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The 10 Best Nursing Covers of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Kids N' Such
Bebe au Lait
Kefee Kol
Little Leo
Nursing Cover with Sewn
2018 Nappa Winner- Arrow
Nursing Cover for Baby
BFF Black
Nursing Cover Carseat
Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf
Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding
Nursing Cover
Nursing Cover
Premium Cotton
Baby Nursing Cover &
Premium Car Seat
, High Chair Cover or Swing Cover
Kids N' Such Nursing Cover with Sewn Image
Nursing Cover with Sewn in Burp Cloth for Breastfeeding Infants | Free Matching Pouch- Best Apron Cover Up for Breast Feeding Babies | Covers Up Newborns in Public | Patented 2018 Nappa Winner- Arrow
KeaBabies Nursing Cover for Baby Image
Nursing Cover for Baby Breastfeeding - Car Seat Canopy by KeaBabies - All-in-1 Soft Breathable Stretchy Carseat Canopy - Infinity Nursing Cover Up for Girls, Boys (BFF Black)
Hicoco Nursing Cover Carseat Image
Hicoco Nursing Cover Carseat Canopy - Baby Breastfeeding Cover, Car Seat Covers for Babies, Multi Use Nursing Scarf, Infant Stroller Cover, Boys and Girls Shower Gifts (Feather)
Great Deal
YOOFOSS Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf Image
Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf - Baby Car Seat Covers, Infant Stroller Cover, Carseat Canopy for Girls and Boys by YOOFOSS
PPOGOO Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding Image
PPOGOO Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding Super Soft Cotton Multi Use for Baby Car Seat Covers Canopy Shopping Cart Cover Scarf Light Blanket Stroller Cover
YOOFOSS Nursing Cover Image
Nursing Cover - Breastfeeding Cover Carseat Canopy, Infant Stroller Cover, Car Seat Covers for Babies by YOOFOSS (Gray)
Wsky Nursing Cover Image
Wsky Nursing Cover - Baby Best Breastfeeding - Infant Feeding Cover - Full Coverage, 100% Breathable Soft Cotton, Stylish and Elegant
Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Image
Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover, Chateau Silver
Kefee Kol Baby Nursing Cover & Image
Baby Nursing Cover & Nursing Poncho - Multi Use Cover for Baby Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart Cover, Stroller Cover, 360° Full Privacy Breastfeeding Protection, Baby Shower Gifts for Boy&Girl
Little Leo Premium Car Seat Image
Little Leo Premium Car Seat Covers for babies that can be used as a Nursing Cover Up, Stroller Cover, Shopping Cart Cover , High Chair Cover or Swing Cover
according to our criteria
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  • A patented extra large burp cloth is sewn into each Kids N Such Nur...
  • 2017 National Parenting Product Award Winner made with 100 breathab...
  • The rigid neckline allows mothers to maintain eye contact with thei...
  • Dear customers only buy from keaworld AS WE are the brand owner OF ...
  • breathable - Our KeaBabies Nursing Cover features buttery soft bre...
  • NO see-through fabric - You get maximum privacy while feeling cool...
  • Multi-use covers for new mothers - nursing cover breastfeeding cove...
  • 360 full coverage - If you need to breastfeeding your baby when in ...
  • Easy to use - No any straps or fasteners involved when you need to ...
  • Multi use covers for every mother - Baby Car Seat Cover Nursing Bre...
  • 100 protection for your baby - Breathable Stroller Baby Sunshade b...
  • Full coverage protection slips over any outfit in seconds a stretc...
  • Keep your baby happy healthy - Helps your baby sleep while also pr...
  • Easy TO use Easy to put on and take off of your car seat easy to se...
  • High quality Modern and trendy fabric is a rayon blend and folds co...
  • Multi Use Covers for Every Mother - Baby Car Seat Cover Nursing Bre...
  • 100 Protection for Your Baby - Breathable Stroller Baby Sunshade b...
  • Full Coverage Protection slips over any outfit in seconds a stretc...
  • Skin-firendly breathable cotton: Made of 100 organic cotton soft s...
  • Perfect coverage privacy: Are you looking for privacy while nursin...
  • Easy TO use sweet eye contact: The stainless steel d-ring allows y...
  • Patented Rig flex open neckline holds cover away from mom and baby ...
  • Neck strap holds the nursing cover in place so you can breastfeed i...
  • Two internal terry cloth pockets for cleanups and storage
  • Multi Use Cover for Every Mother: car seat canopy baby car seat cov...
  • 360 Coverage Protection: Poncho Design gives breastfeeding mother p...
  • Full Protection for Your Baby: Keeps your baby from sunlight summer...
  • Multi Use Baby Car Seat Cover Shopping Cart covers for babies High...
  • ◆Car Seat Cover is made for all weather seasons and provides protec...
  • Little Leo's infant car seat cover is made of High quality modern ...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Nursing Covers

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Nursing Covers Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 50 % (18 votes) Nursing Cover with Sewn in Burp Cloth for Breas...
  • 16.67 % (6 votes) IVANKEE Baby Car Seat Covers Canopy,4 In 1 Nurs...
  • 11.11 % (4 votes) Cool Beans Stretchy Baby Car Seat Canopy and Nu...
  • 8.33 % (3 votes) Car seat Canopy Nursing Cover - Multi use Baby ...
  • 8.33 % (3 votes) Premium Soft, Stretchy, and Spacious Multi-Use ...
  • 5.56 % (2 votes) BONTIME Nursing Cover - Premium Organic Bamboo ...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf - Baby Car Se...
  • 0 % (0 votes) MoM-me Baby Car Seat Cover - Nursing Cover Scar...

36 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best nursing cover, click here to view the poll.

Nursing Cover Buying Guide

Nursing Cover Image
Picture: Nursing Cover with Sewn from Kids N' Such

Stories about mothers being asked to cover up or move to a private location when nursing in public make the news from time to time. Although almost every U.S. state has made it legal for mothers to breastfeed anywhere and anytime, some women prefer to use nursing covers when they’re out and about. Breastfeeding in public can be intimidating, and a good nursing cover can make things easier. All nursing covers are not made equal, though. Here are some factors to consider before buying one.

What To Look For In A Nursing Cover


The primary function of a nursing cover is to conceal your breast while feeding your baby. When it comes to coverage, you might want to ask yourself how much you’ll need. This may be determined by your level of modesty, how comfortable you are with breastfeeding and how much assistance your baby needs in order to feed.

For example, you might feel as though you need eight extra hands to feed a tiny newborn. If that’s the case, you’ll need plenty of coverage over your chest, stomach and infant to maneuver. A stretchy fabric gives you room to cater to your child’s needs while keeping everyone discreetly covered.

On the other hand, if your little one is a champion at latching on and doesn’t need much help, you might just want a smaller piece of material to cover the exposed area above your child’s head.


Mothers use nursing covers for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they want to conceal any skin that’s exposed. That might not be limited to the chest, however. If you pull up your shirt to nurse your child, you might want to mask your postpartum belly.

Therefore, the product must be large enough to hide any areas that you wish you protect. Some nursing covers even come in plus sizes to accommodate a wide range of body types or to allow you to breastfeed twins.

Because you likely have to carry everything but the kitchen sink with you when you head out the door with your infant, remembering a nursing cover may just feel like an inconvenience. A multitasking cover can be useful enough that you wouldn’t think of leaving home without it.

Some covers double as scarves, looking fashionable with any outfit. If you use one of these, you might want to make sure that it comes in neutral, chic patterns that aren’t too frumpy. A subtle color and design will also prevent you from drawing attention to yourself as you nurse.

Multi-use nursing covers may be designed to be placed over a stroller, high chair, shopping cart or car seat. You can use some as sun shades or swaddle blankets.

The best nursing covers are lightweight and portable. They don’t take up a lot of space, and you can easily fold them to stash in a purse or diaper bag.

Air Flow

Imagine sitting under a blanket on a park bench in the heat of the summer. That’s how your baby might feel when you use a nursing cover on a hot day.

Look for a style that offers plenty of ventilation. It should have openings that encourage air to move.

Breathable fabrics can help keep your baby cool. A sheer fabric will give you plenty of camouflage while allowing oxygen to flow. Bamboo, cotton and rayon promote adequate air circulation. A nursing cover that has the qualities of a thin T-shirt is perfect. Thicker fabrics are ideal for cooler weather.

Ease of Cleaning

Your nursing cover is going to get dirty. Your baby will probably spit up on it, and you may use it in a pinch to cover a public diaper changing table. A fabric with a lighter weight may not stand up to frequent washings as well as a thicker cover.

Types of Nursing Covers

All In One

The all-in-one cover is a tube of fabric that resembles an infinity scarf. It has an opening at the top and bottom, and you can wear it around your neck when you’re not feeding your baby. These are often stretchy and have multiple uses. Stretch them around your car seat or stroller to protect your infant from the elements.


A poncho style usually offers maximum coverage. These can often be worn as an article of clothing. They drape over your chest and your child when you’re ready to breastfeed. They’re usually large enough to prevent a wiggly baby from exposing you. Make sure that the neck opening is large enough that you can easily make eye contact with your baby.


An apron-style nursing cover is a rectangular piece of fabric with a strap that goes around your neck. It looks like a kitchen apron without the waist strap. The neck strap should be easy to adjust so that you can keep an eye on your baby or pull it tighter when your child is latched on. If this type of nursing cover is too long, it may overwhelm a small frame with too much fabric.

Pros and Cons of Nursing Covers

Breathable fabrics are great, but you may need to care for them gently if they’re particularly thin or delicate. A cover like the Copper Pearl 5-in-1 multi-use cover should be treated like a high-quality shirt to avoid snagging or tearing it. That may be inconvenient when you’re using it with a squirming infant on a daily basis.

A cover with less fabric can feel more streamlined and be more portable. However, if it’s too small, your baby may kick it off while feeding.

There are times when you may not want complete coverage, though. When your child nurses, the infant’s head fully conceals your breast and nipple. Many nursing shirts cover the top of your breast, leaving your skin completely hidden.

As your baby gets older, he may enjoy looking around while nursing. Your kiddo may swat at the fabric and try to remove it, or she may pull it off completely. If this is the case, you might need to experiment with different styles to determine whether a full-coverage option feels more secure or just makes your little one angrier.

On the other hand, older infants tend to get more distracted by the sights and sounds around them. A nursing cover may calm your child long enough to get in a good feeding.

Some mothers prefer to drape a blanket or receiving cloth over their shoulder, covering their breast and the baby’s face when necessary but removing it when the child is actively suckling.

Even if you are comfortable breastfeeding in public, a nursing cover may come in handy. It can shield your infant from sensory overload, offering privacy in environments where solitude is impossible. A wearable cover can also conceal embarrassing leaks if you’re caught without nursing pads. Nursing covers are convenient in a variety of situations. They make great baby shower gifts, and you can always pass yours along to another new mom when you’re done using it.

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Conclusion for this Nursing Cover Buying Guide in June 2019

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