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The 10 Best Security File Boxes of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
MMF Industries
Honeywell Safes & Door Locks
Master Lock
Sonoma Artisan
First Alert
Jumbo Fire-Retardant Steel
Security Safe Box
1.2 Cubic Feet
Security Letter Size
1 Each
Locking Personal Security
Honeywell Safes &
fits Letter and A4 Files
Modern Black Metal Mesh File
7148D File Box,
0.49 Cubic Feet, Black
1170 Fireproof Box
0.61 Cubic Feet
File Boxes for Hanging
2 | Neutral Gray
3050F Steel File
MMF Industries Jumbo Fire-Retardant Steel Image
MMF Industries Jumbo Fire-Retardant Steel Security Chest with Key Lock (14-3/8"W x 4-1/8"H x 11"D), Sand (221615103)
AmazonBasics Security Safe Box Image
AmazonBasics Security Safe Box, 1.2 Cubic Feet
SentrySafe Security Letter Size Image
Security Letter Size Hanging File, 0.61 ft, 15-1/4w x 12-1/8d x 13-5/8h, Black, Sold as 1 Each
Vaultz Locking Personal Security Image
Vaultz Locking Personal Security Box, Black (VZ01004)
Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Honeywell Safes & Image
Honeywell Safes & Door Locks - 30 Minute Fire Safe Waterproof Filing Safe Box Chest (fits Letter and A4 Files), Medium, 1106
MyGift Modern Black Metal Mesh File Image
Modern Black Metal Mesh File Box/Foldable Storage Crate/Home Office Folder Holder Organizer Rack
Master Lock 7148D File Box, Image
Master Lock 7148D File Box, 0.49 Cubic Feet, Black
SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box Image
SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box with Key Lock 0.61 Cubic Feet
Sonoma Artisan File Boxes for Hanging Image
File Boxes for Hanging Files | Decorative Filing Organizer with Lid | Filing Box Features Patent-Pending Metal Folder Glides for Easy Movement | Linen Hanging File Box Set of 2 | Neutral Gray
First Alert 3050F Steel File Image
First Alert 3050F Steel File Box, Black
according to our criteria
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92 %
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89 %
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87 %
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87 %
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86 %
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86 %
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86 %
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83 %
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  • Fire-retardant steel security box with key lock protects valuables ...
  • Durable steel construction with double-insulated walls
  • Lab tested at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1.2-cubic-feet security safe with electronic lock and 2 emergency o...
  • Steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches...
  • 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges; adjustable/re...
  • Light gray fire-proof insulated letter size hanging files
  • UL Classified for fire endurance (30 minutes at 1550?f/843?c) to pr...
  • Etl verified for 30 minutes fire protection of CDs DVDs Memory Stic...
  • Ideal place for wallets cash passports birth certificate CDs DVDs a...
  • Chrome-steel corners and aluminum trim for strength; Rubber feet pr...
  • Lightweight strong and durable
  • Molded chests - Honeywell waterproof fire-resistant chests are perf...
  • Features - Fire Safe waterproof filing safe box allows you to keep ...
  • Quality made - As a Honeywell brand licensee we have a responsibili...
  • A filing crate made of sturdy metal mesh with a classic black finish
  • Perfect for holding file folders as well as other items in your hom...
  • Designed to fold up for easy and convenient storage when not in use
  • Storage box: Keep your critical home or business documents secured ...
  • Key lock: Document storage safe has a privacy key lock to ensure va...
  • Carrying handle: Equipped with a convenient carrying handle so you ...
  • Fireproof box is UL Classified to endure 1/2 hour at 1550°f to prot...
  • Fire safe box is etl Verified to protect CDs DVDs and USBs from fir...
  • Fireproof lock box features a flat key lock to prevent the lid from...
  • Hanging files slide easily - Our patent-pending folder glides ensur...
  • Sturdy enough TO stack store carry - Framed with durable medium-de...
  • Looks great IN any room - Elevate your organization with a filing b...
  • Steel Construction With Durable Powder-coat Finish
  • Stores Hanging Files Without Bending
  • Lock System With 2 Entry Keys
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Security File Boxes

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Security File Boxes Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 42.50 % (17 votes) Honeywell 1 Hour Fire Safe Waterproof Filing Sa...
  • 30 % (12 votes) Master Lock File Safe, Locking Document Box, 0....
  • 17.50 % (7 votes) Vaultz Locking File Security Box, Letter Size, ...
  • 5 % (2 votes) MMF Industries Steel Security File Box with Key...
  • 5 % (2 votes) First Alert 2037F Water and Fire Protector File...
  • 0 % (0 votes) SentrySafe Fire Safe, Fire Resistant File Safe,...
  • 0 % (0 votes) SentrySafe Fire & Water Safe, Fire Resi...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Honeywell Safes 1106W Fire Waterproof Filing Sa...

40 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best security file box, click here to view the poll.

Security File Box Buying Guide

Security File Box Image
Picture: Jumbo Fire-Retardant Steel from MMF Industries

Even if your home is already equipped with a safe, a security file box adds a dimension of protection and portability that stationary locked storage can’t. Made in a variety of styles, a lock box or fireproof chest safeguards cash, important documents and much more. Whether you just want to discourage sticky fingers or protect your valuables in an emergency, the right security file box is your first line of defense. Here is everything you need to know about their benefits and how to identify which features you need.

The Benefits of a Security File Box

A security file box doesn’t replace a full-size safe. Instead, it expands on your existing home defense with protection that is both portable, yet easy to access. Consider storing these essentials in a portable lock box:

- Jewelry - Cash - Irreplaceable photos - Passports, birth certificates and other legal documents - Insurance policies - Firearms - Back-up USB drive for your home computer

Types of Security File Boxes

Security file boxes come in a wide array of styles with features to meet different needs. Most are designed to provide general protection against theft and damage from the elements, but most are not optimized for both. In fact, the very features that make some security file boxes better against fire damage make them less protective against burglary.

The simplest types are non-insulated, locking steel boxes for protecting small items on the go. They’re inexpensive and lightweight, but they’re easy to pry open and offer no more protection against fire or water than the steel inherently provides. Double-walled steel boxes offer more protection from thieves and if insulated, offer some measure of fire resistance, but they are typically not fireproof and have seams that make it relatively easy for water to leak in. When more insulating materials are added, however, the weight of the box increases and at some point it becomes too heavy for convenience.

Security file boxes with the best measure of fire protection are commonly made of steel covered with lightweight molded plastic. This allows the addition of insulation such as wood chips, diatomaceous earth, or gypsum, without adding more heavy steel. The seams in this design are kept to a minimum and that helps make some these boxes water-resistant or even waterproof.

The difference between security boxes that are resistant to fire and water and those that are fully fire and water proof is critical. Most reputable makers use an independent testing laboratory such as Underwriter’s Lab (UL) or Intertek (ETL) to certify fire and water security claims. While manufacturers aren’t required to obtain this testing or adhere to the best industry standards, better makers do and a UR or ETL label ensures the product you buy will provide at least the rated protection.

Shape and Size

For holding file folders or large photos, a top loading document box is perfect. Regardless of how they’re loaded, the box keeps them flat and easy to access. For routine daily use, a model that holds hanging files will keep things as well organized as a regular filing cabinet.

For small items, either a top or side loading file box works well, but consider where the box will be stored. If it will be kept on the floor, a top loading box is easier to access from a standing or sitting position, but if it’s on a shelf, a side loading model better allows you to add and remove items without have to take the box down in order to see the contents.

If your box is travelling with you, a model that is taller versus wider is generally more convenient to carry. With a carrying handle on top, it can be held discreetly at your side. Most wide boxes have handles on each side, occupying both hands and decreasing visibility while you walk.

When evaluating box size, exterior dimensions can be deceiving. Well-insulated boxes have very thick walls and this significantly decreases interior capacity.

Locking Mechanisms

Primary locking mechanisms include simple key locks, numerical codes, biometric readers and combinations of more than one of these. Each has its pros and cons. Key locks are the simplest, but keys can be lost and locks can be picked or pried open. Replacing keys is costly and time consuming and a few proprietary models use keys that cannot be copied.

Locks that require numerical codes are more secure, but if you forget the numbers, it will have to be pried open and that permanently damages the box. Writing the numbers down is not a safe alternative.

A biometric lock is a safe bet, especially for a firearm. Access is quick, there are no codes to remember and lost keys won’t fall into the wrong hands, but if you need someone to access your box while you’re away, you’re out of luck. For peace of mind, you can choose a model with a redundant system. The most common have a numerical or biometric lock with an emergency key option. Some models disguise this by covering the key lock with a plastic plug or other device so it’s not obvious.

As a secondary locking mechanism, some models offer optional security cables that allow the box to be attached to a wall or another, non-moveable item. The cable can be cut, but it’s one more inconvenience for a thief and makes your box harder and less attractive to steal.


Security file boxes are designed for portability, but the heavier the box, the more important it becomes to have a sturdy, comfortable handle. Wide boxes or models that are heavier than one person can carry should have dual handles that are placed on each side to evenly distribute weight.

A few large security file boxes have no handles, but come with a dolly that allows it to be moved on the floor with ease. It’s not exactly portable, but it’s convenient for extended use in one place.


At work, the only heat and water protection you need is for spilled cups of coffee. To keeping prying eyes away from sensitive files, stick with a lightweight, top loading box that keeps files straight and organized while being easy to carry. A simple, inexpensive key lock should suffice and an optional security cable is a good choice for added protection.

For home security, choose the best fire and water protection you can buy in a size that meets your needs. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters and may need to evacuate, select a size that anyone in your household can carry with one hand. If you live in a flood area, choose a fully waterproof box. A model with a security cable is a plus — it will help keep the box in place amid rapidly flowing flood waters.

Buying and Use Tips

- Metal handles get hot and cold outdoors. For storage in a car, choose a box with a plastic or silicone handle. - Side-loading boxes are safer for firearm storage. - For use as a cash drawer, select a model with an optional sorting drawer. - Never store keys together. - If you have a home safe, use a security file box inside to get double protection while keeping essentials ready for an emergency. - Fire protection ratings aren’t always the same for every type of item you may store inside, especially fragile electronics or media. - If steel boxes are too heavy, consider a new fireproof bag. They’re not theft-resistant, but are ultra-lightweight and can be carried on your shoulder. - Heavy file boxes can damage floors when they’re moved. Add protective discs underneath. - Homeowners insurance may not cover cash, jewelry and other valuables if stolen.

Whether you need locked persuasion to keep coworkers out of your files or want to be ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you, a security lock box is one the least expensive and most convenient measures you can take to protect the things you value.

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