to get a keyless system that helps them with all the trouble that comes with losing their remote control or their key to the lock.

Bluetooth compatible alarm systems

There are a lot of cases where keyless systems have the ability to be unlocked with your phone. There are some systems that are compatible for Apple and Android products. This allows you to unlock your alarm system on your motorcycle even if the key is lost. People that have trouble keeping up with remote can benefit from this.

Wireless monitoring

You want to be able to make sure that you have a security feature that can help you locate your bike even when it is in a parking lot area. You also want a feature that will trigger the alarm based on vibrations. Everyone that is getting close to your bike may not have the intention to steal it. There are some people that may just want to damage the bike. If you have known enemies or come in contact with people that are envious of your bike this may be something that you should look into.

You want to know if someone is putting their hands on your bike. There are some people that may want to steal things from the bikes like the tires. If you have an alarm that has the security feature that alerts you when vibrations to the bike are being made you can stop these types of thieves as well.

There are available number of alarms on the market. The key for you is to acquire the alarm that is going to give you a better way to protect your bike.

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Conclusion for this Motorcycle Alarm Buying Guide in June 2019

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