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Fun & Toys Buying just the right toy for someone is a lot of pressure. It can be so hard to decide if the ultra whirl-a-gig is more fun or the extreme whirl-a-gig. That is exactly what we will help you do before you shop. We labor over these tedious decisions so you don't have to. Let us analyze which set includes more accessories for your buck verses which set has way cool add on accessories that makes this toy last for years. Shopping for someone is supposed to be enjoyable, you should be able to pick our a quality product to match what your looking for within a few minutes, but with so many choices out there it is truly almost as bad as sitting in a dentist chair. You have way better things to do with your time than to sit down and make a spreadsheet over a toy. Let us break down the numbers for you and rule out the obvious losers. If you know what your looking for then at least you can make a decision that will result in a played with toy. Numerous closets are overflowing with unused toys, and playrooms that are messy because the mom and dad think the kids need yet another toy that will satisfy the children. What they really need is toys or playthings that actually engage them and meet their developmental stages at the time. You can give a toddler an amazing robot that walks, talks and computes fractions to the power of 10, but if that toddler is not developmentally ready for that you are going to see your expensive robot broken into pieces perhaps before you even have all the packaging thrown away. Another mistake many will make is to only look at the toy's packaging. If the kids on the package are having a blast then the toy has to be fun. There is a reason that most companies spend a huge proportion of there budget towards marketing. The companies plan out the angle of the toy to make it look ginormous only to have it be only two inches in person. Sometimes not everything is included to make the toy run. Ever buy a toy to only then have to go back and buy the matching plug or specially designed key that unlocks the fun? Buying toys and playthings should be just as fun as playing with them. Don't get overwhelmed by the decisions. Learn from others, use all your resources, relax and then start thinking about how much fun you are going to have or how much fun it will be to see someone else have. Make wise decisions, make educated choices and if you are smart spend time reading other peoples reviews and suggestions on different toys.

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