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The 10 Best Nanny Cams of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Enter The Arena
Wyze Labs
HD IP Camera- Wireless
Mini IP Camera Security
2019 White
1080p Home Camera
Best Spy Surveillance
32GB SD Card
Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor
2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa
Spy Camera Charger
Wireless IP Camera 1080P,Nanny
Wireless Mini Nanny WiFi
HD Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi
WiFi IP Camera
TENVIS HD IP Camera- Wireless Image
TENVIS HD IP Camera- Wireless Surveillance Camera with Night Vision/ Two-way Audio/ PTZ, 2.4Ghz Wifi Indoor Home Security Dome Camera for Pet Baby, Remote Monitor with MicroSD Slot, Android,iOS App
UOKOO Mini IP Camera Security Image
UOKOO Mini IP Camera Security Camera, Wi-Fi Wireless Security Smart IP Camera Surveillance System Remote Monitoring with Motion Alert for Pet Baby Elder Pet Monitor, Nanny Cam, 2019 White
Great Deal
YI 1080p Home Camera Image
YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Home/Office / Baby/Nanny / Pet Monitor with iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available
Enter The Arena Best Spy Surveillance Image
Best Spy Surveillance Camera / Cameras - Hidden Cam for Home Security - Nanny - Baby - Pet - Motion Detection / Mini USB Wall Phone Charger / HD Video 1080P - Indoor Recording System with 32GB SD Card
Wyze Labs Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Image
Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa
MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger Image
Spy Camera Charger - Hidden Camera - Mini Spy Camera 1080p - USB Charger Camera - Hidden Spy Camera - Hidden Nanny Cam - Hidden Spy Cam - Hidden Cam - Surveillance Camera FULL HD - No Wi-Fi Needed
4sdot Wireless IP Camera 1080P,Nanny Image
Wireless IP Camera 1080P,Nanny Cam,360 Degree Smart WIFI Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom with Cloud Service,3D Image Touch Navigation,Panoramic View Night Vision,Two-Way Audio,Motion Detection for Elder,Baby,Pet
HAPPY CARE BY ENJI Wireless Mini Nanny WiFi Image
Wireless Mini Nanny WiFi Camera - Eyeball 1080 Full HD Video & Night Vision Home & Office Monitoring & Cam Recorder, with Motion Detection, Looping Video and Wi-Fi Remote View On Phone and PC Cameras
faleemi HD Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi Image
Faleemi HD Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Home Security Video Transmission Surveillance System, Nanny Cam with Two Way Audio, Night Vision Remote Control for Baby/Elder/Pet/Office Monitor FSC776B
Utalent WiFi IP Camera Image
WiFi IP Camera, Utalent 1080P HD Indoor Wireless Home Security Surveillance Camera with Motion Detection, Pan/Tilt, Two Way Audio, Night Vision, Baby Monitor, Nanny Cam
according to our criteria
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  • Full coverage with 720p high definition tenvis HD IP Camera is desi...
  • Automatic night vision with 32ft/10m large range tenvis Night Visio...
  • Instant alarm and two-way audio for real time communicating With th...
  • Easy setup】sonic recognition technology featuring one key Wi-Fi con...
  • Motion detection】motion detection with email or push alert notifica...
  • Very easy installation Can put the Mini security camera on desk and...
  • 24/7 Full HD Recording - f/2.0 aperture 112 wide-angle lens 1080p/1...
  • Enhanced Night Vision - 8 individual 940nm infrared LED's which aut...
  • Activity Alerts - Baby Crying Detection and Motion Detection featur...
  • 1080p HD video: Videos recorded by the wall charger camera are reco...
  • Easy operation: Just insert a micro SD card (not included) just plu...
  • Covert surveillance: There is no pinhole which helps disguise the d...
  • Works with Alexa: Ask Alexa to show your front door kid's room or a...
  • 1080p full HD live stream direct to your smartphone day or night wi...
  • Motion Tagging technology detects and outlines motion in both live ...
  • MyEaglesEyes Dual usb Charger Spy Camera - This compact spy securit...
  • Protect Family and Personal Property - Our hidden spy camera lets y...
  • Quick Plug and Play - a smart cop cam record that doesn't require W...
  • 1080p audio camera: 1080p high definition video stream and image co...
  • Panoramic 360 degree touch view navigation - Capture the entire roo...
  • Smaet motion detection with VIDEO: The camera supports 24hrs/7days ...
  • Your invisible eye: Enji's EyeBall Mini Camera with Wi-Fi is your i...
  • High definition camera with night vision: Supports 1080p video reco...
  • Stays discreet with its size: Almost the size of a human eyeball yo...
  • Superb HD 720p (Resolution of 1280x720) Video at 30fps 24/7 Record ...
  • 3 Step QR code Setup via iPhone or Android Smartphone using Faleemi...
  • Super Wide Viewing Angle Remote Pan/Tilt (Horizontal 270 degree and...
  • Genuine 1080p IR Night Vision: Superb HD 1080p Video at 30fps extr...
  • Plug Play: One Key WiFi Configuration (Sonic Recognition Technolog...
  • Two Way Audio: Built-in speaker and microphone you can communicate ...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Nanny Cams

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Nanny Cams Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 41.03 % (16 votes) Spy Camera,MCSTREE Hidden Camera in Clock WiFi ...
  • 20.51 % (8 votes) Wifi Mini Camera, PANNOVO HD 1080P Charger Secu...
  • 17.95 % (7 votes) Hidden Camera Charger by Timeqid | 16GB SDCard ...
  • 15.38 % (6 votes) WiFi Camera, LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera...
  • 2.56 % (1 votes) Mini Spy Camera Hidden Cam, Waterproof 1080P Fu...
  • 2.56 % (1 votes) Faleemi Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Home ...
  • 0 % (0 votes) KAMRE WiFi Hidden Spy Camera Clock 12 Hour Syst...
  • 0 % (0 votes) QUANDU WiFi Hidden Camera Clock Hidden Spy Cloc...

39 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best nanny cam, click here to view the poll.

Nanny Cam Buying Guide

Nanny Cam Image
Picture: HD IP Camera- Wireless from TENVIS

Busy working parents have many challenges to face, including caring for their young children. One of the most frustrating challenges can be finding suitable care for young children and not worrying about what is actually happening once the door closes. Finding a professional babysitter or childcare worker is difficult to begin with. However, one way to assuage those fears and bring peace to that situation is by purchasing a nanny cam. With the advanced technology that is available today, it is possible to "be" present even when you are away from home.

If you are considering the purchase of a nanny cam, a live video camera that allows you to see exactly what is happening in your home when you are away, there are several things to consider before making that purchase.

One of the first and most important considerations to consider is whether it is actually legal to video tape your nanny without her knowledge. Different states have varied laws regarding video surveillance and it's important to know what they are. There are certain areas of your home that would make it questionable, if not illegal, including monitoring the nanny in the bathroom or in the bedroom for example. It is not illegal to make video recordings of your home in general but certain private areas can be construed as an invasion of privacy if the nanny is unaware that he/she is being recorded. And certain states have even more stringent laws if the recording includes audio.

Your child's safety is the primary concern, along with your peace of mind. Check with local law enforcement about your state's requirements and be knowledgeable when deciding to make the purchase of your nanny cam.

There are many kinds of nanny cams that are available and a myriad of situations that they can be used. Some are hidden inconspicuously in household items such as teddy bears or clocks while others are out and in plain sight so there is no question that you are watching. The more obvious cameras are installed in plain sight in the wall in various locations throughout the home. Many allow you to actually install an app on your phone that you can view at any time in live streaming. Before deciding to purchase your nanny cam, be aware of the many features that are available and decide on those that are most important to you.

Below are some of the technical features that you should consider when going to make your purchase:

High Definition Cameras

Like most tech items available with video, there are some cameras that offer higher resolution for clarity. High Definition, or HD, is a video format that offers various pixel rates that will provide more clear pictures and detail. The higher the pixel rate, the higher the definition. However, the higher the definition, the greater amount of storage space is required if you are recording. For the purposes of simply monitoring your home throughout the day, 720 pixels is probably enough. But ask for demonstrations at the store when you are looking at cameras to make your own decision. You never want to look at a live stream or recording and wonder exactly what it is that your seeing. Higher definition will provide enough clarity of the viewing that you are able to clearly see even the smallest details.

Video Alone or Audio as Well?

For parents who want to be active in their child's life when they are away from home, there are many nanny cams that allow you to actually speak to and interact with your children as well as the nanny throughout the day. This can certainly make the experience more real and makes it clear to all that you are an active part of your child's care. It also allows for times when the nanny may have questions or when you simply want to say hello to your little one. Especially when you are out of town for longer periods of time, this will allow you to take time through your busy day to talk with your child 'face to face' and ease the burden of being away.

Wireless or Wired?

This is a major difference that you should consider. Wired cameras only record what is occurring throughout the day while the wireless cameras allow you to watch live activity and also allow you to interact with those in your home while you are away. Many wireless cameras have capabilities that mimic "Facetime" or "Skype".

Device Compatibility

With some cameras, they act almost as a simple video recording device and don't allow you to see real-time what is occurring. Check the compatibility of your devices, such as your iPad or your Smart Phone to make sure that you are able to use them. Thankfully, most devices are now Macintosh compatible which wasn't always the case. Some are still only PC compatible so when you find the camera that you feel will serve your needs, make sure that it is compatible with the devices in your home that will be recording or streaming. Some nanny cams don't require either and can be hooked into your television for viewing. Storage Space

If you choose to purchase a camera that records, make sure that you have a device with enough storage space to handle long hours of constant recording. Recording to a hard drive versus an SD card can make an enormous difference. Some nanny cams are available with NVR that allows non-stop recording 24/7.

Size of Viewing Angle

It is impossible to see everything everywhere at all times. But if you are making the choice to install a nanny cam, you want to maximize what you can see so choose a camera with a wide-angle lens that allows you to see all areas of each room. Also, make sure that the camera has panning capabilities to move around the room as much as possible.

Final Tips

Obviously, read the reviews of various brands of camera to see which ones other parents have been most happy with. Using a power source rather than a battery-operated camera will also ensure that the power supply never runs out. Some nanny cams have rechargeable battery packs if a power source isn't readily available so if you choose one, make sure that you recharge the batteries regularly. Battery powered cameras are more portable and can be moved with ease while one that requires a power source can require a little more thought and effort. Dual band Wi-Fi cameras generally allow the most constant monitoring and recording with a good network connection and allows minimal signal interference. And at the risk of turning your home, your living space, into a place that seems similar to a police station interrogation room with obvious cameras at every view, consider how the camera can blend in with the decor of your home.

Living a busy, successful life can be stressful and when your children are in the care of someone besides yourself, it is important to stay as connected as you can. The use of cameras in our home can make this entirely possible. Using nanny cams can ensure that your child is safe when you aren't there and can allow you to be an active part of your child's care.

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Conclusion for this Nanny Cam Buying Guide in January 2019

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