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Welcome to StrawPoll, a one-stop destination for all your polling desires! We're thrilled to present our latest ranking: "Who is the most famous baritone singer?" A melodious battle between the titans of the baritone world, where you have the power to crown the ultimate maestro. From the soulful depths of opera to the smooth crooning of jazz, we've gathered an awe-inspiring lineup of vocal virtuosos for your voting pleasure. But the symphony doesn't end there - if your favorite baritone isn't on our list, you can simply suggest a missing option and give your musical hero the spotlight they deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Join in the harmony and cast your vote now to shape the legacy of the greatest baritone singers of all time!

Who Is the Most Famous Baritone Singer?

  1. 1
    Frank Sinatra is known for his smooth baritone voice, Sinatra is one of the most iconic singers of the 20th century.
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    Bing Crosby
    AnonymousUnknown author · Public domain
    Bing Crosby is another legendary singer, Crosby's baritone voice was a staple in the music industry for decades.
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    Tony Bennett - known for his rich, velvety baritone voice, Bennett has been entertaining audiences for over 70 years.
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    Johnny Cash
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    Johnny Cash - with his deep, resonant baritone voice, Cash became one of the most important figures in country music history.
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    Leonard Cohen
    Rama · CC BY-SA 2.0 fr

    Leonard Cohen

    Leonard Cohen
    Leonard Cohen is a singer-songwriter with a distinctive baritone voice, Cohen's music is known for its poetic lyrics and haunting melodies.
    Leonard Cohen's version of the song 'Hallelujah' is a soulful and iconic rendition that has captivated audiences worldwide. Cohen's heartfelt delivery and poetic lyrics have made it one of the most beloved and popular songs of all time.
    • Release Year: 1984
    • Album: Various Positions
    • Genre: Folk
    • Length: 4:40
    • Writer(s): Leonard Cohen
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    Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley is while Presley is often associated with his rock and roll hits, his baritone voice was a defining feature of his music.
    Elvis Presley was an American singer, musician, and actor, regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century. Often referred to as the 'King of Rock and Roll,' he brought rock and roll to mainstream audiences and had a profound impact on popular music.
    • Date of Birth: January 8, 1935
    • Place of Birth: Tupelo, Mississippi, United States
    • Date of Death: August 16, 1977
    • Genres: Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, Gospel
    • Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
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    Neil Diamond - with his powerful baritone voice, Diamond has sold over 100 million records worldwide.
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    Tom Waits is a singer-songwriter with a distinctive growling baritone voice, Waits' music is known for its gritty realism and poetic lyrics.
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    Josh Groban is a contemporary singer with a powerful baritone voice, Groban has sold over 30 million records worldwide.
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    James Earl Jones

    James Earl Jones
    James Earl Jones is while not primarily known as a singer, Jones' deep, resonant baritone voice has made him one of the most recognizable voices in film and television.
    James Earl Jones is a deep, resonant voice famously known for its commanding presence and distinctive tone. It is often described as rich, velvety, and authoritative, capable of captivating audiences with its sheer power and gravitas.
    • Tone: Deep and resonant
    • Presence: Commanding
    • Richness: Velvety
    • Authority: Awe-inspiring
    • Power: Captivating
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Ranking factors for famous baritone singer

  1. Vocal Range
    Baritone singers typically have a vocal range that lies between the bass and tenor ranges, which are lower and higher respectively. Singers who can effectively use and expand their vocal range to incorporate different styles of music would have an advantage over those with limited ranges.
  2. Technique
    The technical ability of a singer is an important factor, which includes elements such as breath control, pitch accuracy, and expression. Singers who have honed their technique to deliver strong performances with consistent quality would be considered more skilled.
  3. Impact
    The impact of a singer's music on the industry is also a significant factor. This includes their influence on other artists, their contribution to popular culture, and the overall impact of their music on society.
  4. Record Sales
    The sales of a singer's albums, singles, and downloads can be used as a measure of their popularity. The number of records sold can indicate the commercial success of a singer and their ability to appeal to a broader audience.
  5. Awards
    Singers who have received awards and accolades for their work demonstrate a level of recognition and respect from the industry. This includes awards such as Grammys, Emmys, Tonys, and other industry-specific recognition.

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More information on most famous baritone singer

Baritone singers are known for their rich and powerful voices that can add depth and character to any musical performance. This voice type is often associated with male singers, although there are also female baritones. The baritone range sits between the bass and tenor ranges, with a typical range of A2 to A4. Over the years, many talented baritone singers have graced the music industry with their incredible vocal abilities. From opera to pop music, there are plenty of famous baritone singers who have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Some of the most notable names include Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Andrea Bocelli, and Luciano Pavarotti. But who holds the title of the most famous baritone singer? That's where StrawPoll comes in. We've compiled a list of the top baritone singers based on votes and rankings from our community members. So, if you're curious to know who takes the crown, be sure to check out our poll and cast your vote!

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