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The 1 Best Two-Stroke Engine Oils of Our Choice

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858027Q01 Premium Plus
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Quicksilver 858027Q01 Premium Plus Two-Cycle TC-W3 Oil for 2-Cycle Mercury, Mariner, Force, Mercury Jet Drive Outboards and Mercury Sport Jet Engines, 1 Gallon Bottle
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  • Prevents corrosion in combustion chamber intake and exhaust passages
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Two-Stroke Engine Oil Buying Guide

Two-Stroke Engine Oil Image
Picture: 858027Q01 Premium Plus from Quicksilver

People who love cars understand how vital their engines are. They used the necessary measures to ensure that the engines of their vehicles are highly maintained so that the engine can be used for an extended period. It comes as a natural affair to preserve the engine of a car for all the car owners. One of the best methods of maintaining your engine is using the best possible engine oil out there in the market.

Two-stroke engines require high levels of maintenance which includes the regular addition of engine oil to enhance their performances. Many people consider engine oil as the lifeblood of their engines which makes oil an essential requirement in your car. If you want your two-stroke engine to be durable such that it can give you much service for a more extended period without replacement.

Benefits of Engine Oil

• Preventing Friction

Preventing friction remains to be the primary reason why your two-stroke engine needs continuous oiling. Your engine is made of several gears which grind against each other in opposite direction so that they can enable the crankshaft to rotate and ultimately to allow your vehicle to move. If the gears are not well oiled, friction will increase between the gears causing them to wear and tear.

• Preventing Problems in the Combustion Channel

The engine works by ensuring that fuel is combusted under controlled medium. During this combustion process, a significant amount of heat is produced which can have adverse effects on the whole system of your engine. Oils have a high boiling point and thus work as insulators preventing the pistons from being exposed to extreme temperature conditions

• Minimize Oxidation

It is common knowledge that fuel must be mixed with air so that combustion in the engine can take place. However, air contains excess oxygen which means that oxidation of various elements in the air can take place hence causing significant corrosion in your engine. Corrosion could be dangerous to your engine thus creating many challenges to the overall system.

Factors to consider before buying two-stroke engine oil

1. Viscosity Ratings

Viscosity ratings refer to the ability of the oil to flow from one place to the other. Before buying your engine oil, it is essential for you to understand and verify the viscosity of the oil before purchasing it. The more engine oil is viscose the high its boiling point and its insulation tendencies. This means that a more viscose oil will offer quality services to your engine. Their viscosity usually identifies engine oils.

It is also important to note that two-stroke engines do not require very viscose oil because their pistons do not use much force while heating. This means that the chances of friction and combustion are meager. However, you should weigh the option of buying a viscose engine or a less viscose engine oil for your two-stroke engine. However, it is recommended that you consider checking on the owner’s manual so that you can determine the recommended engine oil.

2. Oil Additives

Engine oil manufacturers use additives to enhance the performance of the oil. The number of additives in the engine oil determines its effectiveness such that the most effective oils have a high number of additives. Although the oil by itself can perform the primary role of lowering friction, the additives are used in reducing corrosion and enhancing the insulation purposes of the oil. However, the more the oil additives, the higher the cost of the oil. If you do not have a limited budget, you can consider selecting engine oil for your two-stroke engine with a large number of additives. If you have budget constraints, you can go with the regular oil with a limited number of additives as it will play the primary role of lowering friction and increasing lubrication in your engine system.

3. State of Your Engine

Your engine might either be new or old. If you have a new engine, you can choose to buy light engine oil, with less viscosity, because all the systems in your engine are light and can move with less energy. Moreover, all the pistons in your two-stroke engine don’t have any form of friction as their threads are still new. All the gears are moving efficiently which means that thin oil can play the role of lubrication. Moreover, not much oil will be required in lubricating your engine. The new engine also burns fuel easily which means that there is no much heat produced to interfere with your engine systems.

However, your two-stroke engine might be so old such that most of the engine parts are worn out. This is a characteristic that is highly seen on cars or automobiles that have covered a significant number of kilometers. This type of engine requires thick engine so that it can fill on the spaces between the worn out areas. An old engine tends to corrode easily while at the same time producing much heat which can lead to the destruction of the two-stroke engine. To insulate the pistons against the heat production, it is recommended that you use oils with higher viscosity because they offer much insulation while at the same time protecting your engine against corrosion.

4. Types Engine Oil

Different types of oils are available in the market that can be used in lubricating your two-stroke engine. Any oil that you consider selecting has its benefits and demerits. One of the type of oil that you will find out there in the market is the conventional engine oil. Conventional oil is susceptible to temperature changes which means it might not be beneficial for your engine. It requires constant changing due to its high number of imperfections. Nevertheless, conventional oil is easily affordable which makes it stand out among other types of oil in the industry.

The second type of oil you can consider buying for your two-stroke engine synthetic oil. It has uniform molecules because it is made using human-made compounds, unlike conventional oil that appears naturally inform of crude oil. Synthetic oils are very popular because they perform excellently under a varying range of temperatures. This means that it can be used in used in massive and old engines which tends to produce much heat hence preventing the damaging of pistons. Moreover, it is very slippery and thus provides the best form of lubrication. Lastly, synthetic blend oil is the third type of oil which is highly recommended due to its performance and favorable price range.

5. Consistency

One crucial factor that you will need to understand before determining the oil to buy for your two-stroke engine is consistency. It is evident that your car has been running with a specific type of oil with various characteristics. This means that your engine is already used to that type of oil and its additives. Moreover, there is a probability that the oil you have been using has been helping you in lubrication and lowering the temperatures of the whole system. In such a scenario, you don’t need to change your oil because your engine has already be used to it.

6. Warranty Terms

The terms of the warranty may dictate the type of oil that you will buy for your two-stroke engines. For example, the seller of the automobile might have specified use of specific oil for maintaining your engine. Any changes to what the seller has recommended could compromise the chances of being paid if a problem occurs. Therefore, it is recommended that you adhere to the terms of warranty and follow what the manual suggests.

7. Environmental Temperatures

The hotness or coldness of a region might determine the type of oil you will use for your two-stroke engine. If you live in freezing environments such as mountainous or arctic regions, it is always advisable to select thin oils as they will provide the lubrication necessary. Moreover, no heat is likely to be generated in cold areas, and as such, even a thin oil will insulate the pistons against the heat generated. However, if you live in regions where temperatures change from extreme cold to extremely hot, you will be required to use engine oils that are very thick because they can deal with temperatures at a wide range.

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