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In our category "Pets" you'll find a huge range of various pet supplies for e.g. dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals. As not everbody might know, cats need at least two cat toilets for their own comfort, a scratcher and most important, interesting toys. Of course, you'll also find comparisons of matching cat litter, cat beds, food as well as special meals for a variety of animal diets. For dog owners, we compare hard-wearing dofg collars and matching dog leash. Furthermore, we compared different products for grooming, kennels, dog beds, car accessoires, dog toys, chews and healthy dog food. In addition a spacious cage, keepers of small animals can choose suitable litter, animal-friendly cages and matching accessoires, hay, straw and some appropriate food for their loved ones. The extensive range of products for pet birds consists of animal-friendly cages, perches, toys, drinks, food bowls, bath houses and special bird food for a variety of species. For every pet below the water surface, we reviewed various aquariums, filters, pumps and even more utensils for taking care of a clean, fresh and healthy aquarium.

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