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StrawPoll Meetings

Schedule meetings without any big effort

We have customized our polling software to make meeting polls even easier to create. With a custom solution for entering date and time options and a custom polling interface, polling for appointments is a breeze.

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Choose a title and in the next step, add your preferred dates & times.
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Invite your participants via email or by sharing the link.
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Schedule a meeting in a matter of seconds

Whether with friends, colleagues or business partners, finding a common date in a group can quickly become complicated. That's why we have expanded our polling tool so that appointment requests can be created and sent even more easily and quickly.

Simply access our scheduler, specify several possible dates including times and send them to your participants via link or e-mail. We offer many setting options regarding permission to edit votes, "If-need-be" responses and visibility of the other participants in the list.

Manage your poll results easily

By default, everone can change their vote in meeting polls. In addition, we created a smart permission management system that allows the poll admin to change who will be able to view or edit the votes.

Help center

We're here to help

While the basic interface is kept simple, StrawPoll provides powerful tools to enable on-demand adjustments for many different purposes. Our help center is an ever-growing resource to help you get assistance with problems and discover features you don't know yet.