About StrawPoll

StrawPoll is maintained by Gregor Krambs. Yep, that's me. I'm a full stack developer and solopreneur living in Hamburg, Germany. In late 2019, a new version of StrawPoll was released. If you're not interested in tech stacks, please continue below. Otherwise, we're proud to say that the new version is based on a Nuxt.js frontend framework, communicating with an (almost-) RESTful API backend running on Perl Dancer2. Everything's behind a nginx reverse proxy, of course. The layout is heavily based on the Bulma and buefy css frameworks. It's obvious that we love the Fontawesome icons and for pie charts, we always go for Chart.js. We hope you like everything working together!

Online polls for more than ten years

With the long history of strawpollnow.com, we own a site that started as a Twitter polling service around ten years ago. Ahead of it's time, it somehow wasn't the real breakthrough in online polls. In 2014, we started strawpoll.de in our home country, Germany, and quickly conquered the world with a easy-to-use and ad-free, multi-langual site. A lot of people even outside of Germany used the german based website, so we thought about our options to go international.
It took it's time to negotiate, but finally in 2017, we acquired strawpoll.com to give our international, years-old business an address it deserves. Since then, we just grew bigger and bigger.

User experience matters

Truth to be told, there are plenty of online polling services around the web. To be different (and better) than others, we try to provide the best experience, easy navigation and fast sharing possibilities. Just to make sure you and your voters are always happy to use our service. In every step from creating to sharing to evaluation of your polls, we are optimizing the process from scratch. If you think anything could be done better, we are always open to hear from you!

Fighting voter fraud matters even more

The most important part of running a successful online polling platform is fighting vote rigging at all fronts. After getting voting bots and script under control, the next big thing was changing IP-adresses via VPN or proxies. We're happy to announce that we have implemented a VPN detection system in our backend to lock out all the fake votes from VPN users. Keep polling!

How can I reach out to you guys?

We are very open to new people saying hellp, you can always write an e-mail to grex@strawpoll.com. But keep in mind that we do NOT publish paid content, so please stop bothering us with that type of spam.