Cheapest Motorcycle: Budget-Friendly Rides for Beginners

We have researched 11 motorcycles for you.

For those with a passion for two-wheeled travel, finding a ride that fits both your lifestyle and budget can be a challenge. As prices for new motorcycles soar, savvy riders are on the hunt for options that won't break the bank.

This guide is tailored for enthusiasts looking to maximize their investment without compromising on the thrill of the ride. We'll explore a range of motorcycles that promise both affordability and reliability, ensuring you can hit the open road without draining your wallet.
Pictured: Shulemin 50CC Kids Motorcycle Gas Pow...

What to Look for in Cheapest Motorcycles

Important criteria

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Affordable Spare Parts
  • Reliability
  • Good Resale Value
  • Availability of Service Centers

1.) Mechanical Condition

When considering the purchase of the cheapest motorcycle, ensure that it is in good mechanical condition. Check for any leaks, unusual engine noises, or irregularities in the transmission. It's advisable to take the motorcycle for a test ride to examine its performance and assess whether its engine and brakes are functioning smoothly. The cost of repairs for issues not initially obvious can quickly accumulate, potentially making a low-cost motorcycle more expensive in the long run.

2.) Maintenance History

Research the motorcycle's maintenance history to ensure it has been well-cared for. Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and reliability of a motorcycle. Ask the seller for service records and receipts, and check the intervals at which the oil and filters were changed, as well as the history of any major repairs or part replacements. A motorcycle with a spotty or unknown maintenance history could lead to unexpected failures and costly maintenance.
Pictured: Shulemin 50CC Kids Motorcycle Gas Pow...

3.) Safety and Legal Considerations

Safety cannot be compromised when buying the cheapest motorcycle. Evaluate the condition of safety components such as tires, brakes, lights, and suspension. Ensure that the motorcycle complies with safety standards and has passed any required inspections. Also, verify that the vehicle has a clear title, as any legal issues associated with the motorcycle could result in additional expenses or inability to properly register and insure the bike.

The Cheapest Motorcycles of our Choice

Our Pick
HHH Vitacci GTX 250 EFI Motorcycle
Type/Color: Red Size: Extra large
  • GTX 250 High Performance 6 speed EFI Electronic Fuel Injection motorcycle
  • EFI system replaces carburetor, no fuel float, fewer problems
  • 6 Speed manual transmission for fuel efficiency at highway speeds
  • No carburetor maintenance or replacement costs, reduced servicing
  • Sealed fuel system prevents bad gasoline, less servicing needed
  • High-capacity 4.75 gallon fuel tank and 17" tires for traction
  • ECU monitors engine sensors, delivers precise fuel and air ratio
  • Improved fuel economy up to 25%, emissions control up to 20%
  • Reliable electric starter with CDI ignition, strong brakes
  • ECU ensures engine runs at optimal level, many advantages
  • Delivery appointment requires a working phone number
$ 2125.00 *
X-PRO X25 125cc Cafe Cruiser Racer
Type/Color: black
  • 125cc Motorcycle for street use, not highway.
  • Front and Rear 17" tires for great traction.
  • Large headlight and tail light for nighttime visibility.
  • Wide, thickly padded seat for comfort and style.
  • Assembly required: handle bar, wheels, brakes, etc.
$ 859.00 *
Shulemin 50CC Kids Motorcycle Gas Powered
Type/Color: Black Size: Small
  • Powerful 2 Stroke Design with 49cc engine
  • Cool design for fun road-racing action
  • Safety with Dual Headlights & Disk Brakes
  • Easy, smooth, stable with adjustable handlebars
  • Compact design for kids 5-15 years old
  • Fast delivery & comprehensive after-sales consultation
$ 175.00 *
Price Pick
Hesitroad Pocket Gas Motorbike,2-Stroke 49cc High
  • Gas-powered 49cc mini pocket bike
  • 2-stroke engine delivers powerful performance
  • Sleek windshield and fashionable appearance
  • High brightness dual headlights for clear visibility
  • Anti-slip rubber handlebar for easy operation
  • Front and rear wheel disk brakes for safety
  • Angle adjustable handlebars for customization
  • Rigid steel frame for durability
  • Suitable for kids 5-15 years old
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate riders
$ 169.99 *
tulkdexi Mini Dirt Bike for Kids & Adults
  • Sleek & stylish design with cool painted housing.
  • Safe braking with strong dual disc brakes.
  • Sturdy alloy handlebars and one-click start switch.
  • Powerful 49cc 2-stroke engine for thrilling rides.
  • Compact and portable for young riders.
  • Suitable for youth and children with steady acceleration.
$ 199.99 *
Washranp Mini Motorcycle for Adults 50CC Dirt Bike 4
Type/Color: Black Size: Small
  • 4-Stroke engine for comfort and less vibration.
  • Cool design with fashionable appearance and lightweight structure.
  • Strong dual front/rear disc brake system for maximum control.
  • Safe, durable, and non-toxic steel frame construction.
  • Suitable for kids up to 170 lbs weight limit.
$ 385.00 *
HYPER GOGO Electric Motorcycle for Kids
Type/Color: Black Size: Large
  • Good "Playmate" for your kid
  • Provides 60 minutes of riding time
  • Covers a distance of 10 miles
  • Safe with 3 speed limit options
  • Speeding alarm for extra protection
  • Adjustable handlebars for different heights
  • Suitable for kids and teens from 3'11''-5'3''
  • Durable iron alloy framework with max load capacity of 143lb
  • Classic retro design for charismatic style
  • Full refund or replacement within 3 months
  • Lifetime customer service and tech support
$ 299.99 *
X-Pro 250cc 6 Speed EFI Fuel
Model: MC-N366 Type/Color: Red Size: Red
  • 6 Speed manual transmission for fuel efficiency.
  • 17" front and rear tires for off-road adventures.
  • Equipped with a 223cc engine for versatility.
  • Shipped 95% assembled for easy setup.
$ 2129.00 *
HHH Vitacci Titan 250 EFI Motorcycle
Model: TITAN Type/Color: Black Size: Extra large
  • Designed for sports riding with rugged steel frame
  • Rugged mono-shock rear suspension for cornering confidence
  • Perfect choice for new or returning riders, affordable
  • New dual LED headlights for increased visibility
  • Comfortable riding position for commuting or canyon cruising
  • Sporty bodywork inspired by top sports bike models
  • Improved muffler enhances performance and sound quality
  • Smooth 6-speed manual transmission for better shifting
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and electric start for convenience
  • Maintenance-free CDI ignition switch key for added security
  • Built with a heavy-duty steel frame for sturdiness
  • High-performance exhaust enhances bike's performance and style
  • Front hydraulic disc brakes for faster stopping power
  • On-road safety features include high/low beam and turn signals
$ 2249.00 *
HHH 250cc Motorcycle Model RPS Magician
Type/Color: Black Size: X-Large
  • Easy-to-ride, inexpensive street legal dirt bike.
  • 250cc 5-Speed Manual Transmission and heavy-duty clutch.
  • Big Wheel, Huge Size for comfortable riding experience.
  • Equipped with a 250cc 4 stroke engine.
  • Perfect for riding off and on road.
  • Great choice for school, city, or trail riding.
  • Some assembly required: Handle bar brackets, wheels.
  • Front Tire: 100/80-19 / Rear Tire: 120/90-16
  • Brakes Front: Hydraulic Disc / Brakes Rear: Hydraulic Disc
$ 1375.00 *
HHH 125cc Motorcycle with Manual Transmission
Type/Color: Black Size: X-Large
  • Upgraded LED Lights
  • Super bright with sporty look
  • Overall dimensions = 83 x 21 x 45 inches
  • High performance exhaust pipe
  • Increases back pressure for better acceleration
  • Aggressive deep tone sounding
  • Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Front Tire 110/70-17 and Rear Tire 140/70-17 inches
  • Adults 125cc Gas Bike
  • Performance styled handlebar grips and air filter
  • Higher quality with better gripping materials
  • Stylish finishes
  • Some assembly required
  • Handle bar brackets, wheels, brakes, number plate
  • Please add a working phone number for delivery appointment
$ 1275.00 *

Top Choices for Affordable Motorcycles

Budget-Conscious Beginners
If you're new to the world of motorcycles and looking for a ride that won't break the bank, there are options out there tailored for you. Start your journey with a motorcycle that offers simplicity and ease of use, perfect for honing your riding skills without a significant investment.
Economy Minded Commuters
Daily commuters in need of a reliable and economical option can find motorcycles that blend fuel efficiency with affordability. These motorcycles are designed for the practical rider who values consistency and low running costs over high performance.
Adventure Seekers on a Budget
Thrill-seekers looking for adventure motorcycles at a minimal investment have a variety of choices. Tackle diverse terrains and long journeys with these cost-effective models that are built for durability and adventure without a hefty price tag.
City Riders Looking for Value
City riders in search of an affordable motorcycle that is stylish, nimble, and practical for urban environments need to look no further. Discover motorcycles that offer the perfect blend of functionality and city appeal at a price that's hard to beat.

Questions You Might Ask

There are various types of motorcycles to consider, including cruisers, sportbikes, touring motorcycles, standard bikes, dual-sport (or adventure) bikes, and dirt bikes. Each type caters to different riding styles and purposes. Cruisers are great for relaxed rides, sportbikes are designed for speed and agility, touring motorcycles offer comfort for long trips, standard bikes are versatile for everyday use, dual-sport bikes are suitable for on- and off-road experiences, and dirt bikes are built for off-road trails.
When choosing the size and power of the motorcycle, consider your riding experience, body size, and what you'll be using the bike for. Beginners should start with a bike that has a smaller engine (250cc to 500cc) as they are easier to handle and more forgiving. More experienced riders might opt for a larger engine for more power. Additionally, make sure the size of the bike fits your body comfortably for better control and safety.
Buying a used motorcycle can be a great option, especially if you're on a budget or new to riding. It allows you to get more bike for your money and the depreciation hit is absorbed by the first owner. However, it's important to thoroughly inspect the bike or have it checked by a professional mechanic to ensure it's in good condition and doesn't have any hidden issues that could become expensive problems later on.
A test ride is crucial because it helps you feel the bike's handling, ergonomics, performance, and any potential issues that might not be apparent at a standstill. It allows you to determine if the motorcycle suits your riding style and is comfortable for you. Never skip a test ride, as what looks good on paper may not feel right in practice.
The cost of maintenance and insurance is very important to consider as it impacts the total cost of ownership. Maintenance costs can vary greatly depending on the type of motorcycle and how it's used. Sportbikes typically require more frequent service than cruisers. Additionally, insurance premiums can be significantly higher for high-performance bikes and for riders with less experience. Always budget for these ongoing costs before making a purchase.

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How to Choose the Best Budget Motorcycle

Our Pick: HHH Vitacci GTX 250 EFI Motorcycle
Embarking on the quest for a motorcycle doesn't mean draining your bank account. You'll find that the market offers a variety of affordable options that can provide the thrill of riding without the fiscal pain. This guide will walk you through key points to consider when searching for the cheapest motorcycle that meets your needs and desires. We'll explore aspects such as bike type, new vs. used considerations, key features, and cost of ownership to ensure that your investment is both smart and satisfying.

Understanding Bike Types

Motorcycles come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored to different riding styles and needs. Before you start your search for a budget bike, it's crucial to understand what type of motorcycle suits you best. Are you looking for a cruiser for relaxed rides, a sportbike for performance, a dual-sport for versatility, or perhaps a standard bike for a bit of everything?
Research the pros and cons of each motorcycle type. Cruisers typically offer a low seat height and a more laid-back riding position. Sportbikes, while exciting, can be less comfortable and more expensive to insure. Dual-sports offer on- and off-road capabilities but might not excel in specific areas. Standard bikes are great all-rounders and often come with a lower price tag.
Making a well-informed decision on the type of bike will steer your search in the right direction and ensure that you're looking at the right kind of cheap motorcycles that will fit your intended usage.

New vs. Used Motorcycles

Deciding between a new or used motorcycle is a significant step in finding your two-wheeled companion. New bikes come with the latest features, warranty, and peace of mind, but they also depreciate quickly. Used bikes might offer incredible savings but require thorough inspection to avoid costly repairs down the line.
When considering a new motorcycle, remember that 'cheapest' doesn't always mean 'best value'. Sometimes, spending a little extra can save you money on future maintenance. With used bikes, scrutinize the service history, check for wear and tear, and don't be afraid to ask questions. A well-maintained used motorcycle can be a fantastic deal.
If you're not mechanically savvy, consider bringing a friend who is or hiring a mechanic to inspect a used bike. Such pre-purchase inspections can reveal potential issues that you could negotiate to have fixed before buying or use to leverage a better price.

Essential Features and Specs

While hunting for the cheapest motorcycle, don't ignore the essential features that can make or break your riding experience. It's important to look at the engine size, fuel efficiency, seat height, weight, and ease of maintenance. A bike that's too tall or too heavy can be unwieldy, while an underpowered engine might falter on highways.
Fuel economy is particularly important for budget riders. A fuel-efficient bike saves money at the pump and potentially reduces your environmental impact. Moreover, consider bikes with ABS brakes and other safety features, as they can prevent accidents and possibly lower insurance costs.
Last but not least, do factor in the availability of spare parts and the bike's common maintenance needs. Opting for a motorcycle with readily available and affordable parts will keep running costs down and ensure that you can keep your bike on the road without breaking the bank.

Total Cost of Ownership

The purchase price of a motorcycle is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly find the cheapest motorcycle, you must consider the total cost of ownership. This encompasses maintenance, insurance, fuel, and potential financing fees. A low initial price tag can be misleading if the bike is expensive to maintain or insure.
Research insurance rates for the models you're interested in. Some bikes might have higher premiums due to their appeal to a younger demographic or a higher theft rate. Maintenance can vary widely based on the complexity of the motorcycle and the availability of service options. Be sure to factor these ongoing costs into your budget.
Remember, the goal is to find a motorcycle that hits the sweet spot between affordability and practicality. A reliable, inexpensive bike that's cheap to run will serve you better in the long run than a bargain-basement model that's a headache to maintain. Keep the big picture in mind, and you'll enjoy your motorcycle without any buyer's remorse.

Hands-on Reviews and Recommendations from Discussion-Boards

This section provides curated links to informative resources regarding the most affordable motorcycles. The selection is categorized into four groups for easy navigation: reviews, forum posts, Reddit discussions, and videos. Each category is chosen for its relevance and credibility, offering insights into expert opinions and user experiences that help identify budget-friendly motorcycle options.
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I'm looking for a bike that is widely available used for no more than $3500. Ideally less than that. 400 or 650 would be PLENTY.
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If you are just thinking about reliability and parts availability as your guiding star, so to speak, I'd say either a Honda or Kawasaki model.
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Try a Vulcan S. Same engine as the Z650, but my payment is like $120/year for full coverage (different state though).
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Kawasaki Versys 650 or Suzuki VStrom 650. Tons of them available used for not much money. Proven platform. Capable for long distances.
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