The Most Difficult Achievement in Minecraft: Conqueror of the Ender Dragon

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Jun 16, 2023 10:17 (Updated on Dec 1, 2023 06:21)
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion makes a difference! Are you a Minecraft enthusiast who loves a good challenge? We've curated a list of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft, and now it's your turn to vote! From taming a fierce beast to conquering the infamous Ender Dragon, we've got you covered. Dive into our thrilling ranking of "What is the most difficult achievement in Minecraft?" and cast your vote for your favorite or suggest an even tougher challenge that we may have missed. Be a part of the ultimate Minecraft showdown and help us crown the most Herculean task in the game. The world of Minecraft awaits your verdict – don't keep them waiting!

What Is the Most Difficult Achievement in Minecraft?

  1. 1
    This is the ultimate goal in Minecraft, and requires a lot of preparation, skill, and strategy. The Ender Dragon is a powerful boss that can only be defeated by the player with the right equipment and knowledge.
    Defeating the Ender Dragon is considered one of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft. It involves defeating the final boss, known as the Ender Dragon, in the game's End dimension. This feat requires careful strategizing, resource gathering, and combat skills.
    • Difficulty Level: Hard
    • Location: End dimension
    • Boss Name: Ender Dragon
    • Health Points: 200
    • Attacks: Melee, fireballs, dragon breath
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    Finding a stronghold

    Mojang Studios
    Strongholds are underground structures that contain the End Portal, which leads to the Ender Dragon. They are rare and difficult to locate, requiring the player to explore extensively and use specialized tools.
    Finding a stronghold is considered one of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft. It involves locating a structure known as a stronghold, which is a complex underground dungeon-like area that contains valuable loot and leads to The End dimension where players can battle the Ender Dragon.
    • Difficulty Level: Hard
    • Required Items: Ender eyes, weapons, armor, potions
    • Exploration: Extensive underground searching required
    • Generation: Strongholds generate randomly
    • Structure: Maze-like corridors and rooms
  3. 3
    This requires a lot of knowledge about redstone circuits and complex designs, as well as a lot of resources and time. A fully automated farm can produce crops or resources without the player needing to do anything.
    Building a fully automated farm in Minecraft involves constructing a self-sufficient system that automatically grows and harvests crops or animals without any player intervention. This complex achievement requires careful planning, resource management, and technical know-how.
    • Redstone Circuitry: Incorporates advanced redstone circuitry to automate various farming processes.
    • Water Flow Mechanism: Utilizes water flows to transport items and crops efficiently within the farm.
    • Crop Growth Optimization: Includes optimized growing conditions to maximize crop yield and minimize growth time.
    • Harvesting System: Implements a mechanism for automatically harvesting mature crops or animals.
    • Storage System: Incorporates a system to automatically collect and store harvested items.
  4. 4

    Building a castle or other large structure

    Various Minecraft players
    This is a difficult task that requires a lot of planning, resources, and creativity. A well-designed castle or other structure can be a masterpiece of Minecraft architecture.
    Building a castle or other large structure is considered one of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft. It involves designing and constructing a grand-scale fortress or palace, showcasing creativity and intricate detail in the block-based world of Minecraft.
    • Size: Significantly larger than the average player-built structure
    • Complexity: Involves intricate designs and architecture
    • Materials: Utilizes various blocks and materials for construction
    • Interior: Often includes multiple rooms, corridors, and decorated areas
    • Defenses: May feature defensive walls, towers, and other security measures
  5. 5
    This requires the player to find and collect every block, item, and creature in the game, which can take a very long time and require a lot of exploration and trading.
    Collecting every item in the game is an extremely difficult achievement in Minecraft. It requires the player to obtain every possible item, ranging from common resources to rare artifacts, across various dimensions and biomes.
    • Time: Time-consuming as it involves exploring and mining for rare items.
    • Knowledge: In-depth understanding of Minecraft mechanics, crafting recipes, and game progression.
    • Resource Management: Efficient use of resources to craft required items and sustain exploration efforts.
    • Mob Encounters: Defeating hostile mobs and rare creatures to obtain rare drops and items.
    • Trading: Interacting with villagers to acquire specific items via trading.
  6. 6
    Minecraft has a number of achievements that can be earned by completing various tasks and challenges. Completing all of them requires a lot of dedication and skill.
    Completing all achievements in Minecraft is the pinnacle of success. It requires players to accomplish every possible task and milestone in the game.
    • Difficulty Level: Varies depending on the achievements
    • Time Commitment: Extremely time-consuming
    • Versatility: Requires expertise in various aspects of the game
    • Exploration: Includes discovering all biomes and structures
    • Combat Skills: Involves defeating challenging enemies and bosses
  7. 7
    Hardcore mode is the most challenging way to play Minecraft, as it gives the player only one life and no way to respawn. Surviving in a hardcore world requires careful planning, skill, and a lot of luck.
    Surviving a hardcore world is considered one of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft. It involves playing in hardcore mode, which is the highest difficulty setting with permanent death, and successfully surviving in the game.
    • Difficulty level: Hardcore
    • Permanent death: Enabled
    • World type: Default
    • Player lives: 1
    • Game mode: Survival
  8. 8
    This requires a lot of programming knowledge and creativity, as well as a deep understanding of Minecraft mechanics. A custom mod or map can add new content and features to the game, or create a unique gameplay experience.
    Creating a custom mod or map is one of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft. It involves designing and implementing a unique modification or custom map for the game, requiring advanced knowledge of Minecraft's code and functionality.
    • Complexity: High
    • Coding skills required: Advanced
    • Time commitment: Extensive
    • Creativity: Essential
    • Knowledge of Minecraft mechanics: In-depth
  9. 9
    This requires a lot of knowledge about redstone circuits and complex designs, as well as a lot of resources and time. A well-designed roller coaster or other ride can be a fun and exciting addition to a Minecraft world.
    Building a working roller coaster or other ride in Minecraft is a challenging achievement that requires creativity, technical knowledge, and attention to detail. This accomplishment involves constructing a fully functional amusement ride, such as a roller coaster, that provides an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. It requires careful planning, precision, and understanding of various game mechanics and redstone circuitry to ensure smooth movement, interactive features, and safety precautions for the players.
    • Size: Customizable, from small to large-scale rides
    • Track Design: Innovative layouts, loops, drops, and turns
    • Redstone Circuitry: Complex wiring for automated movement
    • Powered Minecarts: Used to propel the ride and control speed
    • Launch Mechanisms: Boosters or powered rails for acceleration
  10. 10
    This requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience, as well as a good understanding of Minecraft mechanics and gameplay. A successful Minecraft server can attract a large community of players and provide a fun and engaging experience.
    Creating a successful Minecraft server involves setting up a server that is reliable, attracts a dedicated player base, and provides an enjoyable gaming experience. It requires technical knowledge, administrative skills, and creativity to stand out in the crowded Minecraft server market.
    • Server Stability: Achieving optimal server performance and minimizing downtime.
    • Player Engagement: Creating a welcoming and active community that encourages players to keep coming back.
    • Gameplay Customization: Offering unique features, plugins, and game modes that differentiate the server from others.
    • Server Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect player data and prevent hacks.
    • Scalability: Ensuring the server can handle increasing numbers of players without major performance issues.

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Ranking factors for difficult achievement

  1. Rarity
    The rarity of the achievement can be an indicator of its difficulty. If very few players have managed to accomplish it, this suggests it's challenging or time-consuming.
  2. Required Skill Level
    Consider the level of knowledge and skill a player must have to achieve the objective. This may involve understanding complex game mechanics, precise timing, or mastering specific techniques.
  3. Time Investment
    Some achievements may require a lot of time and effort from players. Consider the length of time it may take to accomplish the task, including preparation and the actual accomplishment.
  4. Cooperation or Competition
    Certain achievements might involve collaborating with other players or competing against them. Assess if working with or against others makes the achievement more challenging or easier to complete.
  5. Luck Factor
    Some achievements may be influenced by luck or random occurrences within the game. Take into account how much control players have in achieving the goal and if it relies on random factors beyond their control.
  6. Resources and Equipment
    The availability and acquisition of necessary resources or equipment to complete the achievement can affect its difficulty. Consider if players must gather rare or hard to find items or manage limited resources efficiently.
  7. Sequence of Events
    Some achievements require completing a series of tasks in a specific order or within a certain time frame. Evaluate the level of challenge these added constraints create.
  8. In-game Risk
    Consider the risks involved in attempting the achievement. The threat of losing valuable resources or facing powerful enemies can add to the difficulty of the task.
  9. Game Mode
    The game mode in which the achievement takes place may impact its difficulty, as features and mechanics may vary across game modes. For example, certain achievements might be more challenging in Survival Mode compared to Creative Mode.
  10. Accessibility
    Some achievements may be locked behind certain game stages or available only to players who have met particular criteria. Take into account how accessible the achievement is for a broad range of players.

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Minecraft is a popular video game that allows players to explore, build, and survive in a blocky 3D world. With an open-ended gameplay style, Minecraft offers players endless opportunities to create and achieve. One of the most challenging aspects of the game is achieving difficult feats or accomplishments, such as defeating the Ender Dragon or building elaborate structures. Many players have debated what the most difficult achievement in Minecraft is, with various opinions and strategies. Whether it's mastering the game's redstone mechanics or surviving in hardcore mode, there's no shortage of challenges to conquer in Minecraft.

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