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The 10 Best Stair Stepper Machines of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Sunny Health & Fitness
Sunny Health & Fitness
Sunny Health & Fitness
Sunny Health & Fitness
Vertical Climber Folding
Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable
Fitness Stepper Step
with Resistance Bands
Adjustable Twist Stepper Aerobic
40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper
Mini Stepper Air Climber
ANCHEER Vertical Climber Folding Image
ANCHEER Vertical Climber Folding Exercise Climbing Machine, Exercise Equipment Climber for Home Gym, Stair Stepper Exercise for Home Body Trainer (Blue)
Sunny Health & Fitness Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Image
Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment Step Machine with Twisting Action, Pink
Great Deal
RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber for Home Gym Folding Exercise Cardio Workout Machine Stair Stepper Newer Version
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Image
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine w/Handle Bar and LCD Monitor - NO. 059
EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Step Image
EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Step Machine for Fitness & Exercise (with Resistance Bands)
Soozier Adjustable Twist Stepper Aerobic Image
Soozier Adjustable Twist Stepper Aerobic Ab Exercise Fitness Workout Machine
Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Image
Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment Step Machine for Exercise - SF-1115
Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper Image
Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper
Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Image
Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment with Resistance Bands and Twisting Action - NO. 068
GOPLUS Mini Stepper Air Climber Image
GOPLUS Mini Stepper Air Climber Step Fitness Exercise Machine with Resistance Band and LCD Display
according to our criteria
92 %
in comparison
89 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
85 %
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85 %
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85 %
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85 %
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84 %
in comparison
83 %
in comparison
  • Great Climber Full Body Workout When compared to treadmills and st...
  • Guaranteed Quality Made of durable Steel alloy our climber exercise...
  • Multi-Functional Display and Full Adjustable Digital workout timer ...
  • Twist action moves up and down and side to side which helps to tone...
  • Height adjustment knob adjusts the step motion height allowing you ...
  • Heavy duty sturdy steel construction
  • ️ Aerobic breathing exercises burning fat and calories enjoy the jo...
  • ️ lcd monitor will record your workout time and keep all your fitne...
  • ️ Square steel tube design to ensure stability when you workout The...
  • Lcd monitor: Monitor displays your Time Calories Count and Scan you...
  • Balance: This stepper has Handle Bars to help keep you balanced whi...
  • Twist action: Tone both your core and lower body while performing f...
  • Hydraulic drive system: Built with a hydraulic drive system this wo...
  • Non-slip pedals: Wide textured non-slip foot pedals keep feet secur...
  • Effective movement: Move up and down action tightens and tones your...
  • Durable cardio stepper: The Soozier exercise machine works as a ste...
  • Sturdy construction: Heavy duty steel frame and oil pressure rod re...
  • Lcd monitor: lcd monitor shows time count step/min calories burnt a...
  • Convenient: Unlike other exercise equipment this climbing stepper i...
  • Track your fitness: Easy to read and informative you will be able t...
  • Dual hydraulic: Heavy-duty hydraulic piston cylinders have easy-to-...
  • Independent design stepping action
  • Two adjustable-resistance hydraulic cylinders provide a smooth step...
  • Foam covered handlebars for comfortable gripping
  • Effective movement: Move up and down with side to side action to ti...
  • Comfortable cardio: The twisting stepper features independent hydra...
  • Track your training: The informative lcd training computer will ens...
  • Excellent Hydraulic Resistance Design】Goplus Stepper adopts excelle...
  • Lcd Display to Record Calories】The informative lcd training display...
  • Height Adjustable】Heavy duty steel construction provides years of r...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Stair Stepper Machines

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Stair Stepper Machine Would You Buy Online? (August 2018)

  • 45.16 % (14 votes) Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Res...
  • 35.48 % (11 votes) Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 059 Twist St...
  • 12.90 % (4 votes) Giantex Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Mach...
  • 3.23 % (1 votes) Goplus Twister Stepper 2 in 1 Step Machine Fitn...
  • 3.23 % (1 votes) Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper
  • 0 % (0 votes) Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper Master
  • 0 % (0 votes) Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair S...
  • 0 % (0 votes) HARISON Stand Up Mini Stair Stepper Machine Hom...

31 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best stair stepper machine, click here to view the poll.

Stair Stepper Machine Buying Guide

Stair Stepper Machine Image
Picture: Vertical Climber Folding from ANCHEER

What is a Stair Stepper Machine?

A stair stepper machine is a unique piece of fitness equipment that allows you to mimic the motion used while walking up stairs. There are a variety of models to choose from that range from the large commercial models found in your local gym to smaller home versions that fit nicely into any bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Why Not Use the Stairs?

When you exercise on an actual set of stairs, your joints are absorbing all of the shock. This can be hard on the knees. Stair stepper machines include a resistance piston system. This system eliminates the harsh jolt to your joints. The smooth action of these machines will allow you to work out without any adverse effects to the knees.

Fitting a Stair Stepper into Your Budget

When choosing a stair stepper machine for your home use, you need to find the perfect balance between quality and finance. Keep in mind that by purchasing this piece of equipment you are investing in your health. It is a device you will want to use for years to come. It can be enjoyed by other members of your family as well, and it allows you to skip those expensive gym membership fees.

For all of these reasons, you will want to look for a high quality stair stepper machine. Even though it may cost more, you will be happier with the results. If you decide on a stepper that is too cheap, it may wear out sooner and require you to search for expensive replacement parts. You don’t need to purchase that most expensive machine on the market, but you do want to be willing to make somewhat of an investment.

Types of Stair Stepper Machines

There are three main types of stair stepper machines available.

Traditional Stair Stepper

A traditional stair stepper is a large machine similar to the ones you would see in your local gym. They are offered in the medium to high price range, and they are ideal for any home gym. These models have the advantage of being heavier and sturdier than a mini stepper or an elliptical trainer. In addition, hand rails provide extra safety, and they tend to be the best choice for larger people. You will find that they come in both a manual and a motorized version. Manual models are quieter while motorized machines are often easier to operate.

Mini Steppers

Mini steppers are simply a small version of a traditional stair stepper machine that is perfect for those that occasionally work out. They have the benefits of being more affordable, lightweight, and portable, but you are sacrificing the option of hand rails. Many people like how this smaller version offers a more varied work out than larger machines. If you use it with resistance tubes, it adds a whole new range of exercises for the upper body. There are even mini steppers that come with a twisting action and side to side motion. These features give you a different feel when working on the legs and buttocks muscles. They are, however, not suited for larger people or everyday use.

Elliptical Trainers

An elliptical trainer is a version of the stair stepper machine that offers a back and forth ski motion in addition to the stepping action. Think of a cross country skiing work out. You will get the same type of exercise from this machine. High quality elliptical trainers even have ski handles that go in the opposite direction of the feet for a realistic affect. The addition of this movement allows you to increase the number of calories burned, and it is an excellent upper body work out. Due to the circular motion it gives the feet, it is the kindest of all the stair stepper options when it comes to the knees. There is no bouncing in its low impact exercise routine. Among the available elliptical trainers, you will find that larger ones are more stable, but they require much more floor space.

How Much Space Do Stair Stepper Machines Need?

Mini steppers require the least amount of space. All you need is room to store it when it is not in use. This could be in the bottom of a closet, a corner of a room, or simply slid under a table or desk. All other options need a substantial amount of room. Before you begin shopping for a stair stepper machine, plan on where you will keep it. Measure the amount of floor space in this area as well as the height of the ceilings. Many steppers are tall with large bases. This isn’t suitable for those with limited space.

Are Stair Steppers Mobile?

Even the larger stair stepper machines are advertise as being mobile, but just how much you plan on moving the machine will determine what you actually purchase. Large steppers may have wheels on one end that allow you to tip the machine and roll it across the floor. This is handy for occasional relocating, but it isn’t something you want to do daily. If you plan on moving yours once it is assembled, take note of the machine’s overall weight. A lightweight, smaller stepper may be better in this situation.

What Assembly is Required?

Mini steppers rarely require much work when it comes to assembly, but larger steppers and elliptical trainers will often need two people to put them together. If you live alone, are small framed, or new to working out, you may find many of the parts to be quite heavy. Those that have built up muscle in the local gym will have no trouble putting these machines together along with the help of a friend.

Computerization Features to Look For

Look for stair stepper machines that display the basic fundamentals on an LCD screen. This should include the following items.

• Number of Steps Climbed • Number of Calories Burned • Time • Heart Rate • Distance • Programs Offered

Featured programs are often only found on the more expensive machines. A heart rate is displayed only if the stepper includes the option of being hooked up to a heart monitor.

What Type of Warranties Come With Steppers?

Warranties will give you piece of mind when buying a stair stepper machine. The typical manufacturer’s warranty lasts for five years, but ones that range from ten to twenty years are out there. Check people’s online reviews before making a final decision. This will give insight as to how other people have enjoyed the machine and all of its features such as the following items.

• Ease of Use • Assembly • Durability • Satisfaction with the Price • Stability • Good Customer Service • Adequate Work Out • Did it Include Training Advice or Guidelines? • Are Replacement Parts Readily Available?

Once you have found a stair stepper machine that fits in your home nicely, provides the work out you are looking for, and suits your body frame and size, you should have a machine that will provide you with years of exercise enjoyment.

Your Opinion Matters!


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