Largest Possible Carry-on Luggage: Dimensions and Tips

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As the anticipation for your next trip builds, so does the challenge of packing efficiently without leaving behind any essentials. Maximizing space while adhering to airline regulations is a skill refined over countless journeys. In this quest for the ideal travel pack, size does matter—particularly when it's about the dimensions of your carry-on. With various airlines offering different allowances, savvy travelers seek out luggage that pushes these limits to the brim, ensuring they have everything they need within arm's reach.

This roundup provides a definitive look at some of the best options in the market designed for the modern voyager. Each piece has been meticulously measured and vetted to ensure they stand at the threshold of what's permissible, combining roominess with functionality. Whether you're a minimalist packer or someone who likes to prepare for every scenario, these carry-on treasures promise to offer the most packing real estate while sliding snugly into the overhead compartment.
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What to Look for in Largest Carry-Ons Luggage

Important criteria

  • Maximum size allowed by major airlines for carry-on
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable material
  • High-quality zippers
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Sturdy handles

1.) Size and Weight Limits

Before purchasing carry-on luggage, check the size and weight restrictions of the airlines you frequently use. Airlines have varying limits for what they consider carry-on baggage, and exceeding these can lead to additional fees or having to check in your luggage. The most common size limit for U.S. airlines is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches, but international airlines might have different restrictions. Additionally, consider the weight of the luggage when empty, as heavier models reduce the overall weight allowance for your belongings.

2.) Durability and Material

The material of your carry-on luggage can impact both its durability and weight. Hard-shell suitcases offer protection for delicate items and are often made from polycarbonate or ABS plastics, which are both lightweight and durable. Soft-shell luggage is typically lighter and can offer more flexibility when it comes to fitting into overhead bins. Look for high-quality zippers, tear-resistant fabrics, and reinforced edges that will withstand the rigors of travel and frequent use.

3.) Mobility and Convenience

Carry-on luggage with smooth-rolling spinner wheels offers better maneuverability, which is invaluable when navigating through busy airports. Telescoping handles with multiple locking positions can also add to the comfort and ease of use for travelers of different heights. Consider additional features such as expandability, which allows you to increase the bag's capacity, and external pockets for easy access to travel essentials like passports, tickets, or electronics.

4.) Compliance and Functionality

Look for luggage that complies with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines to ensure a smooth security check experience. Built-in TSA-approved locks are a convenient feature for frequent travelers. Think about the internal organization of the luggage as well; compartments, dividers, and straps help keep your belongings organized and secure during travel. A well-designed carry-on can make packing and unpacking more efficient and reduce the stress of travel.

The Largest Carry-Ons Luggage of our Choice

Our Pick
MYER Hard Shell Carry On Luggage
MYER Hard Shell Carry On Luggage
Type/Color: Classic Black Size: 20 inch
  • HARD SHELL SUITCASES: 20 inch airline approved carry-on luggage
  • ALUMINUM CORNER PROTECTION: Increase usage time
  • POLYCARBONATE LUGGAGE: Spinner wheels reduce friction
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Multifunctional with cup holder and USB port
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY: Contact us for any problems
  • DOUBLE-SIDED ISOLATION SPACE: High capacity waterproof pocket
$ 149.00 *
on Amazon
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Wrangler 20"
Wrangler 20"
Type/Color: Deep Depth Size: Carry-On 20-Inch
  • Smooth Mobility: Effortless travel with 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Organized Packing: Fully-lined interior with zipper and straps
  • Easy Lifting: Convenient top carry handle for easy transport
  • Durable & Lightweight: Hard shell ABS material for robust protection
  • Airline Compliant: Meets most airline carry-on standards
$ 47.24 *
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American Tourister Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage
American Tourister Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage
Type/Color: Jet Black Size: Carry-On 21-Inch
  • MULTI-STAGE ergonomic trolley handle
  • BOOK OPENING CASE with mesh divider
  • CROSS STRAPS in main compartment
  • ZIPPED modesty pocket
  • SINGLE SPINNER WHEELS for smooth ride
  • STRAIGHT ROLL every time
  • EXPANSION for additional packing capacity
  • Packing Dimensions: 19.5” X 13.4” X 8.6”
  • Overall Dimensions: 22” X 14” X 9”
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against defects
  • Meets stringent standards
  • Unisex-adult
$ 71.28 *
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Coolife Luggage Suitcase Carry-on Spinner TSA
Coolife Luggage Suitcase Carry-on Spinner TSA
Model: YD105 Type/Color: Silver Size: S(20in_carry on)
  • Luggage comes in three different sizes.
  • 20’’ carry-on fits most standard flights.
  • 24’’ luggage offers ample space.
  • 28’’ expandable option for extra space.
  • Built-in TSA-approved lock for security.
  • Integrated USB port to stay connected.
  • Telescopic handle and four spinner wheels.
  • Crafted from durable polycarbonate and ABS materials.
  • Compact yet spacious design for travel essentials.
  • Premium zippers for worry-free packing.
  • Interior divider panels for organization.
  • Quality tested for peak performance.
  • Customer assistance available on Amazon.
$ 79.99 *
on Amazon
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Upright
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Upright
Type/Color: Slate Green Size: Carry-on 22-Inch
  • Half pound lighter than Maxlite 4 version.
  • Ultra lightweight and durable 22" expandable suitcase.
  • Meets carry on size restrictions for most airlines.
  • Polyester fabric with stain-resistant, water-repellant coating.
  • Ergonomic, high tensile strength zipper pulls for durability.
  • High performance ball bearing wheels for smooth rolling.
  • Sturdy power scope Lite handle with adjustable stops.
  • Expands up to 2 inches for maximum packing capacity.
  • Tapered shape prevents tipping when expanded.
  • Features multiple handles and compartments for convenience.
  • Includes interior pockets and adjustable hold down straps.
  • Dimensions: 21 in x 14 in x 9 in.
  • Overall dimensions: 23 in x 14.5 in x 9 in.
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds.
  • Limited Lifetime Coverage and trusted companion promise.
  • Covers repair for damage from airlines or carriers.
  • Applicable when purchased new and after registration.
$ 144.49 *
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DELSEY PARIS Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage
DELSEY PARIS Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage
Model: 764411 Type/Color: Brushed Charcoal Size: Carry-On 21 Inch
$ 120.99 *
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SwissGear Sion Softside Expandable Roller Luggage
SwissGear Sion Softside Expandable Roller Luggage
Type/Color: Black Size: Carry-On 21-Inch
  • Rolling Suitcase with 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Locking retractable push/pull handle for easy maneuverability
  • Multiple front panel pockets with built-in ID tag
  • Expandable luggage with ample packing space
  • Durable, scuff-resistant polyester fabric
  • Fully lined interior with adjustable tie-down straps
  • Efficient organization with removable zippered wet bag
  • Large mesh lid pocket and packing pocket
  • Convenient side handles for easy lifting and carrying
$ 119.99 *
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KROSER Hardside Expandable Carry On Luggage
KROSER Hardside Expandable Carry On Luggage
Type/Color: Black
  • Good balance of size and capacity
  • Fits in most airline overhead compartments
  • Product dimensions: 14.1 x 8.8 x 21"
  • Lightweight at 7.04LB
  • Expandable for extra storage space
  • Durable spinner wheels for different road surfaces
  • Reinforced explosion-proof zipper for durability
  • TSA-approved combination lock for safety
  • Adjustable ergonomic telescopic handle
  • Smooth lining for safe storage
  • Solid and anti-scratch 100% PC hard shell
  • Convenient internal structure with cross straps
  • Waterproof compartment for toiletries
  • U-frame zippered compartment for privacy
$ 99.99 *
on Amazon
Travelers Club Chicago Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggages
Travelers Club Chicago Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggages
Type/Color: Black Size: 20" Carry-On
  • Fabric Type: Newly Upgraded Extra Durable 100% Abs
  • Product dimension: 20" x 13.4" x (8+2)"; 8.8 LBS ; with wheels : 22"
  • Overall dimensions: 14.96" x 9.45" x 22.05"
  • Fully-lined interior with accessory pocket and adjustable compression straps
  • Expands for EXTRA packing capacity
  • Push-button recessed locking handle system
  • Spinner wheels allow complete upright 360º mobility for free-weight rolling
$ 53.72 *
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BAGSMART Carry On Luggage 20 Inch
BAGSMART Carry On Luggage 20 Inch
Type/Color: Black
  • Designed for quick access with exterior pockets
  • Interior with mesh pocket, zippered pocket, and straps
  • Softside expandable suitcase increases packing capacity
  • Suitcase is airline approved for carry-on size
  • High-performance aluminum tube handle with adjustable height
  • 360° spinner wheels for effortless gliding
  • TSA-approved lock for added security
  • Premium quilted durable polyester fabric
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty for worry-free use
$ 94.99 *
on Amazon
Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage
Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage
Type/Color: Black Size: Carry-On 20-Inch
  • 20" SPINNER LUGGAGE, meets most size restrictions
  • Number of wheels: 4 for easy mobility
  • Packing Dimensions: 19" x 14.5" x 9.5"
  • Overall Dimensions: 22" x 15" x 9.5"
  • Weight: 6.81 lbs.
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against defects
  • Scratch-resistant MICRO-DIAMOND POLYCARBONATE texture
  • SIDE-MOUNTED TSA LOCKS deter theft when traveling
  • FOUR OVERSIZED SPINNER WHEELS for effortless mobility
  • BOOK OPENING CASE with mesh divider and cross straps
  • EXPANSION allows for extra packing space
  • Push-button handles for easy maneuverability
$ 139.99 *
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Travel Select Amsterdam Softside Expandable Rolling Luggage
Travel Select Amsterdam Softside Expandable Rolling Luggage
Type/Color: Orange Size: Carry-On
  • Superior two-tone polyester luggage for luxury travel.
  • Constructed with durable 1200D 2-tone polyester and PVC backing.
  • Built to endure travel rigors and protect your belongings.
  • Deluxe internal retractable handle system for easy maneuvering.
  • Top, side, and bottom carry handles for convenient lifting.
  • Expandable feature increases capacity by 25% for extra packing.
  • Effortless rolling with inline wheels and corner protectors.
  • Full lined interior with zipper pockets to organize your belongings.
  • Measures 21” H x 13” W x 7.5” D for carry-on size.
  • Experience travel convenience, style, and durability.
$ 42.06 *
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Coolife Luggage Carry On Luggage Suitcase
Coolife Luggage Carry On Luggage Suitcase
Model: YD97 Type/Color: Black Size: 20-Inch
  • Compact size tailored for travel necessities
  • Three pockets for orderly item arrangement
  • TSA-approved lock for enhanced security
  • Ergonomic handle and spinner wheels for smooth travel
  • Integrated USB port for device charging on-the-go
  • Matching tote bag for travel ensemble completion
$ 89.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
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Top Picks for Spacious Carry-On Luggage Options

Budget-Conscious Travelers
Discover a variety of carry-on luggage that fits your travel needs without breaking the bank. These options provide a balance between size and affordability. Perfect for those who prioritize value and practicality on the go.
Business Travelers
Explore carry-on luggage that combines style with functionality. Find options that keep your business attire neat and provide quick access to your tech gadgets. Ideal for professionals who travel frequently for work.
Adventure Seekers
Look into durable carry-on options designed to withstand the rigors of active travel. These choices offer ample space and are built to last, ensuring your belongings stay secure wherever your adventures take you.
Family Vacationers
Check out carry-on luggage that caters to family travel, with ample storage for essentials. These picks are great for keeping everyone's items organized and easily accessible throughout your journey.
Tech-Savvy Travelers
Find smart luggage options that accommodate all your devices. This carry-on selection is designed for those who like to stay connected and charge on the move, offering compartments for gadgets and built-in USB ports.

Questions You Might Ask

Most airlines adhere to the standard carry-on luggage size of 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (including handles and wheels), but it's important to check with your specific airline as size restrictions can vary. A bag within these dimensions should fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airlines.
Look for durable materials that can withstand the rigors of travel, such as high-quality polyester or polycarbonate. A telescoping handle and smooth-rolling wheels offer maneuverability. Additional features to consider are expandability for extra packing space, internal compartments for organization, and an external USB port if you require power on the go.
Hardshell luggage offers better protection for fragile items and is generally more water-resistant, while softshell luggage can be more lightweight and flexible, potentially offering more storage with external pockets and the ability to expand. The choice depends on your priorities, such as protection vs. flexibility and weight.
The weight of your carry-on is crucial as airlines often have weight limits, typically ranging from 15 to 22 pounds. A lightweight bag allows you to pack more while staying within these limits. Consider the weight of the empty bag when shopping to maximize your packing allowance.
Yes, a warranty can be a sign of the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Look for warranties that cover functional aspects such as zippers, handles, and wheels. A good warranty can save you money and hassle in the long run if any issues arise with your luggage.

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How to Choose the Largest Carry-On Luggage

Embarking on a journey often requires careful planning, especially when it comes to selecting the right carry-on luggage. If you’re aiming to maximize packing space without checking a bag, finding the largest carry-on that meets airline requirements is crucial. This guide will walk you through the essential factors to consider when shopping for the biggest possible carry-on, ensuring your travels are as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Understanding Airline Size Restrictions

Before you fall in love with a piece of luggage, it's vital to familiarize yourself with the size restrictions enforced by airlines. Most carriers have specific dimensions for carry-on bags that passengers must adhere to. Typically, these dimensions include handles and wheels, so always check the total measurements.
Variation exists between airlines, and international flights often have stricter guidelines. To avoid any travel day surprises, look up the size limits for the airlines you most frequently use. Remember that opting for the largest allowed dimensions will offer the most packing space but always leave a little wiggle room for flexibility.
Investing in a bag that’s expandable can be a smart move. Some bags are designed to start within airline size limits but can be expanded for use on airlines with more lenient policies or for trips where checking a bag becomes necessary.

Maximizing Packing Efficiency

The design and internal layout of your luggage play significant roles in packing efficiency. Look for features like compression straps, which help you pack more by squeezing clothes to a more compact size, and multiple compartments, which assist in organizing your belongings.
A carry-on with a hard shell might offer less flexibility than a soft-sided one, but it can provide better protection for your items. Meanwhile, soft luggage often has external pockets for easy access to documents or electronics. Decide which features align with your packing style and travel needs.
It's also worth considering luggage with smart features, such as built-in battery packs or GPS trackers. While not imperative, these technologies can make travel more convenient. However, keep weight in mind; more features might also mean more weight, which could be problematic when lifting your bag into overhead bins.

Prioritizing Durability and Mobility

The largest carry-on will be handled frequently, so it must withstand the rigors of travel. Look for high-quality materials like ballistic nylon or polycarbonate, and check that zippers, handles, and wheels are robust and reliable. A warranty can be a testament to a bag's durability so take that into account as well.
Spinners with four wheels offer 360-degree movement, perfect for gliding through airport terminals with ease. But if you're a traveler who encounters many different types of terrain, two-wheeled 'rollers' might prove more versatile and durable.
The color and exterior of your luggage are more than a fashion statement. Bright or unique colors can help your bag stand out in a sea of luggage, making it easier to keep an eye on in crowded areas. Also, consider water-resistant materials or treatments to protect your belongings from unexpected spills or rain.

Evaluating the Cost vs. Quality Trade-Off

While it may be tempting to opt for a budget-friendly carry-on, investing in a quality piece can save you money in the long run. Cheaper bags often compromise on materials and construction, meaning you could face a broken suitcase mid-trip or after just a few uses.
However, pricey luggage doesn’t always equate to better quality. Research brands, read reviews, and compare warranties to ensure you're getting the best value for your money. Remember that the most expensive option isn't necessarily the best one for you.
Consider your frequency of travel when deciding how much to invest in a carry-on. If you're a frequent flyer, a durable and well-designed bag is worth the investment. For those who seldom travel, a mid-range option might make the most economic sense without sacrificing too much quality.

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