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In our Home & Garden - Household section, find product reviews that help you choose the best products to make your house a safer, more comfortable home. Whether you need advice on products for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom or which closet organizer lasts the longest, we offer it. The Household category provides reviews by real experts - people just like you. Real people test the products reviewed here and write their honest opinion and observations of how each item performed. Our Household section includes products related to paper & plastics, cleaners of all types, laundry detergents and additives, kitchen items, bathroom needs, including drain and septic care, pest control, and those as seen on television products featured on late night infomercials. We help you answer the age old question of Kleenex vs. Puffs. Which food storage bag keeps your kid's school lunch freshest? We tell you. From the softest toilet paper that holds together to the greenest kitchen cleaner, we cover it here. The review and product comparisons here help you find an allergen-free pet stain remover that works. We compare apples to apples in our product comparisons. Our site considers glass cleaners separately from all-purpose cleaners or kitchen cleaners, for example. You can easily access only the glass cleaner reviews and compare products. Each reviewer receives a standard form to complete that uses a standardized rating system. Our reviewers come from similar backgrounds as our readers. Are you a mom of a child with sensitive skin? We make sure that people with sensitive skin review products developed for people with that need. Using a product comparison site like ours means you don't have to buy a new product to find out how well it performs. We save you money because you don't have to buy and try each product to find out what works best. Let us help you save money by finding the longest lasting light bulbs, dish washing detergent that moisturizes your hands, and a reasonably priced air freshener that disinfects, too. Don't see reviews of something you think belongs here? We might include it in another section, so use our search. If we don't cover a product type you need information on, please e-mail us. It is important to us to provide the most useful, helpful site possible. We want to hear from you! Finally, we'd love to hear your opinions and observations on household products. Drop us a line using our sign up form. Let us know what kind of products you're most interested in reviewing. Also, indicate any special needs in your household, like allergen-free products or green products only. We need your expertise to help others just like you make their home a safer, more comfortable place.

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