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Fantasy Grounds College is in serious need of your input and your voice regarding the intermediate future of our current branding, community visibility, and overall external perception. What do you think? 1.) We can leave our current branding as is, much easier. (Fantasy Grounds College) Status Quo. 2.) We initially intended to switch to "FGU", (Fantasy Grounds University) to reflect growth and parity. No doubt to create name & topic confusion synonymous to Fantasy Grounds Unity. More work and investment. 3.) We have a newly proposed change to switch to "Fantasy Grounds Community". The 'school or college' moniker may perpetuate the perception of complexity for the Fantasy Grounds product & brand, and be very off-putting for newer users. This potential; change might give us some direct support and visibility, but at the risk of losing our own earned visibility in our community as an educational and a much more focused Discord community of volunteers, rather than just another gaming community. Please Vote if you can!
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