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The 10 Best Womens Long Underwear of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
Liang Rou
Women's Ultra Soft
2X-Large, Black
rmal Underwear Women Ultra-Soft
Women's Thermal Underwear Set
Blank Women's Top &
Womens Thermal 2 Pc
X-Small, Black
Women's Thermasilk Pointelle
Black, Medium
rmal Underwear Women Set
rmal Underwear
Blue, X-Large
Womens MAXHEAT Fleece Long
Women's Crewneck Long
Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Image
Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set with Fleece Lined (2X-Large, Black)
PISIQI rmal Underwear Women Ultra-Soft Image
Thermal Underwear Women Ultra-Soft Long Johns Set Base Layer Skiing Winter Warm Top & Bottom Black
uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set Image
uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set Top & Bottom Fleece Lined, W1 Black, Medium
TSLA Blank Women's Top & Image
TSLA Blank Women's Top & Bottom Set w Microfiber, Thermal Set(whs200) - Black, Medium
Great Deal
Rocky Womens Thermal 2 Pc Image
Rocky Womens Thermal 2 Pc Long John Underwear Set Top and Bottom Smooth Knit (X-Small, Black)
Terramar Women's Thermasilk Pointelle Image
Terramar Women's Thermasilk Pointelle Pant (Black, Medium)
HEROBIKER rmal Underwear Women Set Image
HEROBIKER Thermal Underwear Women Set Winer Skiing Warm Top Thermal Long Johns M, Black
MANCYFIT rmal Underwear Image
Thermal Underwear for Women Long Johns Set Fleece Lined Ultra Soft (Blue, X-Large)
FITEXTREME Womens MAXHEAT Fleece Long Image
FITEXTREME Womens MAXHEAT Fleece Long Johns Thermal Underwear Set Black S
Liang Rou Women's Crewneck Long Image
Liang Rou Women's Crewneck Long Johns Ultra Thin Thermal Underwear Set Apricot M
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  • 2 Piece womens thermal set - these ladies long johns are ultra soft...
  • Made from Ultra-Soft polyester and spandex the four way stretch mat...
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor winter activities
  • MATERIALl: Thermal underwear set is made of ultra-soft polyester th...
  • DURABLE drying quickly and insulating from the cold
  • Stretchable: Four-way stretch and gives you the needed warmth witho...
  • Please order the size refer to the size chart on the left image
  • 2 Pieces Fleece Lined Thermal Set (Top Bottom)
  • Ultra Soft Warm and Comfortable
  • Please order one size up for a more comfortable fit
  • Excellent mobility and moisture wicking Heatfit design
  • Four-way stretch for unrestricted movement
  • Includes: Thermal 2pc set one (1) top and one (1) bottom
  • 55 Cotton 45 Polyester- new style
  • Thermal knit retains body heat to keep you warm Lightweight but warm
  • What You Get: a Terramar Sports Women's Thermasilk Pants that comes...
  • Made from a high quality 100 Filament Silk creates an extremely com...
  • Features: Thermoregulation Terramar Sports Technology that keeps yo...
  • Thermal underwear set is made of ultra-soft polyester that feels c...
  • Base layer fabric is light but thick which fits the skin perfectly
  • Not only is a warm but comfortable The pants fit perfectly under s...
  • Ultra soft warm fabric Made of Polyester 95 spandex 5 blend super ...
  • Keep warm IN nice thickness Perfect for cold weather comfy stretch ...
  • Top bottom are both included Our womens long johns thermal set con...
  • Please pick proper option you want (Ex If you need bottom only plea...
  • Fitextreme maxheat Thermal Underwear is Made of Premium Silky Soft ...
  • Four way stretch Compression fitextreme Warm Wear is designed for F...
  • Ultrathin Thermal Underwear Top Bottom Great to wear for sleeping ...
  • 95 Modal 5 Spandex High elastic knit fabrics Ultra soft breathable ...
  • Classic Round-neck (Deep round neckline on front normal on back)
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Womens Long Underwear

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Womens Long Underwear Would You Buy Online? (August 2019)

  • 0 % (0 votes) Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Thermal Underwear Women Ultra-Soft Long Johns S...
  • 0 % (0 votes) uYES Women's Thermal Underwear Set Top &amp...
  • 0 % (0 votes) TSLA Blank Women's Top & Bottom Set w M...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Rocky Womens Thermal 2 Pc Long John Underwear S...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Terramar Women's Thermasilk Pointelle Pant (Bla...
  • 0 % (0 votes) HEROBIKER Thermal Underwear Women Set Winer Ski...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Thermal Underwear for Women Long Johns Set Flee...

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Womens Long Underwear Buying Guide

Womens Long Underwear Image
Picture: Women's Ultra Soft from Thermajane

Dressing properly for cold-weather activities usually requires dressing in multiple layers that will help to keep you warm and dry under a range of situations. Because it is the one in contact with your skin, your underwear, or base layer, is typically the most important.

Because the base layer is next to your skin, it is extremely important that these garments be flexible and provide sufficient wicking properties to keep you dry by moving moisture away from your skin. As a result, because you will be drier, your comfort level will significantly increase.

Long underwear should be form-fitting so as not to be bunch up under your other garments. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that a form-fitting garment will provide for a flattering feminine silhouette as well. Additionally, a snug fitting base layer offers better heat retention, increased moisture-wicking ability and prevents chafing. Together, having these properties in your long underwear will allow you to enjoy your activities more and stay out longer. Long Underwear Tops
The top is the first and most essential base-layer garment, as it is responsible for keeping your body core warm and dry. Typically, a long sleeve top is the best option for providing maximum warmth. The longer sleeves will keep your arms warmer, helping to prevent the capillaries in your arms from constricting, and allow more blood flow to your hands, in turn keeping your fingers warmer.

Tops are available in an almost unlimited number of styles, including pullovers, turtle necks, full- and half-zip and crew necks. Many of the better base layer tops are designed to serve as an undergarment, but can also be worn as a standalone garment on warmer days. Long Underwear Bottoms
The mate to a good base-layer top is matching bottoms. While some women wear cotton sweat pants or the like under their outer wear, cotton does not have moisture-wicking properties and can also be very bulky. Bottoms are available in different style cuts, like low rider or high cut. It is vital to choose a long underwear bottom with a cut and pant leg length that will match the length of your outerwear pants, allowing for a more comfortable fit when active. Garment Weights
Base layer garments come in various thicknesses from light weight to heavy to fit the type of activity. Obviously, the more active you plan to be the lighter weight base layer garment you will want. The weight of the undergarment will also depend on the expected temperature. Light Weight Garments
Light-weight undergarments are made from very thin material and will usually feel like a regular-weight shirt. A light weight undergarment will keep you dry by providing superior moisture wicking ability, but will not keep you the warmest, except in very mild temperatures or during periods of high activity. Mid Weight Garments
Mid-weight long underwear garments fall between simple light weight moisture wicking and heavyweight garments that provide maximum warmth. Mid-weight garments will keep you warm and dry, as the heavier weight material will retain more of your body heat on colder days. However, the heavier material is usually not as efficient at wicking moisture. Heavy Weight Garments
Heavy weight long underwear garments are the warmest available. These types of garments are typically made from a special fleece-like material for added warmth. Heavyweight garments are best worn only on extremely cold of days or during activities that don’t involve a lot of strenuous activity.

Functional Requirements


While there are several functional features that make up base layers, fabric softness is just as important when selecting the right long underwear. Advances in new-fiber technologies have made fabric softness an absolute requirement of good base layer garments. While fleece fabrics may seem like a natural choice, many synthetic materials can be just as comfortable, especially when woven with natural fibers to provide the optimal amount of moisture-wicking and heat-retention properties. These materials include polyester, dacron, lycra, spandex and nylon that can all be combined with natural fibers. Moisture-Wicking Ability
Moisture wicking is perhaps the most important purpose of a base-layer garment. Long underwear with moisture-wicking properties creates a dry and warm pocket of air between your skin and the fabric, to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. While outer layers are made purposely to keep you warm, because long underwear is next to your body it must be able to wick moisture away from your skin to keep you warm. When fabric absorbs moisture it leaves your skin feeling cold and clammy. A good moisture-wicking fabric pulls perspiration away from your skin and transfers it to the upper layer of the article of clothing where it can evaporate. Anti-Odor
Strenuous activities cause you to sweat, usually leading to body odor. Fabrics with anti-microbial treatments reduce body odor by making garments resistant to bacteria and other microbes, such as molds and mildews, that cause orders. Anti-microbial coatings aren’t available on all types of base-layer garments, and will add to the cost. However, if you will be going out for extended periods where you won’t be able to do laundry on a regular basis it may be worth the added expense.


Synthetic Fabrics

Long underwear made of man-made, or synthetic, fibers have become increasing popular as the technology continues to improve. Man-made fabrics are generally the best option for underwear as these fabrics offer the ideal combination of softness and thermal-retention properties. More importantly, these fabrics and are specifically engineered to meet exacting requirements for moisture-wicking ability. Additionally, synthetics fabrics are usually given a treatment to provide increased moisture-wicking capability. Natural Fabrics
May natural fabrics have natural moisture-wicking properties, and therefore don’t need additional treatments.


Because it is so thin, soft, strong, lightweight and has a natural moisture-wicking ability, silk is a great choice when weight is an issue or on days of light activity or warmer temperatures. Even though it is made from a natural fiber, long underwear made from silk is often treated to improve its moisture-wicking capability.


Wool is an oldie but a goodie in the natural fiber camp. Wool is unsurpassed in its ability to naturally wick moisture and is also naturally odor free. Because of its strength, wool will last a lot longer than almost any other material. Long underwear made form wool does tend to be a little more expensive, but its durability and warmth makes it worth the extra cost. However, wool can sometimes feel a little scratchy next to the skin for some people, so it is often used as the outer layer in conjunction with a synthetic inner layer in a blended two-layer under garment. Cotton
While cotton is super soft, warm and comfortable when dry, it is a poor choice for long underwear because it will absorb and hold perspiration, leaving you damp and chilled doing anything but the lightest of activities.

High End Garments

High-end, or performance, garments are designed with superior moisture wicking properties to keep you bone dry and will both prevent you from overheating when you are active and keep you warm when your activity level slows down. However, all this technology comes at a cost, but if you are into extreme sports then high-end long underwear may be well worth the investment. Base Layer Care
As base-layer garments have special qualities, long underwear should not be treated like normal clothing. Always read and follow the label instructions when caring for your garments, as different fabrics types will have different care requirements. Fabric softener should not be used when laundering your long underwear as it will impede or even permanently destroy the wicking properties of the garment, depending on the fabric. Also, bear in mind that long underwear will dry much more quickly than other clothing due to the moisture-wicking properties, so line drying is fast and usually the safest option. Finally, never put wool in the dryer!

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Womens Long Underwear Reviews & Additional Articles

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Buying Guide An error occurred. Womens Long Underwear Bottoms. The second important base layer piece are the bottoms. Weights. Base layers come in different weights from light to heavy. Light Weight Long Underwear. Mid Weight Long Underwear. Heavy Weight Long Underwear. Functional Requirements. Softness: Moisture Wicking: ...
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Buying Guide For faster results, lay the garment flat on a towel. Avoid hanging them up as the fabric starts to stretch over time and lose its shape. Silk For silk thermal underwear, hand-wash or use the delicates option on the washing machine. Wool The requirements to wash wool are similar to those of cotton fabrics. ...
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Buying Guide One of the most common synthetic fabrics for long underwear is polyester. Silk's legendary softness belies the fact that it's a viable base layer option for  ...
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Best If you plan on leaving the house at any point, you'll want the best thermal underwear for women that you can find ones that keep you warm  smartwool merino wool long underwearamazon ladies thermal underwearmerino wool thermal underwearwhat is thermal wearicebreakerthe north facePeople also search for ...
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