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The 4 Best Portable AC Power Supplies of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Generator Portable Power
Portable Power Station
200Watt Portable Power
2 DC Port
AC Outlet Portable
100W Max
NusGear Generator Portable Power Image
Generator Portable Power Station,NusGear 155Wh 42000mAh Camping Solar Generators Lithium Power Supply with 110V AC Outlet, 2 DC Ports, USB QC3.0, LED Flashlights for CPAP Home Camping Emergency Backup
SUAOKI Portable Power Station Image
SUAOKI Portable Power Station, 150Wh/100W Camping Generator Lithium Power Supply UL Certified with Dual 110V AC Outlet, 4 DC Ports, 4 USB Ports, LED Flashlights for Camping Travel Emergency Backup
powkey 200Watt Portable Power Image
Powkey 200Watt Portable Power Bank with AC Outlet for Camping 42000mAh Power Supply for CPAP ,2 AC Ports, 4 USB Ports, 2 DC Port
RAVPower AC Outlet Portable Image
AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh Power Bank 85W(100W Max) Built In 3-Prong Laptop Travel Charger ( Type-C Port, Dual USB iSmart Ports, AC Power Indicator)[Updated Version]
according to our criteria
94 %
in comparison
93 %
in comparison
92 %
in comparison
91 %
in comparison
  • Large capacity battery power】: 155Wh (3.7v 42000mAh/11.1V 14000mAh)...
  • Completely safe very quiet】: Battery Management System (bms) enabl...
  • Widely range of application】: NusGear 155w portable charge station ...
  • Be compact BE efficient suaoki s270 is not only the most compact po...
  • Plug-and-play quiet suaoki s270 lithium backup battery pack equippe...
  • 3 recharge methods suaoki s270 emergency battery supply provides th...
  • Portable and mutil-functional: 2 x 120v AC power socket(pure sine w...
  • Fast charging 15v/2a DC input: Recharge the power bank faster than ...
  • Pure sine wave: Better than modified sine wave cleaner current in y...
  • New-and-improved version: 3-prong AC output with a power supply on ...
  • Power up Three devices at once: benefit from one Type-C Output and ...
  • Mega 27000mAh capacity: charges an iPhone 7 up to 7 6 times a Galax...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Portable AC Power Supplies

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Portable AC Power Supply Would You Buy Online? (September 2019)

  • 0 % (0 votes) Generator Portable Power Station,NusGear 155Wh ...
  • 0 % (0 votes) SUAOKI Portable Power Station, 150Wh/100W Campi...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Powkey 200Watt Portable Power Bank with AC Outl...
  • 0 % (0 votes) AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh Po...

0 total votes.

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Portable AC Power Supply Buying Guide

Portable AC Power Supply Image
Picture: Generator Portable Power from NusGear

You know that feeling when your device is at less than 10%, and you don’t have any access to a power outlet? It sucks, right? If you carry a power supply with you, that feeling might be a thing of the past.

It’s important to consider a few things when you’re choosing your AC power supply. If you aren’t sure where to start, let’s take a look at a few features you may want to think about in our AC power supply buying guide.

How Do I Choose A Portable AC Power Supply?

Let’s look at a few options.


Think about the devices you plan to power should your supply dwindle. If it’s just a phone, you may not need as much capacity as you would if you’re repowering a laptop. The amount of power storage your device has determines how much power you can give back to your device.

Common power banks have a capacity of between 2000 and 26,000 mAh. The more power it has, the more cycles your power supply will be able to maintain. Travelers could power cell phones more than once with a higher capacity battery. You can also charge higher capacity devices without getting frustrated that it won’t fill your entire battery.


Watts determine how quickly the device will charge. Higher wattage will allow you to continue to use the device even as it’s charging. With smaller wattages, you may have to shut down your device for a while until it’s charged back up. It’s also going to charge a lot more slowly regardless.

If you just need a temporary boost during the day, this may not be a problem. If you need your device to stay online for work or other activities, a higher wattage is necessary.


Old AC power supplies were huge and bulky. You couldn’t just fit them into your pocket. Now, power supplies are slim and some you can slip into your back pocket for emergencies.

Some of them have unique shapes that are suited for a particular type of carrying. You may consider how you’ll carry your power supply, whether in a laptop bag, purse, or just your pocket so that the shape can fit your storage space more efficiently.

It’s also convenient if they have their own carrying cases so you can keep all your proper cords in one place. The power supply is no good if you can’t find your device’s connection or the connection to charge the power supply back up.

Another consideration is weight. The weight determines if it fits into a pocket and is easy to travel with. Most now are very small and can fit almost anywhere, but the biggest, highest capacity power supplies can get a bit heavy relatively speaking.


What kind of ports do you want your device to have? Also, how many should it have? If you’re just charging a phone, a single compatible port on a slim device is probably your best bet.

If you regularly charge multiple devices, you probably need a power supply that has multiple ports so that you can plug all your devices in at one time. Keep in mind that more ports will require more power and wattage so that it doesn’t overload the power supply.

Also, make sure that you get ports compatible with your device. A basic USB port is pretty universally compatible with most charging devices and should be fine. Other adaptors may interfere with the speed of your charger.

Power Input

At some point, you’re going to have to recharge the power supply. If you don’t want it to be a painstaking process. The device needs to have a satisfactory power input so that you don’t have to wait forever to use your power supply again.

Supplies that draw between 1 and 2.4 amps are usually pretty quick to recharge. Make sure you don’t go below that or charging your power supply each time can be a pretty frustrating event. The higher the input, the faster you’re ready to charge your device again.

Safety Features

A useful safety feature for a power supply is protection against overcharging. Most standard power supplies turn off charging once the battery is completely full. Another safety feature protects the integrity of your power supply if the power surges unexpectedly. This feature keeps your power supply from blowing out with the extra power and maintains the consistent charging power required for battery longevity.

You can also get devices that will recognize the voltage and correct the supply, so you don’t damage the charging capacity. All these features protect your investment and prevent you from damaging both your power supply and your device later. If the power supply is compromised, it might overheat and damage any device it connects to. The last thing you want is to kill a device you were trying to keep online.


Price is a serious consideration, but you don’t have to drop a considerable investment. Price doesn’t always mean quality, but the more features you have, such as higher capacity or more ports, the more you may have to spend on a quality power supply. Try to find the right balance between your budget and getting the capacity of the device that you need. It may require some finagling, but you should be able to get close to what you need without breaking the bank.

The Takeaway

Power supplies are convenient and keep you from missing essential messages for work or other responsibilities. Sometimes, they’re also the difference between passing the time well and being bored out of your mind. It’s good to invest in some kind of portable AC power supply so that you’re never caught unprepared and without your essential device.

What kind of device do you need to charge when you’re out? Have you ever been in a situation when you needed to charge your device and couldn’t find a power outlet? Let us know your horror stories in the comments below.

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Conclusion for this Portable AC Power Supply Buying Guide in September 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our portable ac power supply comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with portable ac power supply in 2019.

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