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The 10 Best Soap Scum Removers of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Bio Clean
Scrub Free
The Bucko
Bring It On Cleaner
So Clean So Fast
Eco Friendly Hard
20oz Large
ScumBlaster: Soap Scum Remover,
Arm & Hammer
Case of 8
Soap Scum and
35604CT Soap Scum Remover
Case of 9
Shower Hard Water Stain
22 Fl Oz
40 oz. Soap Scum
Ultimate Drill Scrub Kit
Bathroom Cleaner 32Fl.Oz
Package May Vary
Bio Clean Eco Friendly Hard Image
Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover (20oz Large)- Our Professional Cleaner Removes Tuff Water Stains From Shower doors, Windshields, Windows, Chrome, Tiles, Toilets, Granite, steel e.t.c
ForceField ScumBlaster: Soap Scum Remover, Image
ForceField ScumBlaster: Soap Scum Remover, Tile and Grout Cleaner, Hard Water Stains, Mildew and Rust, Industrial Strength
Scrub Free Arm & Hammer Image
Arm & Hammer 3320000105 Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover, Lemon, 32oz Spray Bottle (Case of 8)
The Bucko Soap Scum and Image
The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover/Bathroom Cleaner 32 oz - Great for tubs, Tile, and bathrooms.
Great Deal
Tilex 35604CT Soap Scum Remover Image
Tilex 35604CT Soap Scum Remover and Disinfectant, 32oz Smart Tube Spray (Case of 9)
CHOMP Shower Hard Water Stain Image
Shower Hard Water Stain Remover: Chomp Bathroom Gel Cleaner with Scum Shield for Glass, Fiberglass Door to Remove Hardwater Stains, Soap Scum, Calcium, Lime Scale, Grime - Citrus Grapefruit, 22 Fl Oz
Bring It On Cleaner Hard Image
Bring It On Cleaner Hard Water Stain Remover, Shower Door Cleaner, Clean Tile and Grout, Windows, Fiberglass, Tubs, Chrome,32 Ounce.
Rejuvenate 40 oz. Soap Scum Image
Rejuvenate 40 oz. Soap Scum Remover
So Clean So Fast Ultimate Drill Scrub Kit Image
Ultimate Drill Scrub Kit - Clean 5X Faster - Remove Hard Water Stain, Soap Scum on Grout, Corner, Tile, Fiberglass Tub, Vinyl Floor, Glass Door - Bathroom Cleaning Accessory - Drill Brush and Pads Set
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner 32Fl.Oz Image
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner 32Fl.Oz Soap Scum Remover Spray Pack of 2 (Package May Vary)
according to our criteria
93 %
in comparison
93 %
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92 %
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91 %
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90 %
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89 %
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89 %
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89 %
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87 %
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83 %
in comparison
  • Professional hard water spot remover: Get the powerful industrial a...
  • Safe and environment friendly: Abrasive based and made from a non-c...
  • Remove calcium mineral limescale acid rain and rust stains: Bio-Cle...
  • ️ long lasting value bundle saves your hard earned - With ForceFiel...
  • ️ professional grade industrial strength - This is the same produc...
  • ️ all purpose all surface - Throw away all those other cleaners No...
  • Plus OxiClean soap scum fighters
  • Cuts though soap scum
  • No scrubbing no scratching
  • Commercial strength: Dissolves tough soap scum and grime leaving a ...
  • Pleasant: Light scent of lemonwater No bleach no acid and no harsh ...
  • Work saver: No scrubbing required for most jobs Just spray and wipe...
  • Cleans soap scum on contact
  • Penetrating foam cleans disinfects and deodorizes many surfaces inc...
  • Spray every drop with Smart Tube technology
  • Shower door magic: Banish bathroom grime scum and residue with a pr...
  • Multi surface: For shower doors bath tubs sink faucets tile and gra...
  • Added protection: Formulated with Scum Shield to resist build up an...
  • Hard water stain remover - This innovative cleaning solution contai...
  • Shower door cleaner - Bring It On Cleaner was formulated to remove ...
  • Removes calcium mineral rust stains - Hard water can contain high ...
  • No-scrub spray-and-rinse formula instantly dissolves tough soap res...
  • Safe for glass ceramic tile plastic chrome porcelain stone and more
  • 40 oz
  • SO clean SO fast: The brush and scrub pads in this kit come with st...
  • Remove hard water stain mineral deposit: With 3 levels of stiffnes...
  • NO scratch multi-purpose cleaning supplies: You can clean a wide va...
  • Dissolves soap scum with no scrubbing
  • Penetrating foam leaves surfaces clean and shiny
  • Spray every drop with Smart Tube technology that reaches to the ver...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Soap Scum Removers

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Soap Scum Remover Would You Buy Online? (August 2019)

  • 0 % (0 votes) Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remove...
  • 0 % (0 votes) ForceField ScumBlaster: Soap Scum Remover, Tile...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Arm & Hammer 3320000105 Scrub Free Soap...
  • 0 % (0 votes) The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover/Bathroom ...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Tilex 35604CT Soap Scum Remover and Disinfectan...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Shower Hard Water Stain Remover: Chomp Bathroom...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Bring It On Cleaner Hard Water Stain Remover, S...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Rejuvenate 40 oz. Soap Scum Remover

0 total votes.

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Soap Scum Remover Buying Guide

Soap Scum Remover Image
Picture: Eco Friendly Hard from Bio Clean

Soap scum is a nasty mixture of soap, body oils, dead skin and bacteria that accumulates on showers and other bathroom fixtures. Removing this scum can be a daunting and challenging task. Ensuring that you purchase the right product to get the job done is essential to removing this scum with success. With so many different brands of soap scum removal products available, how can you be sure that you get your hands on the best product?

In order to find what soap scum removal products works for you, you have to ask yourself what exactly are your needs? Some products work better for certain materials and other products work better for larger jobs. Once you narrow down what exactly your needs are, the process of finding the correct product becomes easier.

Before we dive into how you can find the correct products, keep in mind that there is a difference in water stains and soap scum. Soap scum can, with the right product, be cleaned. Water stains are typically a different issue and may require other products directed at that precise issue.

What is your shower/bath made out of?

Most people have a bathtub and shower made out of either acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, and steel. However, there are some people who have higher end bathroom appliances. These are typically made with marble. It is important to remember that each of these surfaces have different requirements when it comes to cleaning. Knowing what your shower and tub are made out of is the first step in knowing which product to buy.

  • Acrylic - Probably the most common material for a tub is acrylic. Acrylic is fairly easy to clean and offers a lot of different options when looking for the correct chemicals to scrub pesky soap scum. Most tub manufactures keep a list of the approved cleaners they recommend for their tubs. It is important to find an acrylic safe cleaner. By looking at the back of any commercial cleaning product, you can find if the cleaner is best to use on your tub. Natural products such as baking soda and vinegar are also safe to use on acrylic tubs.

  • Porcelain - Cast iron tubs are a thing of older houses. These bathtubs are typically fused with porcelain enamel. These tubs are susceptible to cracks, chips and dulling of the finishing. It is important to find the right products to ensure that the old craftsmanship of these tubs never die. Finding a non-abrasive bleach free product to scrub your porcelain tub is essential to ensure that the finish is not ruined. Light products such as ammonia can aid in keeping your porcelain or cast iron tub in new condition. Natural remedies like those of baking soda also work as well.

  • Fiberglass - Once again non-abrasive cleaners are going to be recommended with fiberglass showers and tubs. This is because abrasive products tend to scratch and ruin the fiberglass. Look for an acidic pH cleaner to help get rid of any mineral build-up. Fiberglass can also be an issue with accumulating mildew. If needed, look for a product that specifically mentions mildew.

  • Steel - Most people do not have steel showers and tubs, however most of us have bathroom fixtures that are indeed made out of steel. It is important to remember to thoroughly clean shower, bath and sink fixtures when cleaning the bathroom. These fixtures, along side your tub, can accumulate the same amount of soap scum. So what works best on steel? Just about anything. Steel is a very resilient metal. Just about any cleaner out there can do the job. However, it is important to take a look at what exactly it is that is getting built up on your shower and sink fixtures. A common problem is lime build up. Looking at any products that say they remove lime buildup is probably your best best when looking to clean your steel fixtures.
  • Marble - While the minority of people own marble bath and shower products, it is important to note that marble has it's own set of rules when cleaning. Marble is a gorgeous material, however it is also high maintenance material, and it requires special care. It tends to cost on the higher end of the spectrum and it would be tragic to ruin your investment by using the wrong cleaning product. Marble requires pH neutral products. Acids products, even natural remedies like lemon and vinegar, can damage the stone. Never use a rough material when scrubbing a marble tub. Even the rough side of a sponge can scratch this delicate stone. Microfiber towels are a perfect substitute to use when cleaning a marble shower. It is important to find a product that says it is specifically for marble showers or if you must, use something delicate such as dish soap for cleaning.

  • There are a million different products available for a million different surfaces. It is always important to make sure you know what exactly you need to ensure that you do not cause damage to your bathroom fixtures. Individuals who purchase high-end materials like marble need to ensure they take extra care of their bathroom needs. By buying higher-end products to clean their tub, especially those that need specific an delicate cleaning products, they can ensure that their showers and tubs stay in pristine conditions.

    If you are unsure about which products are the best fit for your tub, speak to a professional at the store you are purchasing from or speak to someone who works in the cleaning industry. It is never a bad idea to seek a professional opinion.

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    Soap Scum Remover Reviews & Additional Articles

    New: Our editorial list of additional articles. We decided to gather informartion all around the internet and present you a list of helpful, external links to interesting reads about the best soap scum removers and their reviews and guides.

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    Reviews This homemade shower & tub cleaner cuts through stubborn soap scum like I was seeing dozens of rave reviews for this cleaner all over the web! I've been using this magic soap scum remover for about 4 years now, and  ...
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    Buying Guide Shopping for all-purpose cleaners? Another vanquished soap scum but not other stains, and it was apt to streak, despite a streak-free claim. ...
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    Buying Guide Follow along with our step by step photo tutorial guide to find out how to make the best 3 ingredient DIY Soap Scum Remover! You will never buy another store  ...
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    Today - How to Clean Soap Scum and Hard Water off Shower Doors- Finally DIY

    I've used the vinegar and water method, Lemon juice, CLR and razor blades. My Son brought AMAZ Clean and Green water stain remover home from work and I ...

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