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The 10 Best Pruning Saws of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Home Planet Gear
Corona Clipper
RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning
EverSaw Folding Hand Saw
Professional Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Pruning Saw
Ichiban 13" Curved
15 Inch Pruning Saw
Folding Saw
Curved Blade 8 Inch
Razor Tooth Pruning Saw,
Company RS 7510D
RazorTOOTH Saw
Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Image
Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D
Home Planet Gear EverSaw Folding Hand Saw Image
EverSaw Folding Hand Saw All-Purpose, Wood, Bone, PVC. Best for Tree Pruning, Camping, Hunting, Toolbox. Rugged 8" Blade, Solid Grip - Quality Made for Real Work
Könnig Professional Heavy Duty Image
Könnig Professional Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (RAZOR SHARP 14" CURVED BLADE) Comfort Handle with Saw Blade Enclosure - Full-stroke Hand Saw with FREE Garden Gloves (Lemon-green)
Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw Image
Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (RAZOR SHARP 14" CURVED BLADE) Comfort Handle with Saw Blade Enclosure - Japanese Style Hand Saw - Perfect for Trimming Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Wood, and More!
Great Deal
Samurai Ichiban 13
Samurai Ichiban 13" Curved Pruning Saw with Scabbard (GC-330-LH)
Fiskars 15 Inch Pruning Saw Image
Fiskars 15 Inch Pruning Saw with Handle
TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw Image
TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Curved Blade and Rugged Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees, Trimming Branches, Camping, Clearing Forest Trails. TTS25A. (Curved Blade 8 Inch) 
Corona Razor Tooth Pruning Saw, Image
Corona Razor Tooth Pruning Saw, 13 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7120
Corona Clipper Company RS 7510D Image
Corona Clipper Company RS 7510D RazorTOOTH Heavy Duty Pruning Curved Blade Trimming Saw for Hand Cutting Tree Limbs and Branches, 18
Corona RazorTOOTH Saw Image
Corona RazorTOOTH Saw, 14 Inch Pruning Saw, RS 7395
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  • 3 sided razor teeth for efficient cutting: 10 blade is ideal for cu...
  • Ergonomically designed comfortable co-molded handle: Provides a com...
  • Easy TO latch blade prevents injury when not IN use: Folding blade ...
  • How we're different: EverSaw 8.0 is a high quality tool with a Life...
  • Rugged 8 blade Triple-cut razor teeth hardened to stay sharp for sm...
  • Ergonomic slip-resistant comfort grip handle Gear style lock for sa...
  • High grade steel curved blade - Japanese tooth design provides opti...
  • Highest quality materials - Non-slip comfort grip handle absorbs vi...
  • Heavy duty all-steel construction - High carbon steel blade cuts th...
  • Razor tooth 7tpi curved blade - Curve Styling Makes Cutting Trimmi...
  • Cuts branches UP TO 8 inches thick - Incredibly Strong Versatile C...
  • Ergonomical cushioned handle - Pistol Style Grip Gives You a Comfor...
  • Manufacturing patent saw
  • Kyoku Blade
  • How polished finish
  • Ideal for making quick clean cuts through large branches
  • Triple-ground Power Tooth blade cuts on the pull and push stroke to...
  • Makes quick easy undercuts without sacrificing control
  • Curved power blade for pruning: You can easily cut branches up to 4...
  • Outdoor survival: Throw this lightweight saw in your backpack or t...
  • Non-slip grip: The rugged handle feels grippy and made of non-slip ...
  • Cut twice as fast: triple-ground and impulse-hardened teeth cut twi...
  • Saw teeth are whetstone ground: Set for non-binding cutting
  • 13 Curved blade: puts more teeth into the branch for faster cutting...
  • Remove 2x more material with corona tools RazorTOOTH saw technology...
  • Maximum sharpness: each tooth is triple-ground providing multi-face...
  • Unbeatable strength: high carbon Japanese sk5 steel blade provides ...
  • 3 sided razor teeth for efficient cutting: 14 blade is ideal for cu...
  • Reduced friction: Saw blades receive four treatments that maximize ...
  • Impulse hardened teeth for long service life: Extends the life of t...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Pruning Saws

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Pruning Saws Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 52.17 % (12 votes) BLACK+DECKER LPP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Pole ...
  • 21.74 % (5 votes) Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch...
  • 8.70 % (2 votes) Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (RAZOR SHARP 14" CU...
  • 8.70 % (2 votes) Könnig Professional Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (RAZ...
  • 4.35 % (1 votes) EverSaw FOLDING HAND SAW All-Purpose, Wood, Bon...
  • 4.35 % (1 votes) Samurai Ichiban 13" Curved Pruning Saw wit...
  • 0 % (0 votes) TABOR TOOLS TTS13 Pruning Saw For Trimming Tree...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Tabor Tools TTS25A Folding Saw with Curved Blad...

23 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best pruning saw, click here to view the poll.

Pruning Saw Buying Guide

Pruning Saw Image
Picture: RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning from Corona

Essentials of Buying a Pruning Saw.

Every once in a while, anyone with a yard or a garden finds themselves in a position where they need a pruning saw. You could be trying to relax on that balcony of yours and enjoy the sun's rays.

However, the plants in your backyard are blocking the sun's rays, so you need to do away with parts of the plants to allow you to enjoy the sun's rays. Similarly, many bushes and fruit trees often need to be pruned after specific periods of time like annually. For all these, you need a pruning saw!

What a pruning saw is merely a tool that consists of either a curved or straight, medium length blade that is usually attached to a secure handle. At times, the firm handle is curved to allow a better angle for sawing.

Quite often, a good pruning saw can be all the difference between well-shaped or mangled limbs of a plant. However, with so many distinct pruning saws out there, ultimately settling for one can be a Herculean task.

It is quite rewarding to use the right tool for a given piece of work. The advice should help and guide you in buying a pruning saw.

Considerations when buying a pruning saw. Quite often you may be required to purchase a pruning saw. It can be either you need one for the first time, or you are looking to replace the one you may have bought earlier.

Whichever the case, knowing the primary considerations that you need to address before acquiring a pruning saw is essential. They include

• Ergonomics. These imply the movement while sawing. Acquisition of tools such as pruning saws comes with the idea of utilizing them for a very long period. For this reason, saws need to be able to move smoothly and with less effort. If it meets these, you will be able to use it for a long time without it causing injuries due to how it moves while sawing. Similarly, if it runs with ease, you will not be stressed every time you need to prune.

• Blade quality. The blade state plays a crucial role as the blade is the operating part of the saw. Those poorly made blades will often limb badly. Furthermore, they will dull within a short period and may often have chipped saw teeth. However, a quality blade will usually last longer and remain sharper. The latter is often true when maintenance and regular cleaning happens.

• Folding. The characteristic is a key consideration depending on the type of need you have. If you need one that does not fold then this is not a significant consideration.

However, this is a significant consideration for those looking to buy a pruning saw that folds. It is worth noting though that folding can present avoidable challenges such as the locking mechanism upon folding may fail which may result in serious injuries. Folding may also have its advantages.

For example, those pruning saws that allow for folding can be great when you have to climb or descend from heights since they can guarantee your safety from the blades. They can also be stored quite easily unlike those that do not allow for folding.

• How the pruning saw is used. These are the main classifications you may opt to consider.

i) A pole pruner. The latter is an excellent tool for those branches that are beyond arm’s length. It is often a light aluminum model with a rotating head that is designed to allow you to reach any branch at any angle. It consists of a standard pruning saw which is attached to a long, handheld pole. Its jaws are more robust than those of a normal pruning saw.

ii) Large models of pruning saws. These are mainly for commercial purposes. The saw users are often required to be skilled lest they injure themselves owing to the saw model size. However, first-time users may also use them. Regardless of the user, precautions with these are a top priority.

iii) A straight pruning blade saw. The blade saw’s purpose is for cutting green wood or cutting sap due to its vertical motion coupled with its unique functionality. Unlike conventional saws that have between four to six teeth per inch, saws of this type have between six to eight per inch.

iv) A curved pruning blade saw. This specific saw is excellent for cutting straight through the object. It is suitable for cutting, with a clean strike, branches that are tough but not big. It requires more specialized care and frequent maintenance when compared to regular pruning saws that usually have straight blades.

v) Handheld pruning saws. These are great for nurseries and homes. They are the small handheld pruning saws that are usually used at home to carry out domestic work. They can either have a curved or a straight blade depending on your requirements and preferences.

It is vital to ensure that you end up with the right pruning saw for the work you want to do. Similarly, the pruning saw you should be not only convenient for you but also reliable.

These considerations should help you settle for one that can satisfactorily satisfy all your requirements. Here are options you may want to consider. For this article, we have divided them into three distinct classes that are brought about by the bulk of work.

1. Pruning saws for drastic actions.

Quite often you may find yourself in a situation that needs you to make drastic changes regarding plants and bushes around you. While this can be quite hectic, a saw can significantly reduce your hustle and bustle. Sawing is an absolute essential for these cases and settling for the right tool can make your work easier.

A bow saw can hasten the process of pruning the larger tree limbs. While it may be ideal for bigger arms, it can be a little challenging to use when the spaces between branches are small. A folding saw can be quite useful to curb the cutting challenge. With a folding saw, you can fold and keep the blade away. However, the folding saws are not as sharp as fixed-blade saws.

A Grecian saw can be quite ideal when you are working in restricted spaces. For those places with limited areas, a Grecian saw can be used like among branches. It has a curved blade and cuts only on the pull stroke. It happens because it is where one can apply the most pressure in limited spaces.

For extensive work then a chainsaw can be a viable option. Today, there are powered models, and those that have rechargeable batteries are making their way into the market.

2. Picking loppers. Loppers can be used to saw branches that can be of up to an inch thick. Sturdy loppers are often the preferred types.

During purchase, you should settle for those that are not too heavy and have telescoping legs. The latter can be useful because they will help you reach high branches easily and they will also reduce the effort required to cut.

The former can be tested by merely assuming to use them while they are on your head. Since your work may often entail this, this can tell you whether you will be able to handle them when on top of your head.

Ratchet loppers can reduce the effort required to cut branches.

Anvil loppers are those with a square-edged anvil for the upper blade to cut against the grain of the object. The carbon steel and stainless steel blades will last for a while and should always be kept sharp to avoid those crushing branches.

3. The Choosing of hand pruners.

Hand pruners or secateurs are often used to saw small branches. They come at reasonably low prices and are common among the users. They can make beautiful and clean incisions on the small branches and should not be used to cut thick wood.

The latter will either lead to injuries on your body or straining of the hand pruner which may spoil it. Before purchase, check out the other considerations and how they interact with the hand pruner you are about to buy.

While buying pruning saws can be quite tricky, appropriately considering the various considerations can make the purchase process more manageable. Similarly, comparing the multiple products available in the market can help you make the right purchase.

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The Pruning Saws of Our Choice At a Glance

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Conclusion for this Pruning Saw Buying Guide in July 2019

Finally, we want to present you our rating criteria for our pruning saw comparison, so you can better understand and comprehend our recommendations and the rating process itself. Furthermore, we still ask you to keep your eyes open for short term deals in order to make some great bargains with pruning saw in 2019.

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