What Lua do you want NQ to prioritize?

NQ could probably use a little help with what to prioritize. So here I am. I've made this so we, the Lua community, can vote on what you want NQ-Ligo, NQ-Deckard and whomever else is on the team to focus on. I've excluded screen API stuff for now. Camera Data (Position, orientation, mode, etc.) https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/2 Lua Market/Lua DRM/Ways to Sell Lua https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/126657/lua-floppy-disk https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/125454/lua-library https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/32 https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/13 https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/14 Input Exposure (More Inputs) https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/7 https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/3 Time/Date Library. (or API) https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/131566/lua-gettimeserver https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/33 https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/25 Change Container Inventory Acquisition https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/23 Get Name Of Current Construct https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/19 Audio Playback https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/11 Wallet API https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/5 Documentation of Overload Conditions https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/27 Lua Elementification https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/17 Lua RDMS https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/12 Hide Build Helper through Lua https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/1 Industry Item Library (Schematics and Items) https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/31 Player Skill Library https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/31 Enhanced Industry API https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/125692/improve-industry-lua-and-link-system https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/124951/improved-lua-control-of-industry-elements Market API https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/125833/market-price-trade-and-volume-data-visualization-andor-api RDMS API https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/124999/more-lua-api-related-content Lua C Methods https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/146125/lua-replace-dkjson-by-a-c-based-version-to-improve-performance https://github.com/Archaegeo/DualUniverseLuaIssues/issues/22 Further Enhanced Scanner API https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/131369/add-lua-api-to-scanner-results-ability-to-export-the-data-from-the-game Dispenser API (Setting Prices, getting item sold, events etc.)
Choose one or more answers:
Camera Data (Position, orientation, mode, etc.)
Lua Market/Lua DRM/Ways to Sell Lua
Input Exposure (More Inputs)
Time/Date Library (or API)
Change Container Inventory Acquisition
Get Name of Current Construct (Added!)
Audio Playback
Wallet API
Documentation of Overload Conditions
Lua Elementification
Hide Build Helper through Lua
Industry Item Library (Schematics and Items)
Player Skill Library
Enhanced Industry API (?)
Market API
General RDMS API
Lua C Methods
Further Enhanced Scanner API
Dispenser API
Setting Memory and Instruction Count Lua Limits
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