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Choose a deadline for your poll in the settings.
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How to Use Our Poll Maker

Regardless of whether it's a short survey with friends or solving an eternal discussion in your message board - helps you to find the answer quickly and easily. Or have you always wanted to know what your followers really think? You can create a poll here in seconds, without any login or registration. We also offer a poll management tool that requires a login, but that's not a must in order to use StrawPoll. The best thing about StrawPoll: All polling functions and the dashboard are 100% free.

Step-By-Step Guide for Newcomers

In case you never created a poll on StrawPoll before, it might be a good start to read the instructions below. Don't worry, it's just a simple two-step process that you'll get used to very quickly.

Step 1: Ask a question and choose answer options

The first step of creating a poll is entering the question you want to ask. A recommendation is to keep it short and on point, there will be an option to add a description text later on, where you can explain further details of your concern. Furthermore, make sure that you add all the answer options you can think of, since you can't change them later. Otherwise, the poll results might be falsified for users that voted before the change.

Step 2: Review the settings and create the poll

As soon as your question and your answer options are good to go, have a look at the settings below. Here is a little overview of the settings you can choose from (don't forget the advanced settings for special features) and their explanations:

  • Private or Public

    If you want to keep the poll private to a little audience, make sure to check this option. Beware: Regardless of this option, as soon as you share the poll link publicly on the internet, search engines will be part of your "little audience".

  • Single- or Multiple-Choice

    By default, each voter can only pick one answer option. By setting your poll to multiple-choice, your participants can choose as many answer options as they want in a single vote.

  • Multiple Votes From One IP

    In order to stop vote manipulation, each participant can only vote one time. Normally, this is controlled by checking the IP-address of the voter's device. But there are many places where a lot of devices have the same IP, like in schools, universities or at work. Therefore, you can choose this settings to enable cookie-based user-detection. We do not recommend this feature to be used in large public polls, since the poll results can be manipulated far easier with this setting enabled.

  • Deadline

    Some polls require a specific date to end. You can easily choose this date by clicking the "Advanced Options" button and picking a date. After this date, the poll will be closed and nobody will be able to vote on it anymore.

  • Poll Image

    "A picture says more than thousand words". We offer the option to upload a single image from your device that will be displayed between the poll question and it's answer options.

  • Allow VPN Users to Vote

    To prevent duplicate votes, we implemented a system to detect and block VPN users from voting on our polls. If you're aware of the effects, we do not stop you from disabling this feature. But we're confident that this in one main feature of providing our service.

  • Voters Must Enter Their Name

    You can choose that all participants have to enter their name while voting on your poll. That makes it easier to see who has already voted and who has not. But it doesn't really make sense in large public polls.

After reviewing your settings, you're good to go! Hit the "Create Poll" button be ready to share the poll link with your participants. As an optional feature, you can now add a description to your poll if you like.