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Our Types of Polls

Straw Poll

A straw poll is a voting that can be used to help people to easily determine the opinion of a group or the public on some issue. Straw polls are very useful when only the majority opinion is important and not the opinion of each individual participant.


  • Private or public polls
  • Anonymous voting
  • Unlimited participants
  • Real-time results
  • Avoidance of duplicate voting

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Meeting Poll

StrawPoll Meetings is a great and simple tool to schedule meetings and other times with clients, colleagues or friends. A meeting poll is very helpful in situations where the opinion of each individual participant is important.


  • Easy date picking
  • Always private
  • Email invitations
  • Votes can be edited later
  • Excel export

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StrawPoll Features

Save money! All our polls and meetings are 100% free to create.
VPN Detection
By default, VPN users are blocked from voting on straw polls.
Our polls run indefinetly. You can change that by setting a deadline.
Emoji Support
We support all Emojis natively. Feel free to use as many as you want!
In schools, universities or at work, set the options accordingly.
Manage all your polls in a single place by using your account dashboard.
We provide an easy to use API for poll creation and result analysis.
We are activly working on more features. Send us your feature requests!

More About StrawPoll

A poll is a useful method to find out the majority opinion of a group quickly and easily. Our web service is designed to make this interaction as easy as possible. It doesn't matter if the voting is supposed to take place with a small, private group of people or if tens of thousands of people participate publicly. With just a few simple settings, the poll is created and ready to share in seconds. To make scheduling meetings even easier, we have created a second system that makes it even easier for groups to come together - whether virtually or on site.

What Is a Straw Poll?

A straw poll refers to short votings or opinion polls on the Internet. Its special feature is the informal nature of the vote, as the poll is only aimed at finding out what the majority of the group thinks on a particular topic. The expression "straw poll" can allude to a straw or blade of grass that is held up to see in which direction the wind, and thus the direction of the group's opinion, is blowing.

User-Driven Development

At StrawPoll we place the highest value on customer satisfaction. And this is not just a marketing phrase, because those who have known us for some time know that our entire product has evolved very strongly and very effectively - thanks to user-driven development. No matter if it's a simple question, complaint or feature request, we take every request very seriously and develop a plan out of it that has a great benefit for all users. Therefore, a user request is not a burden that we have to let the support department handle, but very valuable information that helps us to become even better.

Join Our Community

You would like to contribute something to StrawPoll? Then there are several ways in which you can get involved. We are an active community on Discord and are happy about every additional participant, you can find an invite link below. There we talk about voting, programming and support each other in case of questions. You can also publicly share your API integrations on GitHub, we'd love to see and talk about them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email, the address can be found on our contact page. Otherwise, have fun creating polls!

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