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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a straw poll?

Per definition, straw polls are unofficial questionings of a group of people to find out their opinion about something. It doesn't want and can never replace official votings. The results of a straw poll on may show tendencies, but it cannot be used to gain reliable information about the outcome of a political poll.

Is free to use?

Of course it is. You will never be charged for creating polls on, so feel free to add as many as you want. At this very moment, we also do not use any ad banners to monetize our site, but this might change as server costs may increase.

Can I share screenshots of

Yes, you're very welcome to share screenshots of a straw poll, but please make sure you'll add a link to the poll for reference anywhere near the screenshot.

How to report a harmful/illegal poll?

It's very easy to report a poll: Just use the link on the bottom right of this page where it says "report poll". After adding some reasons to make it easier for us to review the report, we'll consider removing the poll from our site.