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The 10 Best Non-Slip Bath Mats of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
SlipX Solutions
tike smart
Gray Extra Long
200 Suction Cups, 39" Long Bathtub Mat
Memory Foam Bath Mat
17 inches X 24 inches, Gray
Bath Tub Shower Mat
Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub
for Smooth / Non-Textured Tubs Only
Bath Tub Mat Non-Slip
Clear Blue
Multi-purpose Bath Mat/PVC Material
Bathtub and Shower
28 x16 Inch, White
Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft
Non Slip Bath Tub
TexDesign Extra Large
SlipX Solutions Gray Extra Long Image
SlipX Solutions Gray Extra Long Bath Mat Adds Non-Slip Traction to Tubs & Showers - 30% Longer Than Standard Mats! (200 Suction Cups, 39" Long Bathtub Mat)
Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Image
Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet (17 inches X 24 inches, Gray)
Great Deal
YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat Image
YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat 40x16 Inch Non-Slip and Latex Free,Bathtub Mat with Suction Cups,Machine Washable Eco-Friendly Bath Mat (Clear)
tike smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Image
tike smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat 39"x16" (for Smooth/Non-Textured Tubs Only) Safe, Clean, Anti-Bacterial, Machine-Washable, Superior Grip&Drainage, Vinyl Bath Mat, Transparent Light Blue ...
AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat Non-Slip Image
AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat Non-Slip Shower Mats with Suction Cups Machine Washable 40" x 16" (Clear Blue)
WoByt Multi-purpose Bath Mat/PVC Material Image
WoByt Multi-purpose Bath Mat/PVC Material Baby Tub Mat Non Slip Mats Children & Shower Bathroom Safety Pattern From Ocean Octopus
ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Image
ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Mat, Non Slip, Machine Washable, Woven Design, Perfect Bath Mat for Tub and Shower for Kids and Elderly, 28 x16 Inch, White
OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft Image
OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft Rubber Bathroom Bathmat with Strong Suction Cups (Blue)
FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Tub Image
FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Tub Mat | PVC- & BPA-Free, Natural Rubber | Original GripTight (TM) Technology | 28" x 16", White
Enkosi TexDesign Extra Large Image
TexDesign Extra Large Long Non Slip Bathroom Bath Mat for Tub and Shower (Black) (Gray)
according to our criteria
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  • Extra Large Size: Provides 30 more coverage than the average non-sl...
  • Highly Slip-Resistant: Made of high-quality vinyl that covers the f...
  • Quality Materials: 200 suction cups help this extra long bath mat a...
  • Comfortable and luxurious - The Genteele bath mat is filled with so...
  • A breeze - machine washable dryable- Machine wash in cold water wi...
  • Non slip and absorbent - The Genteele Bath Mat Rug is backed with p...
  • Extral Large Bathtub Mats: Latex Free No Chemical Smell BPA-Free Vi...
  • Non-Slip Shower Mats with Hundreds of Suction Cups: yinenn anti-sli...
  • Multifunctional Utility: looks like pebble design provide massage ...
  • For smooth bathtub floors only - not for textured surfaces Safety f...
  • Clean: The cleanest bathtub mat available anti-bacterial (anti-micr...
  • Best materials: Highest quality phthalate-free BPA-free allergen-fr...
  • Extra large size: Large bathtub mat 40"l x 16"w will cover most len...
  • Strong grip: This mat features 200 powerful suction cups that keep ...
  • Good drainage which consists of 176 drain holes drains water out qu...
  • Avoid slipping into the shower by using this high quality silicone ...
  • Its powerful suction cup arrays adhere firmly to the tub or shower ...
  • It allows your kids to play safely at the tub and helps seniors to ...
  • Size:16 x28 This bath mat is a great choice for the home gym spa an...
  • Non Slip: Our non slip bath mats for tub and shower feature 66 suct...
  • Our 264 drainage holes provide fast water runoff easily They are la...
  • Anti Slip: There are a lot of strong suction cups at the bottom tha...
  • Perfect Size: Extra long and large size is at 31.5x15.75 inches It ...
  • Natural Rubber and Comfortable: It's made of heavy duty rubber this...
  • Powerful suction - Specially engineered powerful suction cups with ...
  • Excellent traction non-slip capabilities - Modern classic fishbone...
  • Safe pvc-free) - Made of high quality natural rubber and free from...
  • eco friendly 200 well placed suction cups that securely keep the m...
  • LONGER than ordinary mats 40 inch x 16 inch provides maximum cover...
  • anti-bacterial Mildew Resistant Non-Toxic, BPA Free Latex Free Pht...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Non-Slip Bath Mats

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Non-Slip Bath Mats Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 32.50 % (13 votes) Sultan's Linens Foldable Non Slip Rubber Bath M...
  • 25 % (10 votes) Shower Mat by Vive - Square Bath Mats with Drai...
  • 17.50 % (7 votes) OTHWAY Non-slip Soft Rubber Bathtub Mat Bathroo...
  • 12.50 % (5 votes) MAYSHINE 27.5x47 inch Non-slip Bathroom Rug Sha...
  • 10 % (4 votes) MAYSHINE 20x32 inch Non-slip Bathroom Rug Shag ...
  • 2.50 % (1 votes) Clara Clark Bath Mat Bathroom Rug - Absorbent M...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat Large Size 31.5 by...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorben...

40 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best non-slip bath mat, click here to view the poll.

Non-Slip Bath Mat Buying Guide

Non-Slip Bath Mat Image
Picture: Gray Extra Long from SlipX Solutions

A non-slip bath mat isn’t the type of household purchase that gets much attention, but it’s an essential investment in safety that can also make a good long soak more comfortable and add a bit of color and style to a boring bathroom. If you haven’t added one to your tub or shower yet, keep reading to learn more about the importance of non-slip bath mats and how to choose the style that’s right for you.

What is a non-slip bath mat?

Unlike rug-style bath mats that sit on the bathroom floor and are designed to absorb moisture when stepping out of the tub, non-slip bath mats are installed in your shower or bath tub to provide a safer standing or sitting surface.

Why is a non-slip bath mat important?

In 2008, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the results of a study that showed nearly a quarter of a million people were treated in emergency departments for bathroom injuries and a significant proportion of those involved falls in the shower or tub. Non-slip bath mats are just one way to prevent slips, but they’re inexpensive and require no tools or special skills to install.

How do they work?

Most non-slip mats stick to a smooth tub or shower surface with suction cups. These are curved, flexible discs that when pressed on a non-porous surface, create a partial vacuum that holds the mat securely in place. Over time, suction cups tend to loosen, but because pressure is reapplied to the mat each time someone stands on it, it’s the perfect application for this simple technology.

Mats for textured tubs don’t use suction cups because the surface won’t allow them to properly adhere. Instead, they depend on raised, non-skid patterns on the bottom of the mat or even peel-and-stick adhesive. These are suitable for all tubs, but are a must for those without a smooth surface.

Tubs that have been restored with reglazing may look smooth and new, but the surface is more fragile than the factory finish. Suction cups or adhesive may damage the surface and should be avoided.

Choosing the Right Shape

Non-slip mats for the tub come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Most are oblong and designed to cover the greater part of the bathtub floor, but different shapes can be chosen to fit the way you use your tub.

Shower mats are either square or round and have a hole that fits around the drain. These are the best fit for standard stalls with drains in the center. Some come in separate sections and pieces are installed individually, like slices of pie, until the area surrounding the drain is covered. Others are of single piece construction with a hole that’s pre-cut. A few shower mats are simple squares or rectangles that fit on the floor, but these are best for showers with corner drains.

For the best fit, measure your tub or shower before purchasing. Mats are sometimes made of materials that can be trimmed or cut to shape, but doing that may remove the beveled borders that allow the mat to stay flush with the tub surface, creating edges that can flip up and be the very hazard the mat is supposed to prevent.

The best shape is the one that will cover the largest area of the tub or shower floor without interfering with the drain or being so tight as to make it difficult to remove and replace for cleaning. Rectangular shapes are the most popular. These cover the better part of the tub and can be used for sit-in soaks or stand-up showers.

Slim oval or peanut shapes that mimic the profile of someone sitting in tub are also popular among minimalist bathers or those who want the visual appeal of different shape in the bathroom. These cover most of the tub floor, but create slippery gaps that don’t make these the best choice for someone with impaired mobility.

Choosing a Surface Texture

For anyone with limited mobility, impaired balance, or just a fear of falling, a mat with a textured top for feet to grip is ideal, but the texture should be solid and low-profile enough to not cause a shift in balance. Bath mats made for adding comfort to sit-in baths may be too soft and pillow-like.

Choosing the Right Material

Non-slip bath mats are made from a wide range of synthetic and natural materials. The least expensive and most common is vinyl, or PVC. Vinyl mats were once made with chemicals that could potentially be harmful including phthalates, a family of chemicals that makes plastic softer and more flexible, but they are now available without these concerning additives.

An alternative that has recently surged in popularity is rubber. It may seem old-school, but it’s generally all-natural, latex-free and softer than most PVC mats. For a quality non-slip surface that’s also eco-friendly, look for a mat made of TPE. This is a thermoplastic elastomer that has the characteristics of rubber, but can be recycled like plastic.

For buyers with both safety and comfort in mind, new PVC foam mats have a soft, yet consistent texture that won’t cause balance shifts that can contribute to falls. It dries quickly and can be machine washable.

Antimicrobial Protection

A common complaint about non-slip bath mats is the regular cleaning they need to avoid the growth of mold underneath where moisture accumulates between baths. Antimicrobial coatings and built-in drainage holes solve this problem.

Drainage holes allow water to flow easily from beneath the mat, eliminating moisture buildup. Mats with large holes are common in locker room showers and offer the most drainage, but they can be uncomfortable for sensitive feet and they have a very industrial look. Smaller perforations may still allow some water to collect, but are more comfortable to stand on and aesthetically appealing.

Built-in antimicrobial coatings are a secondary line of defense against mold and bacteria, but won’t eliminate the need for cleaning entirely. For optimal protection, choose a mat that offers both features.

Choosing the Right Color

Color may seem like a secondary consideration when choosing a bath mat and for some, it’s just a matter of style and preference. But for anyone with poor vision or depth perception, a solid colored mat in a color that contrasts the tub creates a visual cue that can improve safety.

If you have mineral rich water, avoid clear or light colored mats. Iron and magnesium can cause stains.

Buying and Use Tips

• A mat with beveled edges is safest for anyone with limited mobility. • Use a mat to disguise a discolored tub. • Cleaning your mat with tea tree oil or vinegar and water help kill bacteria and mold. • If your mat has a chemical odor when it’s unwrapped, let it air out in the sun for a few hours. • A few mats have creases that allow folding without causing cracks in the surface over time. • A mat with a unique shape and a pop of color can add decorative appeal to your bathroom. • Specialty baby mats are made with inserts to help little ones stay upright. Look for models with padded extensions that fall over the side of the tub, providing a comfortable kneeling surface for mom or dad.


When safety is the top priority, consider a mat that covers at least three-quarters of the tub floor. Opt for rubber or foam with an antimicrobial coating and small holes. If there’s a senior in the home, choose a solid color in contrast to the tub.

For pure comfort during baths and showers, PVC foam is comfortable, flexible and feels good on skin. It dries quickly and is often machine washable. For showers, select a style with a cut-out hole. Sectioned mats have more seams that can turn up or fray.

Taking a bath or shower shouldn’t mean a trip to the emergency room. Buy an anti-slip bath mat today, install it tomorrow and enjoy a safe, relaxing soak.

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