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The 10 Best Photo Light Boxes of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
16" x 16" Table
Portable Photo Studio
Photo Light Box
Photo Light Box
+ Halo Bars (25"
25" All-in-one Photo Shooting Studio
2x50W Photo Studio
Photography 24 x 24
Photo Studio HPB-80XD
Portable Photo Studio Box
24 x 24” Cubic
LimoStudio 16
LimoStudio 16" x 16" Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit in a Box, AGG349
AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio Image
AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio
ESDDI Photo Light Box Image
Photo Light Box Photography ESDDI 16"x16"/40x40cm Photo Studio Booth Portable Table Top Lighting Shooting Tent Kit Foldable Cube with 2x20 LED Lights 4 Color Backdrop for Jewellery Product Advertising
Travor Photo Light Box Image
Photo Light Box, TRAVOR Display Box 16"/40cm Foldable & Portable Studio Photography Photo Box Kit for Large Studio and Product Display, Great Photography Accessory for Jewelry, Goods, Foods (1800LM)
Foldio + Halo Bars (25
foldio3 + Halo Bars (25" All-in-one Photo Shooting Studio) by ORANGEMONKIE
Konseen 2x50W Photo Studio Image
2x50W Photo Studio Shooting Tents Box & Table Light Kits 20x20x20 Photography Video Lighting Cube Diffusion Soft Box Kit
EMART Photography 24 x 24 Image
Emart Photography 24 x 24 Inches Table Top Photo Studio Continous Lighting LED Light Shooting Tent Box Kit, Camera Tripod & Cell Phone Holder
HAVOX Photo Studio HPB-80XD Image
HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80XD - Dimension 32"x32"x32" - Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting 5500k - 26,000 lumens - CRI 93 - Make Your Commercial Photos e-Commerce
PULUZ Portable Photo Studio Box Image
Portable Photo Studio Box - PULUZ 16 inch 40cm Portable Photography Light Tent, Professional Foldable Shooting Lighting Softbox with 2x30 LED Lights & Three-Color Backdrops for Product Display
LimoStudio 24 x 24” Cubic Image
LimoStudio 24 x 24” Cubic White Photo Box Tent, LED Table Top Light with Stand Legs, Mini Camera Stand, Cellphone Clip, Photo Video Studio, AGG1071
according to our criteria
98 %
in comparison
93 %
in comparison
90 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
88 %
in comparison
88 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
86 %
in comparison
  • Contents: 1 x Mini Stand Tripod 1 x White Photo-Shooting Tent 16-in...
  • Photo-shooting box helps create soft and neutral light and minimize...
  • Led Light Stand Specifications: 5500 Kelvin 600 Lumen 120 Beaming A...
  • No assembly required with set-up in less than a minute; Collapses i...
  • Measures 25 x 30 x 25 to fit a variety of product sizes; Includes p...
  • High output built-in led lights for handheld photography with a cam...
  • Mobile Simple Use】Compatible with camera phone pad and other mobile...
  • Flexible lighting】14 led studio lights head can 180°adjusted with s...
  • Versatile White Box】White soft cloth photo box can match with many ...
  • Travor product photography light box can meet your needs if you're ...
  • Multi-color and Non-reflective Backdrops Available】The light box su...
  • Super Bright led Light】Unlike the previous box with the light bar a...
  • Designed size portability - Foldio's unique design allows the stud...
  • Backdrops - Fix the photo studio backdrop in an easy way Attach the...
  • Triple led lighting system - High performance built-in triple diffu...
  • Contents: Contains 1x 50x50cm Round Studio Shooting Tent 2 x 50w Le...
  • Ideal For Product Photography: Soft wrap-around lighting is great f...
  • Modular: Adjustable front opening accomodates larger products and i...
  • Package include: (1) x High Quality 24in x 24in Photo Studio Light ...
  • Perfect daylight temperature for professional images For toy baking...
  • The case is part of the light box which makes setup and subsequent ...
  • High quality dimmable led lights: The Havox photo studio is equippe...
  • Designed for adaptability: Several openings at the front and on the...
  • Easy TO use: The Havox photo studio is the perfect solution for tak...
  • Super Bright In addition the brightness can be adjusted
  • Multi-angle Shooting Equipping with a front horizontal shooting win...
  • Easy to Install All the installation can be finished with only velc...
  • Contents: 1 x 24-inch Cubic Photo-Shooting Tent 2 x Table Top Mini ...
  • White Photo Box: 24 x 24 x 24-Inch Dimension 4 Color Backdrops: Red...
  • Halogen Light: 120v 50w gu10 9.5-inch Max Tall
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Photo Light Boxes

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Photo Light Boxes Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 37.50 % (12 votes) Emart Photography 24 x 24 Inches Table Top Phot...
  • 34.38 % (11 votes) AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio
  • 12.50 % (4 votes) LimoStudio 16" x 16" Table Top Photo ...
  • 6.25 % (2 votes) ESDDI 20"X28" Photography Soft Box Co...
  • 6.25 % (2 votes) Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent, LEPOTEC 16...
  • 3.12 % (1 votes) Professional 24''x24''x24'' Photo Lighting Stud...
  • 0 % (0 votes) MVPOWER 16''x16''x16'' Portable Photo Studio Ki...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Photo box - Lightbox - Portable photo studio - ...

32 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best photo light box, click here to view the poll.

Photo Light Box Buying Guide

Photo Light Box Image
Picture: 16" x 16" Table from LimoStudio

Your photography is due for an upgrade. Not only will a lightbox help you create those beautiful, vibrant photos you’re seeing on Instagram, but it might also help you jumpstart a photography career.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring professional, a lightbox can get you on the right track. Let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect lightbox for your needs.

How Do I Choose A Lightbox?

There are a few things to consider before you buy a light box. One alternative is to DIY your own light box using nylon materials to diffuse excess light. If that doesn’t seem like a viable option, or you’d rather upgrade to a professional style lightbox, take a look at a few different options.


You photograph different things so your lightbox should match the dimensions of the product, right? Not so fast.

You also have to consider the size of paper you’ll need to conform to the box’s dimensions. If your box is a weirdly non-standard size, good luck finding the right size of paper and good luck storing the paper you do find.

Choose one with a manageable size paper. Manageable in this case means “easily available to you” and “easy for you to store in your workspace.”

Adjustable Light

Some light boxes don’t have internal light sources and rely on your own lighting set up. Adjustable light gives you more control over the tone and clarity of your pictures. Some give you the option of choosing between bright white light, which is suitable for traditional product photography, and soft, natural light, which is better for “casual” product photos.

Some cameras have trouble with the white balance under regular incandescent light, so adjustable light sources can help you get the right tone.

Viewing Angle

Most light boxes are open on one side so you can photograph products standing against a background. For most purposes, this angle is excellent and easy to use with a variety of photo devices including smartphones.

If you want a complete flat lay or overhead shot, a lightbox with a secondary viewing hole at the top might be a good idea. Many professional-style boxes have two viewing holes so that you can alter the angle of your photographs to suit your style and purpose.

Power Supply

Traditional light boxes plug into a standard outlet. Newer ones have rechargeable batteries that recharge by USB connection.

Standard outlet power sources are excellent because you always have a steady stream of power and plenty of it. You don’t have to worry about running out. The downside is that you’re limited in where you can operate because you need the outlet to be accessible.

Rechargeable batteries are great if you travel or like to change up your workspace. It works great for those of you who don’t have a dedicated workspace. The downside is your work is limited by battery life.

Ease Of Use

There are a few things to consider here. First, is the box big enough that you can keep the edges of the box out of your shot without contorting into a pretzel to get it. Smaller light boxes take up less room on your, but they can be maddening when the edges keep appearing in all your shots.

If it comes with lights, the lights need to be practical for your workspace as well. Incorrectly adjusted lights mess with the quality and in some cases can add slight shadowing.

Portability And Storage

Tents that fold down flat and store in their own containers are excellent for traveling photographers or if you don’t have a dedicated workspace. With many light boxes, the easier it is to take apart, the more delicate the sides are.

Larger or dedicated light boxes may be durable, but you will need a dedicated space to keep it out all the time. If having tools out all the time bothers you, you might reconsider the permanent lightbox.


Most light boxes offer you the option of using different materials for your backdrops. Cardboard and paper backdrops are the most simple. Paper can be delicate and show any small wrinkle, so you might be replacing it often.

Cloth backdrops are reusable and have a more vibrant look for your background, especially in colors other than white. The downside is that you’ve got to iron them frequently and store them carefully. You also need to be aware that any oil smudge or piece of lint will show up in the pictures.


Price is always subjective, but you don’t have to invest a lot if this is your first lightbox. Some of you may be able to create a DIY version and get out cheaper if you aren’t doing professional product photography. As long as your light is appropriately diffused, you could probably even have natural light and be ok.

Professional style light boxes with lighting included are a more significant investment, but many of them have quality, adjustable lighting and come with backgrounds to give you some variety. They’ll often have two shooting holes so you can change the viewing angle easily.

The Takeaway

The proper lightbox can put your product photography on the map. Viewers perceive better-photographed items as having higher value, so even if you’re a hobbyist, it’s in your best interest to elevate your product photography.

It helps you get the right light and white balance to show off detail, and it eliminates scrambling to find a clean, clutter-free background. Most of them even work with your smartphone, so you don’t have to buy a new device.

Natural light or integrated lights, the box takes care of harsh lighting conditions so you can get on with your business, hobby, or side hustle.

What are you photographing with your new lightbox? Let us know in the comments below.

Your Opinion Matters!


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Today - AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio Open and Close Demonstration

This is a quick demo of the photo lightbox from Amazon Basics to show how quick it is to assemble so if you are short on space then this is perfect. I am very ...

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Conclusion for this Photo Light Box Buying Guide in March 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our photo light box comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with photo light box in 2019.

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