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About Us

Straw Polls For Almost 10 Years

With the long history of strawpollnow.com, we own a site that was a Twitter straw-polling service around 10 years ago. Ahead of it's time, it somehow wasn't the real breakthrough in polling. In 2014, we started strawpoll.de in our home country, Germany and quickly conquered the world with a easy-to-use and ad-free, multi-langual site.

And finally, in 2017, we acquired strawpoll.com to give our international, years-old business an address it deserves. We hope you like it!

User Experience Matters

Truth to be told, there are plenty of polling services around the web. So we try to provide the best experience in order the make you happy. In every step from creating over sharing to evaluation of the polls, we are optimizing the process from scratch.

We're based in Hamburg, the most beautiful city in Germany. And probably in the world :)

How can I reach out to you guys?

You can always write an e-mail to grex@strawpoll.com.