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How to Use StrawPoll's Meeting Scheduler

StrawPoll Meetings is a simple and easy way to schedule your next meeting. No matter whether for the next meeting with your business partners, colleagues or just the next date with friends, we offer you a simple tool to quickly and efficiently find out which is the most suitable date for it. The process of scheduling a meeting can be done without login or signup, but we do offer a dashboard for registered users where you can manage all the polls and meetings you created so far. The usage of StrawPoll Meetings is 100% free, and we're happy to further develop the app suitable to your needs, so feel free to contact us about feature requests.

Step-By-Step Guide for Newcomers

In case you never scheduled a meeting on StrawPoll before, it might be a good start to read the instructions below. It's a simple two-step process that should be more or less self-explanatory. Either way, you'll get used to very quickly.

Every appointment survey needs a title. The location and description are optional. So as soon as you have chosen a meaningful title, you can click on "Continue", where all possible dates and times will be added one by one.
As you can see above, dates are added by selecting a day in the calendar on the left. For each date, you can select different times on the right. However, the selection of times is optional. As long as no specific time is specified, the date is counted as "full day" without further information. All dates and times are saved in your timezone and displayed accordingly for users in other timezones. After clicking "Continue" on the second step, you will be redirected to your freshly created meeting schedule where you can fill out your own info and share the link with others.

Edit Dates or Set Option Limits

Ever wanted to edit a meeting, it's dates or set a limit to your options to set a maximum number of participants? Just scroll down on your meeting page and find your admin tools with lots of possibilities to ticker with your meeting settings even more.