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Updated on Feb 23, 2024 06:59
"Who is the most famous AGT contestant?" - The stage is set, and the spotlight is on! Dive into the world of America's Got Talent and join us in ranking the most sensational, awe-inspiring, and unforgettable contestants to ever grace the AGT stage. With thousands of polls and rankings at StrawPoll, we're on a mission to discover the ultimate show-stopper. Unleash your inner fan, reminisce on your favorite jaw-dropping moments, and cast your vote for the most famous AGT contestant of all time. Don't see your top choice on our list? Fear not! You can suggest a missing option and rally support for your favorite act. So, what are you waiting for? The curtains are up, and the stars are waiting for your vote. Let the countdown to fame begin!

Who Is the Most Famous AGT Contestant?

  1. 1

    Terry Fator

    Terry Fator
    A ventriloquist who won season 2 of AGT and went on to have a successful residency in Las Vegas. He is considered one of the most successful AGT contestants.
    Terry Fator is a highly acclaimed comedy ventriloquist show in Las Vegas that combines a unique blend of ventriloquism, comedy, and music. Fator gained worldwide fame after winning the second season of America's Got Talent in 2007, which helped establish his successful show in Las Vegas.
    • Genre: Comedy Ventriloquism Show
    • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Venue: The Mirage Hotel and Casino
    • Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
    • Performance Frequency: Nightly
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  2. 2
    A singer-songwriter who won season 11 of AGT at the age of 12. She gained a huge following and has since released multiple albums and toured worldwide.
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  3. 3
    Shin Lim
    Codydavismagic2 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    A magician who won season 13 of AGT and has since become a popular performer in Las Vegas. He is known for his close-up card magic and sleight of hand.
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  4. 4
    A ventriloquist who won season 12 of AGT at the age of 12. She has since toured and released music, and is known for her impressive vocal range while operating her puppets.
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  5. 5
    A singer-songwriter who won season 5 of AGT. He has released multiple albums and performed with various artists since his win.
  6. 6
    A singer who won the very first season of AGT at the age of 11. She has since released music and toured, and is known for her powerful vocals.
  7. 7
    Jackie Evancho
    Joe Duerr · Public domain
    A singer who finished in second place on season 5 of AGT. She has since released multiple albums and performed for various events, including the presidential inauguration in 2017.
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  8. 8
    A dancer who won season 8 of AGT. He is known for his unique style of dance that combines martial arts, hip hop, and contemporary dance.
  9. 9
    A magician who appeared on season 10 of AGT. He is known for his comedic approach to magic and his signature dragon costume.
  10. 10
    Susan Boyle
    Wasforgas · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Susan Boyle

    Susan Boyle
    A singer who gained international fame after appearing on Britain's Got Talent, a sister show of AGT. She went on to appear on AGT and released multiple albums.
    Susan Boyle is a rendition of the song 'Hallelujah' performed by Scottish singer Susan Boyle. Her version gained immense popularity and became widely recognized worldwide.
    • Year of release: 2009
    • Album: I Dreamed a Dream
    • Genre: Pop
    • Length: 3:47
    • Label: Syco/Columbia
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Ranking factors for famous contestant

  1. Success on the show
    Contestants who made it far in the competition or won the show would likely be more famous than those who were eliminated early on.
  2. Memorable performances
    Contestants who had standout, memorable performances that viewers are still talking about would also be more likely to be famous.
  3. Post-show success
    Contestants who have gone on to have successful careers or continued to have a strong presence in the entertainment industry after AGT would also be considered more famous.
  4. Social media following
    Contestants with a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube may also be more famous.
  5. Media coverage
    Contestants who have been featured in news articles, interviews, or on popular TV shows and talk shows may also be considered more famous.

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