If you had to choose, which of the following changes to hyperspace would you prefer?

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Add Starviper
Add Lambda Shuttle
Remove Maul Crew
Add Wedge
Add Quickdraw
Add Crackshot
Add Torrents
Add B22
Remove Kylo
Add Interceptors including Soontir
Add 7b
Remove Jumpmaster
Add YT2400
Add Lancer
Remove Syck
Add Wookies
Remove RZ2A
Add Khiraxz
Add Gunboat
Add z95
Add Proton Rockets
Add Star Fortress
Add YV666
Remove Fang Fighter
Remove Struts
Add Ensnare
Add Tie Bomber
Add Hwk-290 Rebel
Add Hwk-290 Scum
Add K-Wing
Add Lone Wolf
Add Scrugg
Add Punisher
Add TAPs
Remove B-Wings
No Change
Add Afterburners
Add Interceptors excluding Soontir
Remove Slave 1 Title
Add Upsilons excluding Tavson
Add Tie Advanced Prototype
Add Defenders
Remove Proton Torps
Add Upsilons including Tavson
Add Phantoms
Add Resistance YT1300
Remove Striker
Add E-Wing
Remove Tie Reaper
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