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The 10 Best Towable Tubes of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
RAVE Sports
WOW Sports
WOW Watersports
RAVE Sports
RAVE Sports
3-Person Towable Tube
Diablo II Boat
2 Riders
SUPER SLICE Towable Tube
Wow Watersports Thriller
2 Person
Zinger 2P Towable
Rebel 54 Inch 1
12V Pump
Screamer Towable Tube
AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person
RAVE Mega Storm Inflatable 1-4
Rave Blade 1-Rider Towable
Sable 3-Person Towable Tube Image
Sable 3-Person Towable Tube with Dual Front & Back Tow Points, 3 Rider Inflatable Towable with Heavy Gauge & Durable Build, Anti Leakage Inflatable Float Tube with Included Air Pump
RAVE Sports Diablo II Boat Image
RAVE Sports Diablo II Boat Towable Tube for 1 or 2 Riders
Airhead SUPER SLICE Towable Tube Image
Airhead SUPER SLICE Towable Tube
WOW Sports Wow Watersports Thriller Image
Wow Watersports Thriller Deck Tube Water Towable Tube Inflatable Boat Tube, Wild Wake Action - Water Sports Inflatables - Towable Tube for Boating 2 Person
Great Deal
WOW Watersports Zinger 2P Towable Image
WOW Watersports Zinger 2P Towable
Airhead Rebel 54 Inch 1 Image
Airhead Rebel 54 Inch 1 Person Durable Red Towable Tube Kit w/Rope and 12V Pump
O'Brien Screamer Towable Tube Image
O'Brien Screamer Towable Tube
Airhead AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Image
AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube
RAVE Sports RAVE Mega Storm Inflatable 1-4 Image
RAVE Mega Storm Inflatable 1-4 Rider Towable Tube
RAVE Sports Rave Blade 1-Rider Towable Image
Rave Blade 1-Rider Towable
according to our criteria
94 %
in comparison
87 %
in comparison
86 %
in comparison
86 %
in comparison
83 %
in comparison
83 %
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82 %
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80 %
in comparison
78 %
in comparison
77 %
in comparison
  • Dual Tow Point Design: Can be towed forward or in reverse for excit...
  • Extra Large Fun: Big size towable tube measures 75 x 67 x 36 in all...
  • Anti-Leakage Reinforced Air Bladder: Environmentally friendly heavy...
  • Devilish ride: The rave Sports Diablo II Boat Towable Water Tube fo...
  • Extra stability: The unique tapered shape to this tube provides ext...
  • Comfortable: Foam-filled handles are set into reinforced neoprene p...
  • Features a tapered gusset design to provide better towing character...
  • Super Slice's nylon cover is manufactured from 100 840 denier nylon...
  • 6 nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards
  • Wild wake action: Towable water tube has a tapered construction hig...
  • Durable: Towable tube has a heavy-gauge pvc bladder zippered valve ...
  • Comfort and protection: Inflatable towable tube has double webbing ...
  • Secure deck seating comes with extra high backrest and sidewalls Gr...
  • 1-2 Rider Towable 340lbs or 154kg maximum capacity
  • Reinforced front and back tow points with 1 EZ tow connector on fro...
  • Towable tube tow rope and 12-volt pump included
  • 54-inch diameter tube features 4 deluxe handles with knuckle guards
  • 12-volt pump inflates quickly and effectively
  • Maximum capacity - 1 Rider (up to 170 lbs)
  • Quick Connect Tow System - Effortlessly connect the tube to the rope
  • Lightning Valve - Allows for rapid inflation and deflation
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for durability
  • Great fun for all ages
  • Mega fun: Bring your friends Recommended for up to four riders or a...
  • Built tough: Heavy-duty construction with 28 gauge pvc bladder and ...
  • Comfortable: Eight foam-filled handles set in reinforced neoprene p...
  • Blade Slice through the water with the versatile Blade showing off ...
  • 1-Rider 48"x16 (Inflated) Open Round - Heavy Duty Polyester Cover: ...
  • 4-Nylon Covered Handles w/Neoprene Knuckle Guards - Quick Connect T...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Towable Tubes

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Towable Tubes Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 35.29 % (12 votes) SportsStuff 4K BOOSTER BALL for Towable Tubes
  • 23.53 % (8 votes) SportsStuff SUPER MABLE Towable Tube
  • 17.65 % (6 votes) Airhead MACH 2 Towable Tube
  • 11.76 % (4 votes) Big Sky Towable, Inflatable Water Tube For 2 - ...
  • 8.82 % (3 votes) Kwik Tek Airhead SLICE Towable Tube
  • 2.94 % (1 votes) Kwik Tek AIRHEAD SUPER SLICE Towable Tube
  • 0 % (0 votes) SPORTSSTUFF BIG MABLE Towable Tube
  • 0 % (0 votes) Airhead AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube

34 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best towable tube, click here to view the poll.

Towable Tube Buying Guide

Towable Tube Image
Picture: 3-Person Towable Tube from Sable

Watersports provide a lot of summer fun. Towable tubes or water tubing features the modern version of the old tire in the water tied to the back of a boat. Unlike many watersports, towable tubes offer an enjoyable experience for everyone. You do not have to learn a skill like you do for waterskiing. You can just sit back and enjoy a leisurely ride or enjoy the thrill of a more aggressive ride.


The size of the tube you choose impacts the ride you experience. Tubes can offer room for one to four or more people. The information with the tube provides the maximum weight and the limit on the number of riders. Many people prefer the camaraderie of a tube that holds more riders. Larger tubes can allow younger children to experience water tubing. The tubes will not flip as easily, but they provide a less adventurous ride. Larger tubes will slide across the water more slowly than one person tubes. So, if you want a more aggressive ride, select a one-person tube.


The tube design also affects the type of ride the tube offers. Some designs provide more aggressive rides and are intended for older and more skilled riders. Read through the various styles and choose the one that best suits your family.

Open Top Tubes

The original open top tubes resemble a donut. These one-person tubes offer multiple rides. Sit in the middle with your feet over the edge for a relaxed ride. Lie on your stomach with your head to the front and your feet to the back for a more adventurous ride. A larger size hole in the center better accommodates larger children, teens, and adults.

Ride-in or Cockpit-style Tubes

These tubes resemble the cockpit of an airplane. They work well for children and those just wanting more of an excursion. One to four riders sit back providing a smoother start and less chance of encountering waves or wake which reduces the chance of flipping.

Banana or Toboggan-style Tubes

Toboggan-style tubes hold one to six riders. Some larger ones allow ten people to straddle the tube. Since these tubes provide an aerodynamic design, they require less speed to start them sliding across the water, so they will work with a pontoon boat. Remember to stay within the manufacturer's suggested speeds because riders are close enough to bump heads.

Dual Tow Point Tubes

These tubes allow the tow ropes to attach so that the front and back of the tube become reversible. With the tow ropes attached one direction, riders sit like they would in a cockpit-style tube. This provides a stable ride. With the tow ropes attached the other direction, riders sit with their knees bent and their legs under them providing a faster more thrilling ride.

Deck Tubes

Deck tubes provide a large flat surface. You ride them while lying on your stomach facing the boat and holding on tight. These tubes flip when they encounter waves or wake, but the deck is easy to remount. Many manufacturers offer modified versions of the deck style providing riders with different experiences.

Rocker Tubes

Rocker tubes offer either curved surfaces so that riders can shift their weight creating a rocking motion or a flat deck with wings that allows riders to sit up or lie down. Riders sit in the center for a balanced ride or to one side, creating a high and low side. These tubes provide harder whips and twists, but they flip less than open top or deck tubes.

Concept Tubes

Just as manufacturers are modifying deck tubes, they keep creating new tube designs to satisfy the thrill seekers. The designs incorporate changes that add new exciting effects to the ride.


Towable tubes consist of the inner inflatable bladder and the cover. Covers provide either full or partial coverage. Full coverage is recommended. Multiple handholds provide choices of where you can comfortably grasp. Padding around handholds and other contact points reduces wear and cushions knuckles, elbows and knees.


The inner bladder uses durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and most tubes offer nylon covers.

Tow Ropes

Good tow ropes range from 50 to 65 feet. A shorter rope will catch the tube in the boat's wake and cause riders to endure a spray. Be sure to use a rope that has the strength to tow the number of riders onboard. Do not use sun-damaged or frayed ropes, and untie any knots in a tow rope. Finally towable tubes require tow ropes with greater tensile strength than wakeboarding, knee boarding, and water skiing, so make sure you are using a tow rope intended for water tubing.

Following the manufacturer's instructions, attach the tow rope to a designated attachment point in the center of the stern of the boat. If your tube has a tow attachment underneath the tube, this allows the tube to spin. When you are done with the tow rope, coil it, and store it out of the sun.

Booster balls or bobbers on tow ropes keep the rope out of water when the rope is dragging because of a light load in the tube or a low tow point. This improves the tube's performance and keeps the rope visible.

Inflating Your Tube

Unfortunately, towable tubes do not offer a gauge to tell you when they are properly inflated. Read the manufacturer's instructions, then watch for the tube to feel firm and the cover to be nearly wrinkle free. Just be aware that cold water and the sun's heat can alter the tube's inflation. When you are done with the tube, let it dry, deflate it, fold it, and store it where it cannot get punctured and is out of the sun.

Towable tubes offer one of three valves for inflating -- Boston valves, stem valves, and speed valves. Make sure that your air pump has the fitting compatible with your tube's valve, and if you are inflating your tube on the shore, make sure that your air pump is compatible with a power source that you will have available.

Boston valves provide two caps and only allow inflow. Just open the top cap to inflate your tube and untwist the valve to deflate.

You are probably most familiar with the common stem valves. Just open the valve, insert the pump fitting, and inflate. To deflate, open the valve and push the air out of the tube.

For speed valves, just connect your pump's speed valve fitting and inflate your tube.


The first rule is to not overload your tube. Check your owner's manual for the age, weight, and rider limit of your tube. A straight forward ride is best for new drivers and new riders. With more experience, you can do gentle S-curves to move the tube over the wake causing it to sway from side to side. However, with riders under 12, you should never go faster than 10 miles per hour.

If the front of the tube goes underwater (submarines), have the riders move farther back and check the inflation of the tube and the tow rope’s connections. When the tube is again floating on top of the water, you can accelerate.

Always know the preferences of your riders and establish hand signals with them so that you know when they want you to zigzag or increase or decrease speed. Be careful accelerating when the rope is slack and when making fast turns. The effects of sudden or fast movements are increased by your tube. You should have a rear view mirror and a spotter with a flag in the boat. Raising the flag will alert other boaters that someone has fallen into the water. If a rider falls into the water, slow down immediately so that you do not make waves and approach the rider on the driver's side. Then shut off the motor.

General safety precautions should always be followed. Everyone in the boat and on the tube should be wearing a life jacket. You should never tow more than one tube, and do not drink and drive. Drivers need to be constantly aware of other boats, fixtures, and impediments in the water or on the shoreline. Stay 50-yards away from all of these objects.

Using this information should provide you and your family lots of summer water fun.

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