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Updated on Mar 4, 2024 05:24
Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate ranking of the most beautiful magazines from around the globe! We've curated a stunning collection of thousands of visually captivating and thought-provoking publications, and now it's time for YOU to cast your vote and help us determine the absolute best. From exhilarating fashion spreads to innovative design layouts, and enchanting travel photography to avant-garde art journals - we've got them all! But, wait - is your favorite magazine missing from our list? Don't worry! You can easily suggest a deserving contender to join this battle of aesthetic supremacy. So, dive into this mesmerizing world of print media, let your senses be tantalized, and make your voice heard by voting and ranking "What is the most beautiful magazine?" here on StrawPoll. Let the visual feast begin!

What Is the Most Beautiful Magazine?

  1. 1
    Known for its stunning photography and in-depth reporting on exploration, science, and culture.
    National Geographic is a renowned magazine that focuses on exploring the world through stunning photography, compelling stories, and in-depth reporting. It covers a wide range of topics including nature, science, archaeology, culture, and travel. The magazine aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our planet and its diverse inhabitants.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Published: 1888
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Language: English
    • Number of Issues: 12 per year
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    One of the most iconic fashion magazines in the world, featuring high-end fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.
    Vogue is a highly acclaimed international fashion and lifestyle magazine that celebrates the world of fashion, beauty, and culture. Known for its striking visuals, cutting-edge editorials, and renowned photographers, Vogue sets the standard for high fashion publications. Each issue covers the latest trends, industry news, and features exclusive interviews with designers, models, and celebrities.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Issue: December 17, 1892
    • Country of Origin: United States
    • Language: English
    • Circulation: Approximately 1.2 million
  3. 3
    A beautifully designed magazine focused on simple living, featuring stunning photography, thoughtful essays, and engaging interviews.
    Kinfolk is a lifestyle and culture magazine that focuses on slow living, simplicity, and natural aesthetics. It explores various topics such as design, food, travel, fashion, and photography through a thoughtful and minimalistic lens. Kinfolk aims to inspire readers to create a more intentional and meaningful life.
    • Publication Frequency: Quarterly
    • Founded: 2011
    • Language: English
    • Number of Issues: 29 (as of 2021)
    • Content Themes: Lifestyle, culture, design, food, travel
  4. 4

    The Gentlewoman

    Penny Martin
    A biannual magazine featuring inspiring interviews with women from all walks of life, as well as fashion and culture content.
    The Gentlewoman is a magazine that celebrates modern women of style and purpose. It offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion, beauty, design, and culture.
    • Frequency: Biannual
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Language: English
    • Publication Country: United Kingdom
    • Editorial Focus: Profiles, interviews, and features on accomplished women from various fields
  5. 5
    A travel and lifestyle magazine with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring beautiful photography and thoughtful writing on destinations around the world.
    Cereal is a visually stunning magazine that explores travel and lifestyle topics with a focus on minimalism, design, and photography. The magazine captures the essence of serene and stylish living, offering readers a unique perspective on global destinations, architectural wonders, and cultural experiences.
    • Format: Print
    • Frequency: Biannual
    • Publication Year: 2009
    • Language: English
    • Size: 8.7 x 11.8 inches
  6. 6
    A fashion and lifestyle magazine featuring high-end photography, interviews with influential women, and articles on culture and travel.
    Porter is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine known for its stunning photography, high-quality content, and unique editorial perspective. It showcases a blend of fashion editorials, in-depth interviews, and thought-provoking articles, making it a must-read for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.
    • Launch Year: 2014
    • Frequency: Bi-monthly
    • Page Count: 200+ pages
    • Distribution: International
    • Photography Style: High fashion and artistic
  7. 7
    A design and lifestyle magazine with a focus on architecture, interiors, and fashion, featuring stunning photography and innovative design.
    Wallpaper* is a highly regarded international design and lifestyle magazine that focuses on architecture, art, design, fashion, and travel. It showcases cutting-edge trends, industry insights, and exquisite aesthetics across various disciplines.
    • Publication Frequency: Monthly
    • First Issue: 1996
    • Language: English
    • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    • Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Douglas
  8. 8
    A global affairs magazine with a focus on business, culture, and travel, featuring beautiful photography and insightful reporting.
    Monocle is a globally renowned and visually stunning magazine that explores a wide range of topics including politics, design, business, and culture. With its exquisite print quality and meticulous selection of content, Monocle offers a unique reading experience that captivates both the imagination and intellect of its readers. The magazine takes a sophisticated and global approach, providing a fresh perspective on current affairs, entrepreneurship, urbanism, and much more.
    • Publication Frequency: 10 issues per year
    • Language: English
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Distribution: Global
    • Founded: 2007
  9. 9
    A magazine focused on modern architecture and design, featuring beautiful photography and articles on sustainable living.
    Dwell is a premier architecture and design magazine that showcases modern and innovative homes from around the world. With a focus on sustainable and functional living spaces, Dwell inspires readers with its beautiful photography, creative layouts, and insightful articles. The magazine captures the essence of contemporary design and offers a unique blend of visual inspiration and practical ideas.
    • Frequency: 6 editions per year
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Page count: 100-150 pages
    • Audience: Architects, designers, and design enthusiasts
    • Distribution: Worldwide
  10. 10
    The New Yorker
    Rea Irvin · Public domain

    The New Yorker

    Harold Ross
    A weekly magazine featuring in-depth reporting, fiction, poetry, and commentary on politics, culture, and the arts, with a distinctive cover design.
    The New Yorker is a prestigious and influential magazine known for its captivating journalism, thought-provoking essays, and sophisticated art and literary content. It covers a wide range of topics including current events, politics, culture, and the arts.
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • First Published: February 21, 1925
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Language: English
    • Headquarters: New York City, United States

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Ranking factors for beautiful magazine

  1. Cover design
    The cover is the first thing people see, so a beautiful magazine should have eye-catching, well-designed, and visually appealing covers.
  2. Layout and formatting
    A beautifully designed magazine has a clean, uncluttered, and well-organized layout, with a good balance between text and images. The font styles and sizes should be easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Quality of imagery
    A beautiful magazine should have high-quality, well-composed, and engaging images and photographs that support the content and add visual interest to the pages.
  4. Content quality
    The articles and features should be well-written, informative, and engaging, with a good balance between various topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and culture.
  5. Theme and concept
    A well-conceptualized and consistent theme throughout the magazine helps to create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.
  6. Typographic choices
    A beautiful magazine relies on the correct use of typography in headers, sub-headers, body text, and captions, ensuring readability and a pleasing design.
  7. Color palette
    A harmonious and well-thought-out color palette can enhance the visual appeal of a magazine while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the issue.
  8. Paper and print quality
    High-quality paper and printing techniques can enhance the overall look and feel of a magazine, making it more enjoyable to read and handle.
  9. Editorial style
    The tone and voice of the magazine, along with its editorial approach, can contribute to the beauty and appeal of the publication. This includes the use of language, grammar, and storytelling techniques.
  10. Innovation and creativity
    A beautiful magazine should not be afraid to think outside the box and constantly push the boundaries of design and editorial content to stand out and make a lasting impression on its readers.

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This is a community-based ranking of the most beautiful magazine. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or magazine is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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Magazines have long been a source of inspiration, information, and entertainment for people of all ages. From fashion and lifestyle to politics and current events, magazines cover a wide range of topics and interests. In the world of print media, the design and aesthetics of a magazine are just as important as the content. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which magazine is the most beautiful. In this article, we will explore some of the most visually stunning magazines and what makes them stand out from the rest.

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